It’s the Fourth of July and everybody’s rocking the red, white, and blue! To celebrate the birth of this nation, here’s a few things to think about, to do, to celebrate, and to have pride in.

It’s always good to remember your history.


tumblr_n86an7P0S21svyk7po2_250Prepare your grill for delicious meats.


Chow down on all sorts of food.


Do something outdoors with friends.


If you’re gaming this 4th of July, use Captain America to lay the smackdown…

Final Justice
Final Justice

…or Use Captain Falcon to bring some truth and justice.

Knee of Justice
Knee of Justice

Lastly, don’t forget to set off a few fireworks



Everyone at Team Nerdswole wishes you all a safe and fun July 4th! We will be bringing plenty of great content next week as we cover San Diego Comic Con 2015!

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