Indie Game Spotlight: Rampage Knights

From time to time I pick up an indie game, usually from a friend’s recommendation or gift on Steam, and if I really like it a lot I think I’ll be writing an Indie Spotlight on it. Today’s game is Rampage Knights. I’ve been meaning to write about it for a week or two now, but sometimes stuff happens. Anyway, I bought the game on a whim because I was looking for a co-op game to play, and this game happened to be on the front page of the Steam Market. And I’m so glad that it was.

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Rampage Knights is a lot of things. It’s fun, creative, and even has a solid sense of humor. It’s also cruel, unforgiving, and can be slightly technically challenging. The best way I could describe the game is if you combined Diablo’s random dungeons, hack and slash, and looting, with the side scrolling unforgiving nature of Spelunky, you’d have Rampage Knights. 

Let’s talk gameplay. Before you do anything though, you get to customize your character a bit with a choice of head, hat, and job. All good and fun, and you unlock more as you progress through the game getting achievements.

There are even more options than the ones shown here.
There are even more options than the ones shown here.

In terms of the actual gameplay itself, survival is the name of the game. If you die, you start over. Completely fresh, you lose all of your items and buffs, and start back at camp. A lot of your survival will depend on your management of your items. There are items that have straight up heals, but there are other items that will heal you for more hp or cure an ailment at the sacrifice of cursing your or giving you a new ailment.

Aside from that though, it’s your regular hack-and-slash game, you have to hit without getting hit. So whether you brush up on your reactions and dodging, or you try and kill so efficiently the monsters can’t touch you, there is a good chance you’ll enjoy the game. There are different ways to play and dungeon crawl, and the game will reward you for making especially smart decisions, but also just as easily punish and crush your soul for making bad ones.

If it were just that simple though, this game would be pretty easy. Eventually you’ll get to a point where enemies get stronger, have a shield, among other things. On top of this getting through the dungeon may actually demand some technical skill, such as making a jump, walking on a tight path, avoiding spikes in the ground, and more things of that nature. However, there are items that you can pick up along the way that can make these obstacles easier, whether it be from the shops that you find, or the chests that you loot. Speaking of chest looting, it incorporates a simple but excellent mechanic of timing the drop of a pick that is scrolling side to side, onto a golden spike.


If you get it right, great, have some loot. However, if you hit a silver spike, you take damage and restart, or you just restart if you hit a non spike section. Seems easy enough I’m sure, but when you’re low on health, it can get fairly nerve racking. Especially when you’re the last one alive and hoping for a potion to be in the chest.

Co-op is definitely the way to play this game. I haven’t touched single player to be completely honest, but the shenanigans and epic clutch moments in co-op is a huge part of why this game is so much fun. Whether it be knocking your teammate into a hole by accident or saving your ghost friend (you die and become a ghost until your teammate kills 10 enemies) right before you die, there is a lot of co-op fun to be had.

In terms of story, there isn’t anything to write home about, it’s a simple straightforward story that just really quickly explains why you’re doing what you’re doing (think the first 5 minutes of Pacific Rim). However, that’s just perfect for this game. The story is simple and gets to the point quickly, which helps you get down to the real business at hand, the hacking and slashing.

Unless you’re a master side scroller, you’re probably going to be playing Rampage Knights a few times. So replay value is there, just from the way the game works, however, when you finally beat the level, I’d wager you’re also going to challenge yourself to try the harder levels or different jobs, for pride, but also because the achievements and the different dungeons can be quite fun in this game.

I thoroughly enjoyed Rampage Knights, and would certainly recommend it to people who enjoy a nice challenge and some fun cooperative play. It currently retails on Steam at $11.99.

If you’ve got a suggestion for a game you’d like me to play, let me know! I’d love to hear it and will definitely consider it.

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