News Roundup: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Wolverine, Marvel Comics, Ant-Man, Man of Steel 2, and More!

Sometimes there are just too many awesome and interesting things going on during the week, and we can’t comment on all of them. This is one of those times, and we have to hit you with a barrage of links to get ourselves and you all caught up.



EMPIRE previewed their Star Wars: The Force Awakens cover. This one focuses on the dark side, which is a very cool contrast of the featured image.

Hugh Jackman continues to drop hints about what will happen in The Wolverine 3, and this time he discusses Berserker Rage. via Slashfilm.

Marvel Manga

Marvel is releasing some Manga variants, and you can see them here!

Evangeline Lilly did a Facebook Q&A where she discussed how she has been fitted for The Wasp outfit and is hoping to debut her soon.

Could George Miller be directing Man of Steel 2? Tricky situation since the movie isn’t officially on the slate, but interesting to speculate. via i09

BMD has a story of what Fant4stic was like before Simon Kinberg came along. Hard to say it would’ve been better or worse, but it certainly seems like it had a little more heart, which the film was severely lacking in.

Not news, but Jurassic World in lego form is pretty awesome.

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