Thoughts About Stuff: Arrow Season 4 Trailer

If you happened to miss the release over the weekend, you missed a pretty interesting Arrow Season 4 trailer. Let’s watch it and talk a bit about what’s going on.

A lot, I know. First, we have to talk about that first scene with Oliver running in the most stereotypical fairy tale typical neighborhood I’ve seen in quite some time. Some questions like how he affords that come to mind, but I guess there is the potential that Felicity is the sugar mama. She was near the top at Palmer tech, and could potentially have another job. I’m really hoping we see Oliver doing some kind of funny job, because he can’t spend all of his spare time working out, well I suppose he could, but it’s not as cool when you’re not a superhero.

We’ve now got Star City, and a city that thinks Ray Palmer is dead. We of course know the contrary that he probably shrank and avoided the explosion somehow, unless Legends of Tomorrow is doing such a crazy timeline jumble that he is actually dead, but they’re using a different era version of Ray (doubt it).

We then see our non Green Arrow heroes in action, Laurel seems to have a better grip on it, Diggle is rocking his new Magneto helmet, and Thea is new to the whole thing and treating it like a bunch of fun.

Apparently a big plotline at least for some of the season will be Oliver and Diggle repairing their rift, which should be a good story if executed properly, because the Oliver and Diggle bromance was one of the first relationships we cared about in the show. It’s not that I don’t like the new characters and more heroes, but I do think season 3 lacked episodes centering around the original team of Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity.

Whether or not you’re a fan of Olicity, you can’t dislike a girl that has that badass a suit for Oliver’s return as the Green Arrow.

As has been reported in most places, we will see Matt Ryan return as Constantine, which is a very cool way for the character to survive his cancellation. Who knows, he may find his way on to Legends of Tomorrow if it’s all well received.

Obviously Nyssa and Merlyn had to clash this season, which will be interesting to see how the writers handle which side they want the audience to take. Both have helped Team Arrow, but both have also done terrible things. All that aside, it was Nyssa who seemed to be in a better light toward the end of season 3.

Speaking of big bads, we have this season’s big bad, Damien Darhk played by Neal McDonough, who I thinks is a fantastic actor. He’s played roles in a bunch of different movies and shows, and always plays an excellent, devious, and complex villain. Usually because he is so put together and proper in an arrogant way, but can also be incredibly sinister and ruthless. They’ve also added JR Bourne as another villain.

It’s a little interesting to see Echo Kellum and Arrow’s take on Mr. Terrific, but to be honest I didn’t have much of an opinion on Mr. Terrific previously so I’m okay with this version so far. I don’t know how big a role he will play exactly, but he seems to be a fun character, so that’s fairly exciting.

Finally, the Lance family will have quite a bit going on. I’m sure Laurel and Captain Lance will clash quite a bit, Sara will be making her return, and in general it looks like Captain Lance will have a bunch more to do this season. Last season he did a lot of thumb twiddling until the end where he turned his back on the Arrow because he felt betrayed. This season it appears he’ll be back to hating Oliver and company, and blaming them for the fall from grace of Star City.

All in all, after the letdown of season 3, the Arrow Season 4 trailer is a welcome sight. The show seems to have a lot of plotlines and stories ready, I just hope they can stay focused and tell an interesting and strong story. Arrow returns on October 7th.

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