3 Things That Still Bother Me About The Star Wars Franchise

Star Wars is one of my all time favorite franchises, and there’s plenty of love, as I’ve been rewatching all the movies after the reveal of new Star Wars Battlefront at E3 2015. However, there’s some things that have irked me throughout the series.

Luke Skywalker’s total 180° from Empire Strikes Back to Return of the Jedi

From A New Hope, Luke’s confidence is a part of what makes him the go-to hero from the very beginning. However, he goes through plenty of traumatic experiences. Losing his family to the Empire, losing Obi-Wan, being off-world for the first time, and almost dying several different times. So when we reach Empire, Luke has become a fighter for the Rebel Alliance and still is learning what was taught to him by Obi-Wan. Now, the time in between episodes V and VI are filled with plenty of rescue missions in Shadow of the Empire, but Luke still hasn’t finished his training with Yoda and the only Jedi Luke knows about is Yoda. Now there’s plenty to learn from the extended universe of novels, games, comics, and more, but for fans of the movies and the movies alone, Luke’s calm, overconfidence in The Force, and all black attire are alarming. It feels out of character and completely contrasting with the last two versions of Luke we’ve seen on the big screen.

The desperate face of Episode V, as Luke's troubles away from home and friends takes its toll.
The desperate face of Episode V, as Luke’s troubles away from home and friends takes its toll.
The face Luke makes throughout Episode VI.
The face Luke makes throughout Episode VI.

Why did Jedi have to become selective?

We’re looking at you midichlorians. George Lucas has gone on record mentioning that these biological nightmares have been part of the Jedi lore for years. However, it never seemed necessary. Charlie Jane Andrews at i09.com has a great explanation of the destruction the Force by midichlorians, but the biggest gripe I have is that midichlorians make the Jedi even more elusive of role to take upon. It’s more personal, but it made it even terrible as a kid to think you could be a Jedi with enough training and then have that taken away by having Lucas’ “hard science” tear away the force in all of us.

What was the point of Jar Jar Binks? Didn’t kids have enough to like about Star Wars?

Were there not enough funny characters who spoke incoherently and yet made sense?

R2-D2, the lovable droid who’s unorthodox behavior is both charming and dangerous.
The “teddy bears with weapons” Ewok tribe.
Wise Master Yoda, who tutored Luke and speaks oddly to make you pay attention.

Was there not enough things to be marketable to kids?



By the end of Episode III, I saw what Jar Jar’s role had been throughout the entire prequel universe, and I can’t help but wonder how he could not be replaced by literally any other character.

Aside from a few other qualms, Star Wars has kept me captivated since childhood and I wouldn’t poke fun if I didn’t keep the series near and dear to my heart.

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