The Greatest Games Never Made: Legend of Zelda.

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The Greatest Games Never Made (TGGNM?) Will be a new column discussing about the possibilities of great games that would be incredible, but probably never made due to licensing issues, needing to keep a franchise ongoing, and things of that nature. The first possible game I wanted to discuss that I think would make for probably one of the most incredible games ever would belong in the The Legend of Zelda franchise.

Now you might be saying that Zelda franchise is one of the most well-known in the world and doesn’t need my help at all. You’d certainly be correct about that, but this idea is something I hope Nintendo has locked away in a vault and has a “open in case of emergency” sign on it. So I wanted to ask, what if Nintendo made a Legend of Zelda game that was co-op. But not Four Swords co-op. A co-op between different Links from different games.

Imagine a game where you don’t go through the parts of being a Young or inexperienced Link, and you run into an issue where Ganon has traveled into the future (after recruiting or enslaving a bunch of other baddies and minions) to straight up capture a Link that is just beginning his journey to prevent him any chance of thwarting Ganon later. So then a Sage/Future Zelda/Impa sees this problem and goes through different dimensions/time to get the helps of other Links. Imagine it. Four Links just beaming down to a completely destroyed and ravaged Hyrule, and just being completely and utterly destroyed on the inside because of what has become of their land.

This. But like 1000x worse. Via Nintendo.
This. But like 1000x worse. Via Nintendo.

Obviously the Links would have to be unique, so they would get only their most unique weapons from their games. Ocarina of Time Link has his arrows. Skyward Sword Link has his double clawshots. Majora’s Mask Link has his masks. Twilight Princess Link has his wolf mode. 4 Links working together to get through dungeons and puzzles, as well as creating brand new challenges for boss fights. Zelda has always had creative innovations when it comes to boss fights, whether it’s the classic throw bombs in the mouth, hookshotting an organ out, or even using a secret weapon like a fishing rod to distract a boss. With multiple players the possibilities grow even further. One may have to be a distraction or tank in one dungeon but could be the key weakness in another dungeon.


Phantom Ganon

It could be just as simple as having multiple bosses. So for this fight you’d have to pass Phantom Ganon’s projectile between links until you could hit it at Ghirahim to stun him so the link that’s been blocking him this whole time can wail on him. Sounds pretty fun doesn’t it?

So if you already have these great items, would we need the dungeon progressions still? Sure, that’s one route we could go. The traditional linear dungeon progression is totally fine in this way because there are still upgrades for items that can be found for each Link and things of that nature. OR, we could go the sandbox route, where we would have something more similar to the upgrade system in Skyward Sword and you can progress through rupee farming or a new upgrade currency that you can get by going to different dungeons. However, a guided sandbox is probably the best route though. Something similar to Batman: Arkham City where there is a story to follow and places to go, but with a certain level of autonomy allowed for side missions and quests.

You might say Hyrule Warriors gave us something close, and in a manner of speaking it did. But I want something more story based, more difficult puzzles, better boss fights, and just enemies in general that make me think more. With multiple Links we have the possibility of seeing Portal like dungeons where Links have to step on buttons to block themselves but provide blocks or door openings for others. The possibilities are endless. Every new Zelda game always absolutely blows me away with innovation, creativity, epicness, and fun. But I think this would have a certain end-all craziness and amazingness to it. The stakes could be raised to a whole new level for not just one Hyrule, but Hyrule past, present, and future.

Why It’ll Never Happen

This is pretty simple. Zelda is one of THE flagship franchises of Nintendo, and their intention has always been have a self-contained game with relations to others, but open-ended enough to have prequels and sequels. Just look at the timeline, and that will explain best why Nintendo handles this the way they do.

Zelda TimelineIt simply doesn’t make sense for Nintendo to try and undergo an operation like this, because the game itself would take quite a bit of time to develop considering all of the new mechanics that would be introduced, and it would be likely that it would need online support unless they wanted to go all local co-op (which would be totally fine with me), and the possibility that some fans would hate it because they’ve enjoyed playing their games completely solo. Plus the Links featured in the game would probably cause a huge debate among fans. Basically the effort would outweigh the possible rewards.

A fan can dream though can’t he? Imagine the amazing dialogue this game could have too. HIYAHHHHH. HAAAAH!? YAHHHHHH! …..

The featured image at the top was created by Nelde.

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