James Bond: Shaken Up Too Much?

With the release of Spectre, Daniel Craig has been playing James Bond for a decade and things have just taken a weird road bump. Spectre was a film that connected all the escapades of Craig’s Bond, and it cemented the new type of super-spy, which many, even Pierce Brosnan, claim has transitioned to action heroes like Jason Bourne and Ethan Hunt. So what can be expected when the movies stray away from the legacy that shaped generations?

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One thing that separates Daniel Craig’s 007 from all the other is that the mercenary is more brutal, stunt-driven, and is a cold-blooded killer. Bond starts off in Casino Royale as a newly appointed 00 agent and is as ruthless as a wolverine. Four movies in, and while Bond has become more classy and distinguished, his rage-induced violence and lack of subtlety take him further and further from the name he’s grown into.


How does Bond comes back?

It’s a bit more if than how, but for Bond to become the Bond we all know and love, he’ll have to pay more tribute than simply driving a vintage Rolls Royce, rocking a gadget watch, and ordering the right drink.


A movie released earlier this year called Kingsman: Secret Service was a film based off a comic that parodies the world of espionage, bringing the genre back to crazy maniacs as villains, absurd plots, and wickedly inventive machines. The movie was well-received for a fresh take on super spies. Now this isn’t to say that Bond needs to be goofy and fun to bring him away from the Bourne life, but it would help to keep the tone of the series a bit more lighthearted it Bond cracked a smile and stay away from the AK-47.


The standard formula for Bond involved making love to beautiful women for information, bashing heads in, destroying expensive cars, and uncovering plots that have been supposedly been in the works for years. The latest entry promised a larger plot, but ended up dragging too long and adding a small wrinkle into the Ian Flemming series. There is a team of familiar faces, but Bond doesn’t sleuth, doesn’t research but interrogates, and rarely has any fun as a man with his power can. The plots of the series could shift to something from the 70s where villains strive for world domination while implementing a ridiculous device to control people. With Daniel Craig currently on the fence on continuing his duty as a 00 agent, the series could easily shift into a new direction.

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