Opinion: I’m Anti-Trailer

What’s trending, what’s on social media, what gets views, it seems to be everything nowadays. 6 second snippet, 30 second commercial, 2 minute trailer, international trailer, 2nd trailer, final trailer. More content is better, right? No, not in this case, especially because there is no extra content. You get the same movie as everyone else when it releases. The term of teaser is correct, as it leaves you wanting more.

But there’s just too much. I know way too much about Batman V Superman. About Daredevil. About Captain America: Civil War. I just want to go into the movie with one trailer, a small snippet, and call it quits. Why?

There are too many reveals that should be saved for the movie. All of the surprises. All of the jokes. All of the actors surprise roles. All lost.

Take a look at this trailer for Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. This movie had one of the biggest surprises in all of cinema, plenty of twists, death, surprises, none of which were revealed in this trailer and yet it still remained an amazing film filled with surprises.


Vader is Anakin. Yoda. The Whole Battle of Hoth. The breakdown of Vader’s staff. The Luke-Han-Leia triangle. None of it is lost, but the trailer just reminds you of what’s great about Star Wars without revealing some key moments.

Lately, the trailers are what people can’t get enough of, but at the end of the day, I only need a taste to know I like something, not a whole platter. Let us know what you think in the comments below or via our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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