ICYMI: The Pokémon Super Bowl Commerical

The big game usually has a lot of really creative, fun, and quirky commercials. It’s become a bit of a show in and of itself to simply watch the biggest game in football to see the ads between the game action. It isn’t unheard of for games (usually mobile games though) to get in on the action, but usually it is bigger tech companies, foods, and movies that really show up on these ads. So that’s what makes this ad special, Nintendo appears to be releasing a Pokémon ad, which is kind of incredible, because it’s not even for the whole company, just the single franchise. So let’s check out the Pokémon Super Bowl Commercial.

I really love that there is such a wide audience being targeted here. Of course, a lot of the main subjects are young kids, but there are obvious throwbacks to fans of the first generation of the hit franchise, such as having “Like No One Ever Was” above the doorway. Some have called the ad cheesy, but I’m a big fan of the whole commercial, and really appreciated it for what it is. It’s not a specific ad for any particular game coming out (although you might argue it’s for Pokémon GO) it doesn’t specifically list any game, so to me it’s just a celebration of the franchise and its longevity which is a beautiful thing.

It doesn’t hurt that it made me look up Pokken and Pokémon GO’s release dates again though. I guess what they’re really asking is this:
body are you ready

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