How Heroes Feast

How Heroes Feast

I’m the lucky one who got to do an article on Thanksgiving? Well for me, the coming together of family and friends is always something to be thankful for. So without feeling too guilty, let’s nerd out on big dinners and see how our favorite heroes feast.

Who better to start with than earth’s mightiest heroes following Tony Stark’s taste in food, shawarma.


Speaking of Tony Stark’s taste in food, we’ve seen Robert Downey Jr. feast in America’s greatest treasures. Burger King, NY style pizza, and most importantly, donuts.


One the other side of New York, we have Spider-Man lecturing a reeling Loki on the city’s signature dish, ball park franks.tumblr_m41ng1qr551rw2b6io1_1280

On the Dc side of things, we find that Batman too enjoys hot dogs, almost as much as he hates crime (and I thought the Flash had a huge appetite).


We now turn to the mushroom kingdom, we find the Mario Bros fighting Bowser’s army in the most unusual fashion.


I would like to say this is how Kirby would spend Thanksgiving, but I’m pretty sure that this is a normal day.


Mayor Mike Haggar is one of the few people here actually enjoying turkey on Thanksgiving. Where it’s coming from, however, is suspect.


Naked Snake eats no matter what’s in front of him, whether it’s a giant alligator, or an anaconda.

Snake eating Snake02

No one feasts more than Goku, who undoubtedly reign eating champ of the world and universe.


And nothing says father-son-adoptive father bonding like eating together. Sorry Piccolo, but you need to eat to be a part of this family.goku-eating-o

Of course, we can’t forget Scott Pilgrim. Even if it’s just birthday cake, Scott chows down with the best of us.



So for this thanksgiving, I hope for everyone to be thankful for their families. Enjoy your food and drink, and please don’t be this guy.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May you enjoy your own feast with your family and friends and dive into a glorious food coma.

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