Roundtable: Spider-Man And The MCU

It’s official. Spidey’s coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. No one writer can tackle what’s going to happen, so the whole team is here to dissect what can happen to everyone’s favorite neighborhood hero.

From where would you like the MCU to draw inspiration from for Spider-Man’s new appearance?

Alex: I think the Ultimate Universe is a great place to begin dissecting a young Spider-Man. The Ultimates served as a great references point for The Avengers and I think using either Miles Morales or the ultimate Peter Parker are great ways for modern audiences to get into the character.

Brian: The 90’s animated series or The Spectacular Spider-Man.

Yeksson: Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man is a great place to start.  It’s hard to find anyone who didn’t appreciate said actor’s portrayal of the Web Head.

How do you feel about the MCU tackling Spider-Man’s origin (i.e. how are they supposed to explain Spider-Man’s presence in this world)?

Alex: If there’s one thing I don’t want to see, the origin story has to be that. So many great Spider-Man stories understand that the origin is part of the character, but does not necessarily define him. Spider-Man can grow and move on past his responsibilities without dwelling every single moment. I think the events of the attack on New York City (Avengers) inspires young people to act as heroes. One of those kids could be the bullied and beat down Peter Parker. While the spider-bite, Uncle Ben, and the Daily Bugle can be explained relatively quickly, we can enter a world where Spider-Man has been an active vigilante who may be discovered during the events of an upcoming film.

Brian: Spider-Man’s origin has been done so many times now, and honestly, I would prefer it be brushed over or implied to be understood later on, or just revisited in a small section later.

Yeksson: Just to troll Alex, I would like the MCU to include Uncle Ben’s death.  On the other hand, I feel that the Avengers are obviously super well known around the world within the MCU and perhaps NYC’s Spider-Man hasn’t caught attention on a global scale yet.

Many fans speculate Spider-Man to appear in Captain America: Civil War. In what other planned movies would you think Spider-Man would fit?

Alex: Doctor Strange and Spider-Man have always shared an interesting relationship and seeing a cameo in the Doctor Strange movie would be great. With Spider-Man child-like nature around the esteemed Doctor, I can see opportunities for them to balance each other. Spider-Man uses his constant rambling as a way of coping with the insane world around him, while Doctor Strange is both a professionally trained surgeon and the Sorcerer Supreme.

Brian: After credits scene of Age of Ultron where he webs the screen or something would be pretty cool.

Yeksson: The 3rd Avengers movie just to see more heroes in action.

In terms of looks, what would you like to see in a Spider-Man suit?

Alex: To be perfectly honest, Amazing Spider-Man 2 nailed the look down. Aside from the logo, everything about the suit was perfect. Big eyes, realistic suit a young man could’ve made, and real web shooters. Leave the real flashy stuff to Iron Man.

Brian: The Iron Spider.

Yeksson: I say the traditional red and blue works well in appealing to the masses.  Plus, you want the younger kids to hop on board with Spider-Man.

In the same respect, what actor could portray this universe’s Spider-Man?

Alex: I think the Spidey look lies within the youthful actors getting up in their careers. I wish Michael B. Jordan wasn’t tied to Johnny Storm for the upcoming Fantastic Four, for he could play a great Miles Morales, with his charm and seriousness blending so smoothly.michael-b-jordan
On the otherhand, for Peter Parker, I’d have to give Brenton Thwaites consideration based on looks and his performances in The Giver and Malificent.



Yeksson: Bring back Tobey Maguire.

Spider-Man is known for big mouth and his iconic team-ups. Of all of the MCU, who would you like to see Spider-Man banter with?

Alex: In the connected Marvel universe, we have the big time Avengers and the street level Defenders. In this connected world, I’d love to see a Daredevil and Spider-Man team up. No one puts Spidey back in his place than the super-loner Matt Murdock. With a tragic origin, a ruthless temper issue, and a long list of endless dying lovers, Daredevil never has a lot to smile and banter about, which perfectly contrasts Spider-Man’s daily struggles of managing work with family, dating, and super-heroics.

If they get this moment on film, it'll be a worthwhile crossover.
If they get this moment on film, it’ll be a worthwhile crossover.

Brian: Spider-Men, as in Miles Morales and Peter Parker together. If we’re talking current MCU, Spidey interacts with pretty much everyone, so I’ll say Iron Man for some fun science, but he also has a history of bantering with She-Hulk, which would imply that she exists, and I’m totally down with that.

Yeksson: I can’t say I have extensive knowledge of who Spider-Man has teamed with in the comics, let alone chemistries but from a MCU fan perspective, I think it would be amazing to see Spider-Man on screen with the likes of Iron Man and Thor.

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