Valentine’s Day Comic Reads

Looking for a good way to get in the mood for the romantic weekend? We’ve got some romantic reads to get you in the mood! A bit unconventional but ultimately very emotional, these stories give you new perspectives on all different types of love.


We normally point to Scott Pilgrim VS The World for comic book teen romance, but Bryan Lee O’Malley hit the nail on the head with Seconds. Following the rise and slump of Katie and her booming restaurant, we’re treated to Katie’s comical indecisiveness, brash attempts at affection, and her waging war with confidence. The romance is spliced here and there, but the love story is between Katie and herself, as she comes to terms with her professional and personal decisions. Definitely full of the feel-goods, Seconds is for the single out there always second-guessing themselves.


One of the best from Image Comics, Saga follows Marko, Alana, and their newly born child as they try to find refuse from countless armies and mercenaries. Marko and Alana are from different planets and their offspring is the abomination to these warring factions; these ex-soldiers do anything to protect their child and their devotion is beautiful. Luckily, there’s more than one romance in this expansive, galaxy-wide epic; from the mercenary The Walk and his companion, Gwendolyn, to Prince VI and his queen, or reports Upsher and Doff.Saga-2

Thanos: Rising


Bear with me on this one. Everyone a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting ready for Captain America: Civil War, ultimately leading up to Avengers: Infinity War (Part 1 & 2). The man behind all of the infinity stones is Thanos, wielder of the infinity gauntlet. One of the more unexplored regions of his mythos is his origin, which Thanos: Rising does an excellent job at expanding Thanos’ major motivations. In The Avengers, when The Other said to Thanos “that to challenge humans was to court death,” Thanos smiled. Thanos’ motivation is his infatuation with Death a figure who only he sees. To gain her love, he must kill to appease her. One of the darkest love stories Marvel has ever turned out, Thanos falling deeply for Death herself is both beautiful and tragic.


Catwoman: When in Rome

Batman chases Catwoman. Catwoman loves the chase. They cannot be together but always find each other at the end of the struggle. Does love prevail over crime or justice? That always seems to be the struggle between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. In When in Rome, Selina goes off to Italy to explore a lead on some unfinished business while Batman attends to Gotham (as mentioned in Batman: Dark Victory).  During the trip, Selina’s struggles with Bruce come flashing in hot-and-heavy scenes with Batman. She’s struggling with maintaining who she is in relation to Batman, who she is trying to become because of him, and how their romance is forbidden, troubling, and necessary in their lives. The 2003 follow-up, Batman: Hush, is a fantastic turn of events for this romance, but it’s refreshing to see Selina’s point of view for an extended amount of time.


Spider-Man: Blue

Another Jeph Loeb/ Time Sale team up, Spider-Man: Blue captures the misadventures in Peter Parker’s love life in a 6-issue story. This story takes place on Valentine’s Day, when Peter Parker swings by the bridge where he lost Gwen Stacy so many years ago. As Peter recounts his lost love, he reminisces about the past of how he fell in love with Gwen and how Mary Jane Watson coming into the picture turned him on his head. In his college days and through his trials as Spider-Man, Peter has a lot of fun in love, while romanticizing the greatest love triangle this side of comics. Both joy and sorrow as Peter looks back on one of the fondest times in his life and brings a bright side to all of his losses.

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