Thoughts About Stuff: Things Doomsday Looks Like

I’m sure we’ve all seen the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer by now. Whether or not you like the trailer, you’ll have to have noticed when Doomsday appeared. If you haven’t here it is.

While I’m not worried about Doomsday, as I’m 85% sure that isn’t his final form, I couldn’t help but to think of the funny images he brought up in my head. I of course proceeded to read some YouTube comments, and then thought about it a bit myself, and the comparisons were pretty hilarious. So let’s talk about what Doomsday looks like.

Doomsday looks like a grey version of Michael Bay’s TMNT turtles.


Yup, if you just grey him up a bit and turn that smile upside down, you pretty much have Doomsday.

Doomsday looks like Abomination from The Incredible Hulk


I’m thinking this kind of speaks for itself.

Doomsday looks like a hardened Muk from Pokemon


On the one hand, it might be kind of a stretch, but on the other, can you really unsee it now?

Doomsday looks like Putty from Power Rangers

Power Putty

Come on man! Looking like some punk ass footsoldiers?

As I’ve mentioned, I’m pretty certain this isn’t the final look of Doomsday, and there isn’t any glaring reason to think that this movie will be bad, but it’s good to have some fun with the first image of Doomsday we’ve seen.

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