Comic Con International 2015 is well under way, with great panels such as FOX’s new show, Minority Report. The new show is debuting in the fall on FOX and will be taking place after Spielberg’s Film for which the movie is based off of. The show had a debut panel that screened the first twenty minutes and had a Q&A with the cast and writers.


The show takes place in 2065, a even more futuristic society that follows Dash (Stark Sands), one of the precognitive children who can see murders before they happen. As a young adult, he attempts to save more people by drawing his visions in attempts to save the people in danger. His failed missions intersects with Detective Lara Vega (Meagan Good), who is investigating the murder that Dash predicted.

The show features Wilmer Valderama, who is playing a serious detective who also has a romantic past with Vega. We’ll also see Laura Regan replacing Samantha Morton as Agatha Lively, Dash’s sister, a character who will guide Dash through his developing abilities. The show looks to play with a lot of the futuristic elements and puts the murder cases in front. Although it is difficult to tell from the first 20 minutes, the show will hinge on getting these characters to connect with the audience and to the fans of the original movie.


Minority Report premieres on FOX September 21, 2015.

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