One of DC’s weekly series that I finally got around to read is the New52 Future’s End, starring Batman Beyond in an attempt to change the apocalyptic future from whence he came. While I am on the fence about how I feel after 48 issues of this crazy world we may never see again, a great takeaway from the series is the art. While the interior had multiple great artists, the covers and some of the art design are stunning, all thanks to longtime DC artist Ryan Sook. His work has a little Terry Dodson slickness, the darkness of Mike Mignola, and an energy all his own.
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Aside from this weekly series, he’s contributed all around DC, namely for some of the supernatural titles like The SpectreSeven Soldiers: Zatanna, and Justice League Dark.

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Lastly, he’s worked on many series outside of DC, including the incredible X-Factor by Peter David.

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For more of Ryan Sook, check out his website where you can buy prints and check out some of his amazing upcoming work!

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