At Nerd Swole, we share everything we love to enjoy. With so many different avenues of entertainment, it’s hard to get a grip on everything out there. For those of you wanting to jump into something new or wanting to keep up with the writers, you’ll find that everyone here at Nerd Swole has varying tastes. As we approach 2016, we’re always looking for something new and great to follow!

Alex: We Can Never Go Home


This is one book that completely caught me off guard. A take on superpowers in the late 80s, this book follows two teens with powers who learn that the consequences of their actions have immediate and long-term outcomes.

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Things happen that are dark and disturbing and our two kids have to deal with these problems while trying to get a grasp on what exactly is happening to them. Half coming of age story and half action thriller, We Can Never Go Home was one of the books I couldn’t wait to come in a collected book. The creators, Matthew Rosenberg, Patrick Kindlon, Josh Hood, and Michael Walsh are just as important as the story, as their personal contributions like soundtracks, variant covers, scripts, and more are included. For the art, for the story, and for a little late 80s nostalgia, this book happily took me off guard.

Brian: Blokus

While I continue my deep plunge into Xenoblade Chronicles X, I’d have to admit that I was also enjoying a couple of board games. Codenames and Blokus are both fun and very different games, but both will tell you a lot about the people you play with.


Codenames is more about working with your team and seeing how well you know them. It’s incredibly fun to see how your friends/family minds work.


Blokus is more of a game where you scumbag everyone else while trying to get as many of your pieces down. Both of these games are fun for casuals and more hardcore players.

Erin: Secret Wars

Even though my mind is still focused on lightsaber and millennium Falcons and droids, I’m getting hyped up for Marvel’s Secret Wars now too. I just caught up with the new Secret Wars series and I’m also re-reading the original Secret Wars from the 80s with the new paperback. Lots of twists and turns and Marvel characters, so for me it’s been a great way to keep up with the Marvel universe while we wait for the next movies.


Willy: Codenames

Hey guys, I started watching episodes of the Flash and man do I have to say that I was not disappointed. One thing leading to another has convinced me that I might have to start watching Arrow too. Now that I think about it, I haven’t done much for entertainment this past week with the holidays and everything. I played Codenames, a pretty intense board game, with some of the people on Nerd Swole and I would highly recommend anyone interested in board games to check it out. Codenames can be pretty addicting as we ended up playing it for 6 hours straight and slowly learning the depths of one’s mind. It seems hilarity ensues when you think you know how your friends think, only to watch them ride the struggle bus.

Yeksson: Jane The Virgin

Hey there, hope everyone had a great holiday season.  I spent mine enjoying a good haul of Star Wars merchandise.  Two of my favorites include a Kylo Ren lightsaber and a Darth Vader face pancake maker.  As previously mentioned by other writers, I took part in the Codenames board game experience. Let me tell you, this game compels you to think in a certain way, hoping your teammates are on the save wavelength.  For the coming days, I look to continue watching the CW series, Jane the Virgin.  I recently caught the pilot episode with my lady and we were instantly hooked by the drama and humor.


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