ICYMI – Hydra Has An Image Problem

While I Imagine some people are still divided on Agents of SHIELD, most would argue that the show ramped up significantly in the latter half of season 1, and season 2 by all accounts was an extremely enjoyable and fun (with many somber moments) ride. So if you’re not watching Agents of SHIELD, you should be. However, you don’t need to watch the show to know that Hydra became somewhat of a larger issue during Captain America: Civil War, and apparently Hydra has an image problem. Anyways, the following clip is significantly funnier if you watch Agents of SHIELD, but probably still worth a good laugh or two if you don’t, and just watch the movies. WARNING: HUGE SPOILERS FOR THE SHOW AGENTS OF SHIELD

What if instead of two eye patches Coulson, we went with floating head May, or axe for a hand Mack? Kidding, obviously the people at Marvel had some fun with this video, but it was still pretty entertaining nonetheless. This video simply adds to the shame that Ward had to turn out to be such a bastard with an incredibly traumatizing past, because Brett Dalton seems like a pretty fun guy and you’d like to cheer for him (and plenty of people do hail Hydra because of him), but Ward has done some really messed up stuff. He’s definitely one of the reasons the show has become such compelling television.

I’m also pleasantly surprised that Joe Quesada had good enough acting ability to not make this whole video very awkward. Kudos to him.

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