Nerdswole has been on top of the Marvel Phase 3 Lineup since the news dropped last week. Brian had been discussing the movies all this week (Captain America: Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Doctor Strange, & Thor: Ragnarok) and today, I’m gonna take a crack at dissecting what Black Panther’s solo outing will be all about.

The following speculation and possible spoilers for the upcoming Black Panther movies and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Look.

First off, can we get a “Praise Odin” for how incredible this costume is going to look?

Concept art tends to differ from the actual product…


…I’m just saying, what lies in concept and what translates to film are two entirely different things. Nonetheless, the costume is going in a great direction. Chadwick Boseman (cast as T’Challa aka Black Panther) looks perfect for the part as the ruler of Wakanda, speaking of which…


No doubt about it, the fictional African nation will have to come into play. Could this be where Fury is lying low? The main draw to Wakanda (as most Marvel readers will know) is that they are host to one of the few places in the world with access to vibranium. Sound familiar? It should, as it is the material used to create Captain America’s shield, which is seen destroyed in the Age of Ultron preview.


The Plot

Black Panther is in an interesting spot. What could happen is that his involvement in Civil War highlights the character and this movie will serve as a prequel to describe how Black Panther has protected and hidden his people from the very public avengers and the criticisms from governments worldwide. Black Panther is a chief who acts as both a man of the people but also a man of tradition. The role of Black Panther has been passed down from generation to generation and the movie can be about what T’Challa does to earn the role of Black Panther. As Captain America: The First Avenger integrated itself with the 1940s genre, the Black Panther could do something in the same vein to capture the intensity and brutality found in his trials and upbringing.

Another big fact to remember is that Black Panther is a chief and a representative of Wakanda. When Black Panther is involved with fellow Avengers (namely the Illuminati), Namor and T’Challa tend to butt heads. Namor and T’Challa rule their respective kingdoms in completely opposite ideologies. This leads to both physical destruction, intense debates over philosophy, and long-standing damage between the relationship. While Namor is not likely due to appear with his close link to mutants and the X-Men franchise, Namor may find royalty in Thor or authority such as Fury’s to debate with. That is a pretty big stretch, but Black Panther is a versatile character who leads a world of romance, danger, politics, and heroics.

What’s also good to know is that there was a 8 episodes Black Panther mini-series that was released on DVD a few years back. Fans can find this on our Nerdswole store via Amazon and get a look at what Black Panther is really capable of before we catch him on the big screen. 

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I've got tingles.
I’ve got tingles.

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