Which Video Game Character Is The Best Tribute To Bruce Lee?

News was recently reported by Variety that there will be a Bruce Lee biopic directed by George Nolfi. Being the Bruce Lee fan that I am, I had to write an article about it somehow. Bruce Lee is the inspiration for a lot of characters, some thinly-veiled and some with a subtle nod. Also, instead of doing a top 5, I decided to just do a list and let you guys, the readers decide for themselves.

Liu Kang

Liu Kang is the closest thing that the Mortal Kombat series has to a protagonist. I say close, because he was the main protagonist early on, but with the addition of so many sequels the stories have shifted and changed a lot. Either way, Liu Kang’s appearance in the first game is pretty obviously a nod to Way of The Dragon, this coupled with the fact that he accompanies his moves with screams. Especially his most famous move the bicycle kick with a “Wululululu!” it’s hard to not see the resemblance. mkkang1 large_way_of_the_dragon_blu-ray_04

Marshall and Forest Law

Coming from the Tekken series these two are father and son, Marshall being the father and Forest being the son. Marshall is a known practitioner of Jeet Kune Do(even though it is just listed as “martial arts”), the martial arts that Bruce Lee himself developed. Both Laws do all of Bruce Lee’s most iconic moves, his flip kick, the one inch punch, and all of the Law’s moves are all wildly quick. Take a look at Forest Law’s available outfits for Tekken 3. LawTekken3Outfit Look familiar? They should. From right to left they are references to Enter the Dragon, Way of The Dragon, and Game of Death. And gifs are always cool.


Fei Long

Fei Long joined the Street Fighter series in Street Fighter II and he of course screams “wooo” and “waaahhhtaahh” when he fights, it’s basically a prerequisite to be on this list. However, Fei Long’s origin story also includes being a movie star who also practices real martial arts. Plus, he does all of the super iconic moves, and all of Fei Long’s outfits and DLC are Bruce Lee outfits from somewhere. Even not the super iconic ones, such as this suit: BruceLee-FeiLong2   Let’s look at some of those iconic moves in gif form too while we’re at it.

The famous kick that is ironically from Fists of Fury

Honorable Mentions: Hitmonlee (Pokemon), Jann Lee(Dead or Alive), Jacky Bryant(Virtua Fighter), Maxi(Soul Calibur), Iron Fist (Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom), Rock Lee(Naruto, I also consider him an anime character before video game character), and Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star, also more of an anime character).

So which one do you think is the best tribute or adaptation of Bruce Lee? Maybe you think I’m an idiot that didn’t list your favorite.

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