With Deadpool killing it at the box office this past weekend, it’s time to saddle on up with some new recommendations from the writers. Some big games from 2014 and 2015, some apps, and a surprise or two this week on Swole Patrol’s Weekly Picks!

Alex: Batman: Arkham Knightbatman-arkham-knight-rating-2-jpg

I’ve been grinding through the latest Batman game like a madman. It’s incredibly deep, with so much content it’s hard to put the controller down. I have some gripes about the overall pacing and direction of this open-world hybrid game, but the story, the gameplay, and the encapsulation of the Batman universe makes it one of the best in the series. I’m absolutely astounded by the amount of voice work and character design alone that went into this game, as it impossibly tops every other entry in the series. Well worth the delay, Arkham Knight is one for the ages.


Brian: Super Smash Bros for Wii U DLC

Bayonetta Corrin

After the super polarizing final DLC characters were released for Smash Wii U, I decided to come back to the game and give them a go (after some shenanigans with the wii shop, but that’s another story).

My personal first impressions are both characters are really powerful characters, and while a lot of the Smash community is focused on Bayonetta (deservedly so, she’s doing awesome stuff) I think Corrin is quietly destroying people. Both characters are a lot of fun and have strong tools to succeed, but to me, Corrin just has a lot going for him/her, and not really any glaring weaknesses. That’s not to say I think Bayonetta is bad, I just think people will study her harder and quicker, resulting in her dropping out of this top 3-5 discussion she’s currently in. Time will tell though.

Erin: Mortal Kombat X

I’ve been playing this game non-stop since the beginning of the year and I just absolutely love it. More than ever, I’m just excited to play a few rounds every day and try new characters and new moves. The visceral gameplay and the fatalities make this game so enjoyable for a fighting game – one that anyone can pick up and have fun with. My roommates and I play all the time and it’s a great break from life and moment for everyone to yell at each other. Add me and let’s fight: @erinofsteel.

Shayna: ShamelessShameless

This past weekend, I dived into Shameless, a show I’ve been meaning to watch for quite some time (mainly because I’m in love with the main character, Emmy Rossum). I watched all of season one in less than two days — which required nearly 12 hours of commitment. Now I’m halfway through season 2 (out of six). It’s on Showtime, and you can stream it with a login for DirecTV or anything similar if you have the Showtime subscription.

Shameless is a drama/dark comedy-ish show that features an alcoholic father, Frank (William H. Macy), and his six children. The real parent in the family is the eldest sibling Fiona (Emmy Rossum), a 21-year-old high school dropout. She raises the kids, attempts to find work, and cleans up after her father who doesn’t seem to give a shit about anything (think: basically willing to give up his youngest kid to pay off betting debts, lives off illegal income and faked disabilities, and steals money from his own kids). The show spends time focusing on all six kids, their personal lives, and how they are affected by their father. In every episode, Frank somehow proves to be a worse father than he already was.

There is a lot of drinking, drug use, cursing, sex (literally scenes with full male and female nudity in nearly every episode, so if that bothers you, expect to be offended).

This show is incredible. In a way, it reminds me of how Six Feet Under made me feel — and I’ve been looking for a show to fill that void for almost three years now. It’s one of those shows with a lot of character development, and I love when I start to feel close to the characters. It also has a kickass soundtrack.

Willy: Neko Atsume

I haven’t been doing much in terms of new entertainment, as I am still playing Animal Crossing: New Lead and Fire Emblem. BUT if anyone wants a fun, cool app to try out, Neko Atsume is the place to be. It’s an enjoyable app for cat lovers such as myself. You get a whole yard to yourself and fill it with fun toys and treats and wait for cats to come. Would recommend to anyone aspiring to become a crazy cat person as the costs are non existent and the reward is a bountiful yard of cats. Purrfect for the whole family. Try not to start a CATastrophe while you play it and download it right meow!

Yeksson: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain



So aside from a few Side Ops and Extreme Mode Missions, I’ve finished playing MGS V: TPP.  The biggest takeaway from this game is that the main protagonist is not actually Big Boss.  In fact, you play as a plastic surgery modified copy of Big Boss.  It’s a huge point in the overalll MGS timeline.  Most fans know that Solid Snake defeats Big Boss twice.   However, the first time Snake beats Big Boss in Outer Heaven, it is actually the phantom copy of Big Boss that perishes.

This game definitely feels incomplete. Thanks Konami for rushing would could have been a masterful installment in MGS.  That being said, I still really enjoyed this game.  Weapons development and customizing was pretty neat.  You’re also given the option of having buddies in most missions.  My favorite is definitely the sniper, Quiet.  The dog, D-D, is arguably the most useful.  The Walker Gear has a lot of upside to it as it can almost act as a second soldier with you.

I’m thinking of trying out the Uncharted series next.  Stay tuned.

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