5 Reasons You Should Watch Six Feet Under Right Now

Two years ago, at my boss’s suggestion, I watched the first two episodes of Six Feet Under. I felt indifferent about it – I wasn’t impressed, didn’t feel like it would be my kind of show. Two months later I decided to give it a second chance. I ended up binge watching all five seasons in less than a month.

Six Feet Under (2001 – 2005) is a dark comedy-ish/drama about the dysfunctional Fisher Family who owns a funeral home. Peter Krause and Michael C. Hall star as two brothers who inherit the funeral home after their father dies, and they and the rest of their family struggle with constantly dealing with mortality, their own personal relationships, a rival funeral home company trying to buy them out, mental issues… I could go on and on. It’s a pretty crazy show.

Anyway, I couldn’t shut up about the show after I watched it. Still can’t. I always find myself begging someone to watch it. Trying to clarify that it’s more than just death or some depressing show, since that’s what people seem to pass it off as. For some reason, it never seemed to get big. It doesn’t get discussed as much as other shows of its time. Why? I have absolutely no idea. So here’s me trying to explain why everyone should give this show a chance – with my top 5 reasons.

The Hilariously Awesome Death Scenes at the Beginning of Every Episode

Every episode follows the pattern of a death scene intro – usually afterward, the family of the deceased gets involved with the funeral home to set up the funeral arrangements. There are 63 episodes, so nearly 63 deaths… they get peculiar. They kill people off in the craziest ways. Here’s one of my favorites.

It’s on HBO Go

HBO Go Logo

If you have cable with an HBO subscription, you probably already know that you can access all the shows on HBO Go for free from pretty much any device. But as early as April, HBO is offering a standalone service (almost like Netflix) where you won’t even need a cable provider – you can just pay monthly for it. Also, as far as I’ve heard HBO does not monitor how many people are logged in at once, unlike Netflix, so you could borrow your friend’s/family member’s/coworker’s if they let you!

It Gets Weird  

This show isn’t afraid to get weird. It’s different in that way. There are odd, short interjected in-show commercials in some episodes (advertising funeral home products, etc.) and it’s hilarious. There are funny mental breakdowns that the characters go through. There are the tragic death scenes – but some of them are just so bizarre that you can’t help but to laugh. Let me explain the rest with gifs.

Six Feet Under Dance GIF

Six Feet Under Nate Fisher GIF

Six Feet Under Claire GIF

You’ll See Some of Your Favorite Actors Before They Got So Famous

Six Feet Under actors Peter Krause, David C. Hall, Jeremy Sisto

Dexter Morgan (Dexter)? Adam Braverman (Parenthood)? Detective Cyrus Lupo (Law & Order)? Any of those sound familiar? These characters all were developed shortly after Six Feet Under. Although Michael C. Hall, Peter Krause, and Jeremy Sisto all had acting gigs before Six Feet Under, they definitely didn’t get as famous until after. Also, you’ll see a 13-episode appearance from Rainn Wilson (Dwight of The Office) which is pretty interesting. So if you go back and watch it, you’ll see younger (in age and acting ability) versions of the actors you’ve grown to love. Plus, wouldn’t it be cool to see Detective Lupo as a bipolar artist? Or Dexter as a homosexual mortician in a relationship with a cop? Well, it is.

It Has the Best Series Finale of All Time

Six Feet Under Claire and Nate

The last nine minutes of the show are the most incredible minutes of television my eyes have ever seen (although it was a very blurry nine minutes, considering I was balling through the whole thing), and the ending’s soundtrack is Sia’s Breathe Me (the best song they could’ve chosen). I’ve never been so happy with the ending of a show. If you ever look up best series finales, Six Feet Under usually makes the cut. Don’t spoil it for yourself, it’s so gratifying if you don’t.


Okay, so five reasons isn’t enough. This show just really affected me. It’s so different – with all of it’s weirdness, humor even with the darkest of themes, the things you can learn from each individual character as they journey through five seasons dealing with infidelity, building families, drugs, addiction, mental illness, death and carrying on after it, love… I shouldn’t have to pay people but I probably would. That’s how good this show is.

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