I love featuring artists who bring in a whole new style that shifts the whole direction of the story. Like changing directors during tv seasons, a new artist can take something already great and make audiences see things in a new light. Take the shift in creative team on Green Arrow (2011-present), which ushered in Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino.


Using the new writer to retell the origin of Oliver Queen, artist Andrea Sorrentino took the so-so book from alright to astounding with engaging page layouts, darkness in every corner, and a focus on pushing the limits in actions sequences. Storytelling in the art is equally as important as the writing, as you can tell from the pages below. The CW show Arrow both served as an inspiration and has taken cues from this work on Green Arrow.


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In terms of action, transitioning from Green Arrow to Old Man Logan was a smart move in maintaining the level of action and drama in the art. Check out these few pages to see how Wolverine’s beastly nature tears through the pages.


This is one of the few times where I can couple the colorist with the penner, as colorist Marcelo Maiolo (who worked on both of these great titles) was to thank for the success of the pages. Their coupling serves as one of the most unique pairings in comics.

Sorrentino’s art has been all over the place before signing an exclusive contract with Marvel. For examples, his work on the God Of War comic captures the style and fury from the games.

Layout 1


Simply put, the talent is beyond description, as Sorrentino’s coupling of atmosphere, darkness, and intense lighting provides the foundation for some of the best pieces.

Hawkeye VS Old Man Logan
Green Arrow & Shado
Zero Year Batman
Old Man Logan

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For more from Andrea Sorrentino, make sure to check out the current Old Man Logan with writer Brian Michael Bendis! Sorrentino’s deviantart and official blog also feature more great art.

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