ICYMI – Ocarina Of Time Meets Unreal Engine 4

Does the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time need another remake? Probably not, however, if it that remake looked like the video that we’re featuring, I think there may have to be some reconsidering. So let’s check out what happens when Ocarina of Time meets Unreal Engine 4, shall we?

Say what you want about the artist’s choice about the sounds and the camera movements, but you can’t deny your mind isn’t racing to think of different Zelda scenery you’d love to see created and rendered in this environment.

Whatever Nintendo has going on with the NX, it should be pretty safe to assume the hardware will be another step up. So even while being a step behind the other consoles in terms of graphics, it would have to be assumed Nintendo could potentially attempt a more graphically intensive undertaking such as using this engine. Which is pretty damn exciting if we could get the story/feel of a Zelda game in graphical beauty like this one.

That isn’t to say that Zelda games haven’t been beautiful in their own right. Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword were stylistically very beautiful games, but I would like to see what the experience of a Zelda game might be with more intense graphics. Only time will tell though, anyone got an Ocarina to make things move a little faster?

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