Justice League: Gods and Monsters *SPOILER FREE REVIEW*

We’ve discussed a few things about San Diego Comic-Con, and while there were things I didn’t like and Alex did like, there is always one thing I look forward to at SDCC and that is the premiere of a DC animated movie. I’ve been looking forward to Justice League: Gods and Monsters for quite some time, and I will just say at the start that this movie is everything it promises to be. Whether or not you like this version of Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman it is a very, very different Justice League we’re meeting and that was exactly what most of the promos promised.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters is best defined as a mystery movie, obviously it has superheroes so there will be some cool action sequences and powers, but the plot and core of the film is a mystery movie as someone has framed the Justice League for multiple murders of some very famous doctors and scientists. The movie centers on a Superman that is the son of Zod and Lara, a Batman that is not Bruce Wayne but a scientist named Kirk that was doing experiments with bats trying to cure an illness, and Becca of the New Gods as Wonder Woman.

Superman is more of a ends justifies the means and a bit arrogant leader of the Justice League. His name is Herman Guerra and he was raised by a Mexican family, and while this is certainly different than the Kents in Smallville, there are certainly some relationships and themes that are shared by this Superman. He doesn’t seem to bother with the dual identity at all and is fine with being just Superman, but he also knows hard work and the difficulty of growing up with struggling parents. He makes for an interesting character because he is more willing to do things Clark Kent wouldn’t, but Herman is also a little bit scary in that sense because he doesn’t necessarily value freedom over safety.

Batman(Kirk Langstrom) is the techy quiet member of the team, which in a lot of ways is the same as what Bruce Wayne would offer, however more or less he just goes along with what Superman/Herman says and that is an interesting dynamic. Whereas usually it is often seen as Superman and Batman respecting each other but clashing and having differing opinions, they’re pretty much on the same page all the way through this movie. It’s interesting to see this Batman because he has superpowers but also because he is nearly emotionless throughout the movie. For all the jokes about Bruce Wayne not having emotions, it’s more or less jokes he just doesn’t smile, at the very least he gets very angry/sad/broody, but Kirk is just very balanced and calm throughout the movie, despite all of the twists and turns.

Superman being the son of Zod and Batman being vampire aren’t really crazy and outrageous remakes of these iconic characters, but for Wonder Woman to not have any of her amazon heritage and to be a New God instead is straight out of left field. She has a complicated backstory, she doesn’t trust in love, and is a warrior. I can’t say much else about here without spoiling pretty important details.

Moving onto the actual movie, you’ll see a lot of cool and interesting cameos and that is always fun, but the movie in my opinion almost requires multiple viewings as things as it takes a little bit to settle in with these characters. The movie follows suit with most of the recent DC animated movies and is very mature, there are very brutal and gory action sequences, and some mature language. I’d recommend this movie to anyone who has ever been a fan of DC animated movies or just Bruce Timm in general, the plot is fairly simple, but it splits out in interesting paths and these new versions of old favorites is just a lot of fun in general.

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