The East Coast just endured on of its biggest snowstorms of all time, and while that happened, Team NerdSwole got to catch up on a few things. Here’s what we were enjoying while the snow reached over 20 inches!

Alex: The Private Eye by Brian K. Vaughn & Marcos Martin

As a huge fan of Brian K. Vaughn (Saga, Pride of Baghdad, Dr. Strange: The Oath), I couldn’t have been more excited for his latest offering. Originally released as an online comic on Panelsyndicate.com, I picked up the book in hardcover print and couldn’t be happier with my choice. The world of The Private Eye begins as the “cloud bursts,” leaving everyone’s identities and online activity out in the open. As the internet is abandoned, everyone adopts masks and aliases to hide their true nature. In comes our here, The Private Eye, who works to uncovers the secrets of the media driven society and unravel a conspiracy in a world too scared to show its face. A great story for our time, The Private Eye will keep you captivated with each vibrant and powerful page.


Brian: The Office


Finally watching The Office, and I just watched what many consider the stopping point of the show, when Michael Scott leaves. I’ve enjoyed my run with the show quite a bit, but have found my opinion differs with a lot of people. I found myself enjoying seasons 5, 6, and 7 more than the earlier seasons, where popular opinions seems to be that 2, 3, and 4 are the best seasons of the show. Season 8 so far is a bit of a grind with some good moments, but overall feels like the show has lost some heart, obviously I’ll finish the show and hope for the best. Personally I would have preferred a character that had already existed come in to fill the void for Michael. Even though Andy isn’t bad as the manager, I definitely prefer he stayed a salesmen, I don’t think James Spader fits the vibe of the show, and would have preferred someone like Jan (Melora Hardin), David Wallace (Andy Buckley), or even an offbeat guest star like Danny Cordray (Timothy Olyphant) to return and take over for Michael.

Shayna: Avatar: the Last Airbender (Season 1)


I just finished season 1 of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The thing that struck me the most when I finished it was how much my opinion of Zuko changed throughout the season. At first, the show really makes you loathe Zuko: he’s just the arrogant, hot-tempered boy trying to prove something by catching the Avatar — maybe trying to gain fame for himself. But spread across many episodes, his struggles are revealed. They show why he is actually trying to catch the Avatar, his past with his father, how he was burned, the compassion he actually does have somewhere inside for other individuals. I really love watching his progression and I can’t wait to see what season 2 brings for him. I’m really hoping that somehow, he becomes friends with the Avatar, leaves the fire nation, and helps the Avatar save the world.

Willy: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I just started Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing and surprisingly; I am insanely addicted to Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Being the new mayor of a town, that I’ve never even heard of, takes it’s toll. I didn’t realize how busy I would be! I’ve been collecting seashells just so I can put my first down payment on my house. They made me live in a tent! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! A TENT! I’M THE MAYOR and they made me live in a tent. But It’s okay, cherries and seashells carried me through and now I am living comfortable in a house that is the exact same size as the tent…So if anyone wants to visit my village, just hit me up. I could use some donations if that’s even possible or perhaps we can chill for a bit. Fish by the beach and talk about life. Someone should tell me how to stop getting stung by bees, I’ve tried outrunning them several times but it never works and I can never equip my net fast enough after I shake them from the trees. None of my people will even talk to me when I have a busted eye :'(.

Yeksson: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


The MGS V grind continues.  I’ve dived into more Main Mission quests and each one can be rather time consuming if you’re all about the stealth approach.  A couple of missions ask for 100% stealth, therefore being spotted by an enemy once can send you back to the drawing board.  By now, I’ve recruited many skilled soldiers.  This has enabled the unlocking of better weapons and upgrades.

I’m currently on season 3 of New Girl. It has become my guilty pleasure.  The main characters always end up in binding situations and often times, feelings are hurt.

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