SDCC 2014 – Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Breakdown.

If you read our previous article than you know that NerdSwole is at San Diego Comic-Con, and as it winds down we’re going to be doing our best to be pumping out articles about everything we experienced.

When the panel goes up on YouTube, you should definitely watch it, there was a bunch of Robert Downey Jr. theatrics along with his cast members. They danced onto stage and were really incredible. However, this is about the Age of Ultron trailer.

HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD**********************************************************************

We start with the Avengers and Maria Hill sitting around Avengers Tower hanging out and drinking. Everyone is laughing and having fun, and Hawkeye tells Thor that the lifting the Mjolnir thing is just a gimmick. Thor welcomes everyone to try and lift it. Tony Stark asks if he can be king of Asgard if he is “worthy”. Thor nods.

Tony tries and fails, puts on an Iron Man glove and fails. Then Tony and Rhodey(War Machine) both try together. Hawkeye tries to no avail. Bruce Banner tries, and gets really exhausted and frustrated and everyone worries for a second. Captain America tries and IT BUDGES, you hear the hammer lift up and tap the table again and Thor’s eyes widen.

Thor then simply says you all just not worthy. And then a zombie robot Iron Man suit comes out saying that they are all not worthy because they are murderers and a bunch of things that look like Ultron bots fly out at them.

Ultron continues to voice over the entire trailer while we see all of the Avengers separated in different places. Bruce Banner looks sick and alone. WE SEE THE HULKBUSTER ARMOR APPEAR and go head to head with Hulk. It is as massive and as amazing as you could have possibly imagined. Thor smashes some things with Mjolnir and there is some running/riding/parkouring with Cap and Widow.

Brief moments with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. We finally see Ultron in his full 8 foot form completing his horribly eerie narration saying that he has no strings. Titlecard. We see Cap’s shield broken, Tony sitting and staring at it and the camera zooms out to show every single Avenger dead.


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