Anticipated Characters to return in Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V news is becoming more and more exciting, as EVO 2015 nears, a venue known for great pro-level matches, new demonstrations, and an absurd amount of hype. Many of the characters from Street Fighter IV are expected to return, but there’s always possibilities for long-lost characters and even some new ones. Here’s a few fighters who haven’t been seen in a while that could emerge from the latest Street Fighter game!

Alex (Street Fighter III)


Without a doubt, I’d say Alex has been one of the most highly anticipated characters in Street Fighter, being notably absent from Street Fighter IV. Not only was Alex intended to be the main character of SFIII, he also was a unique grappler with aggressive tactics that made him a favorite. Why he didn’t show up in SFIV is baffling to this day.


Karin (Street Fighter Alpha 3)


Sakura is to Ryu, as Karin is to Ken. Almost a little sister, Karin feels like a new character, with Alpha known for introducing a plethora of characters who resurfaced in SFIV. She would be an interesting counterpart to Sakura, but without the similarities leaning towards “clone” status. Her similar rush-and-jump gameplay would be welcome in a sea of clones.


Remy (Street Fighter III: Third Strike)

Remy is one of the few characters to only appear in one game, that being the final version of Street Fighter III. Remy feels like a King Of Fighters character in the Street Fighter world, as his rushdown, simple projectile, and far-reaching attacks feel both strange and welcome to the game.


Maki / Eagle  (Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max)



Both Maki and Eagle were featured in the later installments of Street Fighter Alpha and also shared debuts in odd places. Eagle was introduced in the first Street Fighter and wasn’t revived until Alpha 3 MAX, while Maki was introduced in Final Fight, much like Cody, Haggar, and Guy. Both these characters also appeared in Capcom VS SNK 2, and lastly, both these characters use two sticks for primary weaponry. Maki uses the Tonfa while Eagle uses eskrima sticks, which allows both characters to zone, hit and run, and be aggressive.

Definitely not Rolento.

Oro (Street Fighter III)


There’s a lot of SFIII love here and it’s worth mentioning how dedicated the community is to that game. Street Fighter is not without its weird characters, and Oro is definitely in the top 10. On top of his unorthodox fighting style, the first glance at his is a testament to his skill. He ties up one hand to give opponents a handicap and lives the hermit life until a worthy disciple makes themselves present. He is strange yet powerful, and I think would be a welcome surprise. With fighters like El Fuerte, Hakan, and Rufus being well received, it seems strange is very much what we’re looking for.


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