ICYMI – Lightsaber Duel at the World Fencing Championship

I don’t know much about fencing aside from what I’ve seen in video games (shoutouts to Soul Calibur) and television/movies. However, it’s easy to see that it takes a very high level of mastery to get to the top level as with many other sports and crafts. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that when two high level fencers work with a choreographer to make a light saber fight you know you’re going to probably see something pretty awesome. You can watch the original here. However, I much prefer the “fixed” version of the lightsaber duel at the World Fencing Championship.

If you ended up watching both versions you definitely know how much more special the version with light saber effects and John Williams’ score was. There isn’t much to say other than I’m impressed and loved the work put into this. Kudos to the fencing school that put this together and I hope they do more, I’m sure it only helps to get the school noticed and up enrollment.

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