ICYMI: This Hawkeye Fan Film is Super Charming

Many of you may know Hawkeye from Jeremy Renner’s portrayal in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, comic book fans may know a very beloved and famous run of Matt Fraction and David Aja on the Archer part-time Avenger. He’s famously called HawkGuy because Fraction’s son couldn’t correctly pronounce Hawkeye, and it just happened to personify this beloved run on the character.

This comic was about Hawkeye just being a regular guy and not so much about his big time as an Avenger. How he’s a street level hero sometimes, but also just a regular dude with a bunch of regular dude problems. That’s enough prefacing right? Yeah, let’s check out the Hawkeye Fan Film.

I really love that they really capture the essence of the characters and the way they were written in this run by Fraction. The filmmakers also do a great job of capturing the style a comic book like this would be read, because they make very conscious choices about the way David Aja made his panels and frames and did similar edits and camera shots. Overall, I just really appreciate the work done by One Riot Ranger Productions. All that being said it’s still a fan film, so if you don’t like some rough production here and there, don’t watch, but I’d say it’s a good bit of work and HawkGuy fans will definitely enjoy.

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