News Roundup: Cancelled Justice League Game, Agents of SHIELD, Star Wars, and More!

Sometimes there are just too many awesome and interesting things going on during the week, and we can’t comment on all of them. This is one of those times, and we have to hit you with a barrage of links to get ourselves and you all caught up.

JL Game has some images from a never released Justice League game for the Xbox 360. It’s hard to say what the game could have become, but the art looked pretty good.

At some point, I honestly think Arrow is totally leaning into this John Diggle looking like Magneto thing. Here are some pics of the new suit/helmet.

Need a recap for Season 2 of AGENTS of SHIELD before the new season? I don’t blame you, A LOT happened.

The Force Awakens might be a ways away, but that shouldn’t stop you from brushing up on what has been going on post-Return of the Jedi, io9 has a great write up.

/Film has the scoop on some possible plot points for Transformers 5, after Age of Extinction it’s hard to imagine it getting worse, but honestly I would not be surprised.

The new promo for Supergirl promises a new kind of hero.

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