Swole Patrol’s Weekly Picks – Week of 12/21

At Nerd Swole, we share everything we love to enjoy. With so many different avenues of entertainment, it’s hard to get a grip on everything out there. For those of you wanting to jump into something new or wanting to keep up with the writers, you’ll find that everyone here at Nerd Swole has varying tastes.



What is it: The comic book behind the new Marvel Netflix series, Alias follows the life of Jessica Jones, ex-superhero turned private eye. While the Avengers are off on universe saving missions, Jessica is just trying to make it by using her powers, her insights, and her fundamental understanding of people to get paid, get through the day, and ultimately, make a difference.

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Why do I love it: I covered the show on the site and looked to the source material. I’ve enjoyed the darker tone that writer Brian Michael Bendis incorporated into his Daredevil run and Jessica Jones: Alias definitely benefits from being a grittier, grounded, crime story. I just finished the first trade paperback (issues 1-9) and am looking forward to reading more. Plus, seeing Matt Murdock meet Jessica gives me hopes for what may happen in the Defenders crossover.


Currently I’m playing a couple of different games.


I’ve just begun what is likely going to be a deep deep plunge into Xenoblade Chronicles X for Nintendo Wii U. I’m still very early on in the game, but the backgrounds are still expansive and incredible, and the game play is fun. It might be a bit too much exposition early on for my taste, but it’s not a deal breaker. Expect a bigger discussion on that another day.

The other game I’m playing is Nuclear Throne.


This game is a small indie game on Steam that I’m of course going to highlight later. It’s a similar game to Rampage Knights in that it’s an unforgiving dungeon crawler, but the gameplay is a fair bit different due to the combat styles of the game. RK was a sidescroller where this game is top down, and uses more ranged weapons and is a third person shooter unlike RK.



Right now my life revolves around 2 things: Star. Wars. The Force Awakens has been the most anticipated work of art for me for awhile, and I could not be happier with the results. I’ve been currently diving into the greater lore of Star Wars by rewatching the movies, Clone Wars and Rebels, and reading some great Star Wars books like the Thrawn Trilogy. Not to mention my plan to re-watch The Force Awakens like every weekend from now until forever.



I’m concurrently binge watching two TV shows: The Office and Arrow. I usually claim to be quite the television show fanatic, so it’s pretty surprising that I haven’t seen them yet.

I’m on season 3 of Arrow, and most of the Nerd Swole guys and many of my other friends disagree with me on one huge topic: Laurel Lance. I’ve been a fan of Laurel since season 1 — she is hands down my favorite character and I prefer her over any of the other female characters (although I’m a fan of Felicity Smoak too, mostly).

Laurel and Oliver

There are so many factors that play into my love for Laurel — at least through the beginning of season 3, that’s as far as I’ve gotten. She’s the most “believable” character, she has struggles that I can sympathize with, and her relationship with her dad, Detective Lance, is one of my favorites on the show. I enjoy watching her transformations such as from successful lawyer to alcoholic, to the reformed person she started to become after Sara came back, to someone who wants to begin to physically help the city like Oliver. I also think she was the best love interest for Oliver. I know most people are all about “Olicity” (Oliver & Felicity) but I can’t see it at all. I think their relationship is awkward, has very little chemistry, and honestly I think Felicity is too good for Oliver. Maybe it’s because I watched The Flash before Arrow and the only person I can see Felicity with is Barry (Belicity? Farry?.. it could work).


During a trip to West Virginia, there was a lot of hype going on with The Flash and so I figured I had to try it. I recently watched the first episode of The Flash and I must say I enjoyed it quite a bit.
As for the anime scene, I’m currently enjoying the second season of Haikyuu!! A volleyball anime that has made me want to play volleyball and defeat other teams through the power of hard work and friendship. FRIENDSHIP.


A few weeks ago, I dove into rewatching Dragon Ball Z in its entirety.  Just this week, I concluded the series with the end of the Kid Buu Saga. Future Trunks is still my all time favorite character and I think Goku is a huge troll for letting others have a shot at saving the world.


Now, I plan to finish the second part of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain and go on to the Uncharted Collection.

Be sure to check back every Wednesday for new things to read, watch, play, and enjoy!

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