The SuperBowl is a week away, Deadpool is two weeks away, award season is coming up fast, and there are many shows kicking off their second halves! There are more than enough great shows, games, books, and movies to experience, but check out the latest picks from the Nerd Swole writers!

Alex: Samurai Champloosamurai_champloo_wallpaper_by_pockets1987

I recently checked out the pilot for One Punch Man and want to get back into watching more anime. One show that I checked in and out of when it was on the air was Samurai Champloo. I always enjoyed seeing it, but it always premiered so late when it was on Adult Swim. Getting into it as a complete show, I’ve been able to follow the brilliant but short series from start to finish. The show stars Mugen, a street-smart swordsman, Jin, a Ronin who left his dojo, and Fuu, a young girl looking for a samurai who “smells of sunflowers.” The two samurai are always at each other’s throat, with genuine confidence and equally vicious disrespect. They are held together by Fuu, who is always bringing them back down to Earth and reminding her of their debt to them (breaking them out of a public execution). The series is an embodiment of the Linkin Park/ rebirth of anime era in the early 2000s, as the hip-hop inspired music that is cut through the show is matched by the crisp animation and stories that rivaled Cowboy Bebop, FullMetal Alchemist, and Rouroni Kenshin. The series has emotionally beautiful stories tied with hilarious perspectives on Edo-Japan; the show hits hard as much as it showboats.


Brian: Valkyria Chronicles

Valkyria Chronicles

I was playing Valkyria Chronicles quite a while ago, but got caught up in other games that were higher on my priority list as they came out (I finally finished Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Nuclear Throne). Anyway, I don’t think I’ve quite gotten into the meat of the story yet, but the game mechanics are quite unique and fun (combining FPS and Tactics RPG) and just different enough to feel fresh and new, but familiar enough to know that you’re still playing a tactics game and that the same fundamentals (positioning) apply. I’m looking forward to playing through the rest of it and I do think the story will pick up and hook me in, I’m just waiting for the plot twist that at some point blow my mind.

Shayna: Hey! VINA app (if you’re in LA or NYC)


Sorry guys, this one is just a recommendation for females.

Lately, I’ve been trying to find ways to meet people who have similar interests as me (if you remember recently I recommended Meetup). As a female software engineer, I spent the majority of my time in college with guys and my professional career is pretty much the same — I rarely meet other women. I pretty much only have one girlfriend, and she’s in NYC and I’m in DC. Are you in a similar situation? Hey! VINA can help you out with that!

Hey! VINA is very similar to Tinder — link it to your Facebook profile, enter interests, your age range, where you’d want to meet… and the app will recommend other females who match your profile. If you have a match (they want to meet you too), then you can choose to meet in person. I believe the app also will recommend WHERE to meet, although I haven’t had the chance to try it.

Sadly, it’s currently only available in LA and NYC. I’m praying it comes to DC next.

Fun fact: The app was co-founded by two women in the tech field. Kinda neat.

Yeksson: Pandemic


Board games are all the rage with Nerd Swole.  Recently, we’ve been playing several rounds of Pandemic.  While it’s great to win as a team, the losses are soul crushing.  The group can have a stellar start, but a few bad card draws can send the game downhill quick.  For a dramatic twist, we recommend playing this theme in the background.

It makes you feel like the fate of the world is in your hands.  Rid the world of horrific diseases and save humanity!

The Interstellar Theme works well too.

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