Marvel Destroys, DC Builds: The End of Continuity

Today, Marvel announced that the upcoming Secret Wars event from Marvel will result in the destruction of the Marvel Universe as we know it. DC is going through with the Convergence event, which is going on while DC is moving editorial offices from New York to Burbank, California. Whether you like it or not, times are a changing, and that emphasizes the craziness of comic book continuity. A bunch of people are excited; some are not. Many comics fans have reacted as pictured below:


Well, we knew this was going to happen.

What? Yes! For those of your who are reading Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers and New Avengers series, time running out and world’s colliding has been in the works for over 2 years.

From New Avengers #1.



Everything ends is right.

Click for larger resolution.


Time running out has been a part of the story since Avengers #24, which was subtitled Rogue Planet. The current arcs have had a tagline of “Time Runs Out.” You can even see the main universe and the Ultimate universe slowly colliding in the top banner.

Avengers 35 – Released September 17, 2014


Avengers 40 – Released January 14th, 2015


On the DC side of thing, we were first revealed news about the other worlds returning from Superman: Doomed, where we know that Brainiac has not just been collecting worlds, but different universes and dimensions. And with ongoing, weekly titles such as Future’s End and Earth 2: World’s End, big endings and even newer beginnings were coming to DC.



What’s good about this?

Well, big events always attract more readers, such as the Death of Wolverine mini series, Avengers vs X-Men event, and Flashpoint. People want to see what will lead to this whole new world. With new jumping on point, many of the beloved characters will see in a new light. For Marvel, it will give fans of the movies a real point to jump in with #1s of their favorite heroes. For DC, it will give old comic readers, who have criticized the New 52, a chance to see their favorites in their prime. However…

Here’s the problem.

Marvel just did a thing in 2012 called Marvel Now!, which introduced many new titles to get readers into an existing universe. This is what DC is currently trying to amend with the Convergence event. By bringing back old characters, we run into continuity problems, critics, and sometimes, some not so great #1s which make you think, “Why would they change something that was doing great?”

In the same sense, DC rebooted everything in 2011 with the world changing Flashpoint event. Marvel’s new Secret Wars seems to be attempting the same thing. Does rebooting really help? It didn’t help Spider-Man! With the events of AXIS, fans believe that the movie universes and the comic universes will be one in the same, which will not be good once the Marvel cinematic Universe ends (because it can).

As a reader who started around both the New 52 and Marvel-Now! times, I was thrilled and confused, and had some considerable reading to do to understand some parts of what I was reading. Some of the reboots were approachable and the ones that were not, I stopped reading. However, some of these titles need time to develop and 2-4 years is still a relatively short time period.

While I’ll be awaiting to see what happens, I’m a bit nervous about all of this. For more news on Marvel and DC’s big events, check Nerdswole for everything TV, gaming, movies, comics, and more!


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