Thoughts About Stuff: Is 2016 X-Men’s Year?

It is an interesting thing isn’t it? To consider the X-Men franchise separate from Marvel Studios, but we have to remember that they are in fact separate universes in this case. That being said, FOX has stated their case to attempt to dominate the superhero market in 2016 with 3 X-Men movies that year. No trailers/teasers out just yet, but they planted the flags for release dates for Deadpool, Gambit, and X-Men: Apocalypse.

It’s an interesting move to say the least, but to think that they will actually dominate the box office and the superhero movie market is a bit of a stretch considering the other heavy hitters coming out that year, Captain America: Civil War and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Those films have been spoken about and discussed at length, lets see what FOX and the X-Men have going for them.


The film that’s been in limbo for quite some time and was finally greenlit will feature Ryan Reynolds returning as Wade Wilson. The infamous test footage leaked and the internet was set ablaze. You can see it in all of it’s gruesome glory here:

It’s slated to be released February 12th, 2016, just in time for… Valentines day? Anyway, I’m not sure people like Deadpool as much as they think they like Deadpool. Yes, he has a very dedicated group of comic book readers/fans and is very funny when he breaks the fourth wall with sarcasm and other bits, but does he appeal to a general public as much as the other X-Men? Probably not.

The character in a lot of ways is meant to be annoying and crazy, and that could rub a lot of people who are unfamiliar with the character the wrong way. FOX really needs to hit this one out of the park to really have any belief that they can have another solid property without requiring Wolverine to be in it and I’m not completely sure Deadpool is the guy to do so. I’d be happy to be proven wrong with a solid film though.

X-Men: Apocalypse


The likeliest of the three films to make a big splash. The sequel to the super popular X-Men: Days of Future Past has the most recognizable name and the biggest names in the cast. There isn’t a reason to believe that people won’t go see this film, it has the huge names and will probably get the biggest marketing push of the 3 films.

All of the details for all films are thin, but the 70’s cast of Days of Future Past will be present and the main X-Men in the film. I don’t know that this film will be as good as DoFP because DoFP played a lot on nostalgia showing the old X-Men and spent a lot of time essentially erasing and dealing with the lesser films of the franchise (X3, X-Men Origins). However, it is completely possible that this film also outdoes DoFP considering we’ll still have Director Bryan Singer and Singer has given reason to show faith in his work on the X-Men movies so I expect X-Men films to continue being the proud tentpole for FOX.



Ah, the film that was just announced. It will star Channing Tatum and will release on October 7th, 2016. Other details are sparse, but this I applaud FOX for listening to the fans who have demanded X-Men that haven’t really been featured heavily in the X-Men movies.

Tatum has stepped up (no pun intended) quite a bit as an actor. He’s shown raw sex appeal and bankability for quite sometime, but he recently showed gritty and more serious acting ability in Foxcatcher. I think Tatum will do fine as Remy LeBeau, but it will always be up to the producer/director/writers/studio to ultimately decide what product they make.

All that being said, it’s a great time to be a nerd, with all of these characters being brought to the big screen. To answer my original question, I still have my doubts about FOX releasing 3 X-Men films in 1 year and taking on the previously mentioned Juggernauts (again, no pun intended), but FOX is certainly trying their hardest to take a bigger slice of the superhero movie pie. Basically, quality over quantity, but who knows, maybe FOX makes 3 quality movies and everyone throws out their Iron Man masks and Batman cowls. Hah, just kidding.

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