Thoughts About Stuff: The Jessica Jones Trailer

Jessica Jones has released a series of teasers that have been very subtle but very cool. They’ve showed feats of strength as well as how broken down the area around our heroine is, but this full on trailer gives us a better idea of what we’re getting into, and it seems pretty damn awesome. Let’s check out the Jessica Jones trailer.

I don’t know if Jessica is going to have a lot of nightmare sequences or if those are things that are going to happen, probably a mix of both, but there are some very dark happenings, there were just a lot of scenes of people trying to kill themselves or others. Killgrave (played by David Tenant) seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time, and obviously either has a horribly diabolical plan or just really enjoys messing around with Jessica Jones. Just from the trailer you can tell he’s going to be a very creepy and cerebral villain, which is a bit different from Wilson Fisk, who had a plan and such, but did a lot of brute forcing and fear instilling on his own.

Luke Cage (played by Mike Colter) if I had to guess at one time tried the hero thing, but got some people he cared for hurt by doing so. I’m guessing his own powers will be a pretty huge revelation later down the line. Or maybe he simply doesn’t have them yet, but I doubt that.

Just by watching the trailer and teasers, I feel like she’ll be a complex and interesting hero to cheer on during her journey, where ever it leads her. I don’t know enough about Jessica Jones as a character to comment whether or not this is what I imagined her to be, but I like Krysten Ritter as an actress and these trailers have me thinking that November 20th can’t come soon enough.

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