ICYMI: Stephen Colbert Guesses The Plot Of The Force Awakens

Stephen Colbert is a pretty famous nerd, he has shown it on numerous occasions, and especially in regards to the Tolkien novels. If you haven’t seen him wreck James Franco about The Silmarillion it’s worth a watch.

On top of that he’s also shown he’s a pretty big Star Wars fan when he discussed Kylo Ren’s crossguard lightsaber.

Well now that we’re caught up with some of Stephen Colbert’s nerdy endeavors, let’s just show this clip about Colbert’s guess at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens plot. It’s a pretty overarching plot, and not a ton of specifics, but I guess there is a possibility of a SPOILER if some of this stuff turns out to be right.

If he turns out to be exactly right, I don’t think I’d even be mad to know the plot because that sounds awesome. Anyway, it makes a lot of sense for this to be the overall theme of the trilogy, but would make it quite difficult to make sequels were it all to work out in the plot of The Force Awakens. Anyway, it was a fun video, and it’s just adding to the hype train. Of course we’re still about two months out, but it’s still getting closer!

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