COOL STUFF: NFL / Nerd Mashups

Super Bowl 50 is set to go on Sunday February 7th, and it’s hard not to get excited for the biggest sporting event of the year. We’re getting excited here at Nerdswole and have found some of our favorite NFL mashups.

First off, the preview for this year’s Conference Finals, presented in classic Star Wars format.

Pokemon seems to go well with just about everything, so with over 700 Pokemon in the Poke-world, there’s plenty to match every team in the NFL. Follow this link to check out the whole NFL with Poke mascots byBKD2674!

The Washington Blazikens
The Washington Blazikens

On the same note, Disney is equally as diverse with character, leading to some amazing humorous mashups by AK47 Studios!

The Carolina Stitch (or Carolina Experiments)

It wouldn’t be Nerdswole if we didn’t mention the Marvel crossover, with logos fitting perfectly with their team counterparts. For more, click here, courtesy of JustCozy.


Finally, to bring Balance to this list, here’s a Star Wars/NFL helmet mashup, with locations tied to the new mascots.


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