Things to Love: 8 Bit Music Covers

One of the genres of Nerdom I like to touch up on from time to time is music in the pop culture we love. One of the great things about music is that it can be specifically catered to a certain project or can introduce something new, become a whole unique instrument.

Many people enjoyed 8-bit music in its niche, with games like Mega Man, Castlevania, and various other popular titles introducing new unique tunes.

While these tunes are familiar to many video gamers of all ages, creators and fans have taken it upon themselves to mesh 8-bit synth into newer games.

Sometimes, it works well when mixed with music from movies; paying tribute to the composers who make movies so memorable is a great way to breaking fully orchestrated pieces to simple melodies.

When your hear the TV themes, you think that these shows could be made in NES games had they existed in the 80s.

When blended with pop music, 8-bit brings out the hypnotizing, catchy compositions that you love without the fluff.

I’m a huge fans of retro fitted music and the remixes are endless. It’s a nostalgic joyride to hear an instrument that constructed countless childhoods being used to create something entirely new!

What songs would you love to hear 8bit style? Share your favorites on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and Pinterest! I’ll being doing a feature in the future about more original work in the Chiptune genre!

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