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Ever felt like you’ve fallen behind on all the TV shows, video games and/or comics?   In my case, I’ve been rewatching the Dragon Ball Z series on blu-ray.  At the same time, I bought Metal Gear Solid V because I had to play it.  Before that I bought Arkham Knight and still haven’t finished it.  To add to the list, there are several shows on Netflix and Amazon that I’ve wanted to watch.

DBZ or MGS V today?
DBZ or MGS V today?

Sometimes. we just get caught up in trying to do a lot and not having enough time to do so.  There’s finding time for a social life alongside working to pay bills.  In my view, it’s rather difficult to binge hours on end while sacrificing sleep. That’s the part about growing up that you’re not taught in school.


Of course, not everyone is the same and I’m sure many of our readers don’t have an issue with falling behind.  For the rest of us. I think it’s very hard to stop ourselves from adding to our “To Do” list.  My advice is to stop while you’re ahead.  The next season of DBZ can wait.  Sure that Steam sale looks enticing but take a second look at what’s waiting to be played.  Why not take a break and tackle that video game for the next few days?  Or if your days are pretty booked up, just pick a day to stay in and catch up on your list.


Sometimes it may feel like a never ending battle to check off items on your list because of all the new content being released out there.  In my opinion, take the time to enjoy the content you already have because there’s a reason you added it to your list.

Any thoughts on how to effectively go through a “To Do” list?

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