ICYMI – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Character Posters

Wanted more Star Wars: The Force Awakens posters? Well, here are the Star Wars: The Force Awakens character posters, and they do not disappoint.
The Force Awakens Kylo Ren The Force Awakens Finn The Force Awakens Rey The Force Awakens Leia The Force Awakens Han








Quick Notes

-Still no Luke
-The marketing seems to constantly want to show Finn with a lightsaber now, but not Rey, misdirection maybe?
-Obviously the right eye covering is something, but it could just as easily be as style choice for these posters.
-All of the backgrounds are significantly different.
-The light of Kylo Ren’s weapon is significantly different from Finn’s, where one is straight and rigid, and one seems to be more volatile and almost fluid.

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