Thoughts About Stuff: The Avengers Game That Never Was

Normally something like this might fall under a “The Greatest Games Never Made” category, but it turns out this game was in fact being made… It just never finished. Many of us who are fans of superheroes and games have likely played Marvel: Ultimate Alliance which is a pretty fun game, but also pretty simple and a bit repetitive. So imagine a game that had less characters so the situations didn’t have to be as generic as they were in Ultimate Alliance.

In my opinion that was what held Ultimate Alliance back in a lot of ways, it was a game that was made to cater to a lot of characters fitting in the story. Ultimate Alliance did have some depth, gameplay wise (a lot of moves are simply recycled and re-skinned though), but the story could have directly affected your chosen characters more, and had more development that way. This Avengers game that never was apparently did have that. Anyway, let’s check out the Avengers game that was cancelled as told by DidYouKnowGaming.

Are you now just as sad as I am that this game never came to be? It seemed like this game was going to be everything that many considered the drawbacks of Ultimate Alliance. A more focused story centering around main characters. The gameplay also appeared to have a fair amount of depth with an experience system, team actions, and pros/cons of each character (Ultimate Alliance did have this though).

In a lot of ways this appeared it could have been what the Arkham games were for DC Comics and Batman. Anyone who knows the character Batman knows that he comes in many different iterations, the more grounded type you see in the Nolanverse, the intelligent detective of the DCAU, the bitter and unbreakable man in the The Dark Knight Returns books, so on and so forth. And with these different iterations they increase common knowledge and popularity of a character. The popularity of the Arkham games only allowed another avenue for Batman to increase his popularity, and while there isn’t a much hotter property than The Avengers right now, they are lacking a little bit in the game department.

They have super fun lego games, a PC game that has a decent fan base, plenty of mobile games, but this Avengers game that never was could have captured a strong console fan base that prefer their games a little bit more gritty and with a certain amount of finality in their stories. And that could have been this game.

It’s simply unfortunate that Marvel decided not to pay the money to finish this game when THQ flopped, but certainly understandable from a financial standpoint as it’s fairly difficult to bet on a superhero market in games when it has been very poor in the past. I guess we’ll just have to hope that Marvel starts printing enough money to be able to take a chance on a property like this again, or an incredible publisher/developer will take on a similar idea.

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