Winter is here. It’s cold outside. The holidays are over and many have made their resolutions for the new year. Check out some of the new things we’re getting into here at Nerd Swole!

Alex: Huck by Mark Millar & Rafael Albuquerque

I’m the type of guy who likes to read comics in full collections, making the wait painful but the reading experience full. However, when I saw the art and heard about Huck, I just had to jump into the first issue. From famed writer Mark Millar, Huck is a beautiful story that acts as a response piece to Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel. In contrast to DC’s darker direction (The Dark Knight Trilogy, Arrow, Man of Steel, etc), Huck is about a man who can do anything (ala Superman) and chooses to do a act of kindness everyday. Huck is not a superhero comic, it’s a comic that inspires people to do good, not just do well. It’s definetely worth it whether you check out the issues or wait until the trade paperback.

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Brian: Pandemic


I continued my exploration of board games, and decided to play Pandemic. I’d never played a cooperative board game before, and there was a lot of good hype floating around the game, so I decided to give it a go. And I’m super glad I did, the game is a bit difficult to learn and set up if everyone is completely new to the game, but once you go a few rounds, things make a lot more sense and you try your best to cure the world of diseases!

It’s a bunch of fun, with danger of random diseases popping up, while you and your team try your best to keep it in check while collecting the necessary cards to cure the disease. With different roles, and different things you can do to make the game more difficult, it provides quite a bit of replay value which is fantastic. Your victories can be quite epic, but they can also be incredibly soul crushing and seemingly out of nowhere, but that just keeps you coming back for more. I’d highly recommend the game.

Shayna: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt


This week, I’ve been reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. It’s a fairly lengthy book about a boy who loses his mother in a terrorist attack while touring a museum – but he also steals one of his mother’s favorite paintings during the attack. The book continues to follow his life after the attack, including how he copes with his mother’s death, living with his friend’s wealthy family, and then moving to Las Vegas when his alcoholic, gambling father reappears into his life and takes custody. All the while, he continues hiding the painting as a secret, not sure what to do with it. I’m only halfway through the nearly 800 page novel, but I love it so far.

I chose this book because a book club I recently joined on Meetup.com selected it for their monthly meeting. Haven’t heard  of Meetup.com? It’s a website where you create an account (you can connect it to Facebook or Twitter), enter your city and search radius, and find groups/”meetups” that interest you. I’ve seen Anime gatherings, “code and coffee” sessions, social/singles groups, sports clubs, book clubs, even a group for parents who want to better understand their child’s interest in Anime. Some meetups are free, some charge a yearly fee (usually $3-$10 in my area). But it’s a great way to meet other people nearby who have similar interests to you, make new friends, or learn a new hobby. It’s useful for anyone but a particularly great resource if you’ve recently moved to a new area, graduated recently and lost a lot of the connections you had, or just feel like you have too much free time on your hands! I highly recommend joining and checking out some activities near you.

Willy: Fullmetal Alchemist

Hey y’all. I’ve been meaning to watch Full Metal Alchemist for quite some time and I’m glad I am. It’s been on my list for at least five years now and I never got around to it. The Arrow will have to be put on hold as I marathon my first true love. OH man and anyone that hasn’t seen the anime, GATE, I seriously recommend you go check that out. The second season just started but wow, it has gotten so dark so quickly. But the cast is still entertaining and it is one of those must watch animes of the season.

Yeksson: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


I did what I said I would do by continuing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.  I’ve mostly completed missions under “SIDE OPS” because the list is extensive and it always feels great to plow through a list.  I remember why I put the game down in the first place.  It had all started with completing the first half of the game.  A new set of main story line missions were unlocked and I was stuck on a Subsistence version of a previous mission.  The basic premise is to destroy a handful of antennas but Venom Snake (protagonist) must procure all items and weapons on site.  You start the mission naked and cannot call in buddy assists or helicopter support.  It was a lengthy mission because I had grown to rely on third party assists for so long.

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