Video Game Retrospective – The Uncharted Series

With the Playstation 4’s upcoming big release of  NaughtyDog’s Uncharted 4 (March 18, 2016 for now), I’ve been running through the Uncharted series on the Nathan Drake Collection. Weirdly enough, I played NaughtyDog’s The Last of Us before I touched Uncharted and seeing how the progression of Uncharted lent itself to the development of The Last of Us is incredibly satisfying.

Jump and Climb and Shoot and Jump


If you’ve never heard of this series, Uncharted is an action/adventures game that follow the exploits of Nathan Drake as he fights off people in hunt of the same treasure he’s after. I think action/adventure genre truly needed a game series like Uncharted to truly blend the two together in a seamless fashion. On the one hand, you follow Nathan’s adventures of shooting bad guys, exploring, running through action sequences, and solving puzzles. On the other, you’re taken away on a larger than life expedition as you uncover mystery upon mystery. Scaling mountains, having a clear-cut goal, and switching between a few guns, less is more with Uncharted‘s gameplay. Sure, no powers or anything fancy takes you away from the realm of fantasy, but Nate’s resourcefulness knows no bounds. Drake takes notes on anything he finds useful, notes behavioral tendencies, and can sneak as well as he can brawl.


Nathan Drake: Our Hero in Shambles


Nathan Drake: adventurer, charmer, and descendant of Sir Francis Drake. Nate takes the best parts of Indiana Jones and gives him an everyman level of appeal, naivety, and luck. Drake just makes the jumps he takes, his aim is not perfect even if yours is, and he often keeps going after treasure after running into misfortune again and again. However, he’s more than capable of handling himself in the diciest of situations.


Movie Magic in A Game


Visually, the Uncharted series is just a sight to behold. The games take you on the rollercoaster that is Nathan Drake’s adventures and it’s hard to stop once you get started. The quality and direction of the voice acting brings every single character to life, the environments are a joy to traverse, even if some pass you by quickly, and the story is linear enough for anyone to enjoy. The games are each based on an ancient mystery that Nathan is trying to uncover, and everyone he brings along for the ride is a lucky guest into the crazy world, rich with history, culture, and enough intrigue to keep you guessing.

Above all, when I’m playing any Uncharted game, it’s great to be in charge. The game feels so naturally fluid and the action is so visceral, truly engrossing me as a player and as a person enjoying entertainment. While I’m not one for replaying, it feels more like rewatching your favorite movie and earning every beautifully crafted scene.

I could not be more excited for the upcoming Uncharted 4, which will be the final installment of the series. While I am sad that this series will be ending, I can’t wait to experience what the new title is offering so far.



The whole series is available on the Playstation 3 individually and as the Nathan Drake Collection on Playstation 4. If you’ve loved every moment of this movie-inspired epic, let us know your experiences with Uncharted in the comments below, or via our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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