In Case You Missed It: JL8

Across the interwebs, you find some incredible things. Our feature on Questionable Content was one of those incredible webcomics and today, we’re showing off another great webcomic that wins the hearts of comic and non-comic fans alike.

This is JL8.

JL8 is a fan made comic about the young version of the Justice League. Writer and illustrator Yale Stewart puts out new issues on a weekly basis and works to make each comic snappy and enjoyable for all ages. Yale pulls great aspects from the characters rich histories and throws our tikes into odds situations that are easy to understand and a joy to see pan out. Whether you’re a die-hard comic fan, an avid viewer of the cartoons, a superhero movie buff, or even know of the character’s existence, there’s a lot to enjoy in these digestible comics.

The first issue introduced us to Bruce and Alfred, along with the type of humor we’re getting and the lighthearted world of DC.

The comics started out by casually introducing the kids and revealing them as heroes who are just youngsters with powers and daily struggles. The comic doesn’t take itself too seriously, but also maintains the integrity and history of the characters in play.


Later comics venture into arcs, such as recess, birthday parties, camping trips, and more. Along the way, there are nods everywhere to the DC history, which come in both subtle and obvious ways.


The serious moments are truly heartfelt and the comical moments knock you on the floor laughing. The comic always has a way with using the super moments to reveal how truly human these kids are. Batman is Bruce, Superman is Clark, Flash is Barry, and Wonder Woman is Diana. The costume becomes a melding of the real face and mask and Yale gives us a new look at some of our favorite characters.



To catch up with the series, you can check out and follow the official JL8 blog for the latest comics, or check out the archive for high quality images for every comic (great for new readers to catch up on).

And in case you aren’t a DC fan (which I wouldn’t believe after you’ve been through this article and seen JL8), Yale’s art has showcased Marvel characters, along with other commissions and projects he’s worked on. Here’s a sample.

Gambit & Rogue
Gambit & Rogue
Batman and Daredevil
Batman and Daredevil

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