6 Awesomely Nerdy Songs.

The NerdSwole guys, if I’m being completely honest, are pretty much the definition of hopeless romantics. Except for me, obviously because homie don’t play that son. I kid. I was listening to one of the songs on this list while I was considering what to write about for this week. And then it hit me. So i looked through my playlist to find the songs, and we’re about to just jump into some really nerdy songs. We’ve got a bit of everything. A love ballad, a geek anthem, some rap, and some stuff in between. There really isn’t a criteria to get on this list nor do the numbers really mean anything other than the one I like the most. Without further ado:


6. Screen Team – Who We Want To Be


To me, this song is more about the video. The video has a lot of awesome nerdy and geeky references and the Screen Team essentially going HAM in public. And yes, the woman half of screen team is very attractive, but try and watch the video for what it is. A pretty dope celebration for being a nerdy person.

This is essentially all of what Screen Team does, they do this for video games, movies, comic books, and things of that nature. The songs are OK, but I really appreciate how much thought and effort is put in by them in their videos.


5. Strawburry17 – Nerdy Love Song


This song is actually not the song I was listening to that inspired me to write this article. That doesn’t make it any less mushy and full of feels.

I appreciate that it’s just a smorgasbord of different awesome things. Mario, Zelda, Hunger Games, Tangled, Adventure Time, and stuff I’m sure I missed.


4. aBreact Music(Gamer tag: NEO) – Metaknight Da Bess You Ever Had


This song is dope for a number of reasons. First of all, the quality of the song is pretty good, it actually sounds like it may have been recorded in a studio. Also, I definitely have a bias because I met and smashed a couple of times with NEO. I also appreciate the fact that this song has more to do with the competitive community of Smash Bros. Brawl, and not the casual fan base. So I understand if there are a few things that people don’t understand about the song, but don’t tell me you don’t appreciate the hilarity of “then hit the b button like I don’t give a fuck”.

Plus, it’s a parody of a Drake song.


3. EmpyreanAria – Good Morning, Mr. Masters


Awww yeah, more rap. I mean yes it applies to the competitive community of Street Fighter 4. However, you could easily see how it would also applies to casuals. What with it’s high spammability or high priority. SHORYUKEN. It’s the type of move you see online noobies rage about because they don’t know what to do, myself included. With the updates 2012, AE, Ultra, and I’m sure there will be super mega turbo eventually, I have no idea if SHORYUKEN is still worth any salt, but the song is still pretty great and was certainly applicable at the time.

It’s just so damn catchy. If you’re not humming this song all day, you’re a better man than me.

Also, Daigo and Justin Wong drawings.


2. Wekejay – Suits That Fly AND Batman Maybe


OK, so I cheated in the title when I said 6. But it’s fine, you’ll totally forgive me when you listen to both of them, and they’re from the same youtube channel/artist, so that has to count for something doesn’t it?! These videos and songs are awesome. They’re parodies of a song and a movie. They’re super well done, both video and song.

A song about Iron Man blowing stuff up. Need I say more?

The catchy nature of Call Me Maybe combined with Batman? Done.

You’re welcome.


1. Sam Hart – Mario Kart Love Song


The feels. This is the song I was listening to, and decided to write this list of awesomely nerdy songs.


I’m sure I don’t know a lot of nerdy songs. I’d love to hear from you guys though, so let me know in comments, or use one of the contact avenues I post to let me know about them.

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  1. if you’re interested in nerdy music, there’s actually an entire genre dedicated to it. Nerdcore. Look up artists such as Mega Ran, YTCracker, Alpha Riff. There’s a FB group if you’re interested called Nerdcore HipHop

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