Thoughts About Stuff: Improving Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go took the world by storm, then it shot itself in the foot, then it climbed back up a bit. I, like many others, don’t really know what to make of the game right now. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy playing the game, because I do. I just know that I’m not playing it nearly as much as I did when it first came out. This is fairly normal when you play games that aren’t story driven or you aren’t highly competitive in, but trending downward is always at least a little concerning. However, there are a few things Niantic could do to really improve PoGo, thus improving the overall experience for all players.

Quality Of Life Improvements

Improving Pokémon Go

Tracking – I know that there is a beta version of a new tracking system. I haven’t heard much in terms of reviews about it. Fixing the sightings to delete things not nearby anymore was a great step, but most everyone I’ve spoke to about the game misses the original tracking system.


Incubators – I’m not going to demand more infinite incubators, I understand the game is a business and needs to make money. However, I would suggest making incubators available in bulk like lures and lucky eggs are. Possibly even selling incubators that have more uses for more coins. For example, you should be able to buy a pack of 3 incubators for 400 coins OR an incubator you that has 12 uses.


Transferring – The ability to transfer as you catch pokes was a great improvement. Now if we could do something like instead of favorite the Pokémon, you could mark for transferring to mass transfer that’d be great. Oh, and transferring higher evolutions of Pokémon should yield more candy.

Gyms – End sniping by giving a thirty second grace period to players who have recently battled the gym. Being able to set a stable starting lineup for battling would be nice too.


Balance – Everyone knows that outside of the kings of the game (Snorlax, Dragonite, Lapras) water Pokémon destroy everything, including most electric ‘mon, which should not be the case.

Content Improvements

Right now, PoGo lacks content.  There are essentially three things you can do in PoGo. Complete your Pokédex, claim gyms for your respective team, or grind levels. That’s pretty much it.  For some people that’s probably enough, and that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with being a casual player, but that doesn’t mean Niantic shouldn’t consider adding more for other players. Some people will say that I’m playing too much. As of this moment, I’ve caught 135 of the available 142 in the North America, and I’m level 28. I’d say I probably spend a bit more time than the average player. However, I don’t think I’m in the category of hardcore. I really think that my issue with the game stems from a lack of content and not the amount I play. So I want to discuss some possible ideas that could be implemented.

I agree with many ideas that have come up around places like /r/Pokemongo and /r/thesilphroad. I think there is so much room for improvement and imagination not being taken advantage of. Ideas like 1v1 player battling, trading, and quests are great ideas in the spirit of the original games. However, I don’t think Niantic should be afraid to venture and make their own Pokémon game stand out.


The CEO of Niantic has referred to the game as an MMO, and I agree. So why not add some MMO type content? An idea that I played around with and developed was the implementation raids for legendaries. Many rumors have stated legendaries will simply be gifts at events where you have to catch the ‘mon. I think this is a missed opportunity if they go that route. I think they could add a completely different dimension to PoGo when implementing legendaries by adding raids/instances.

Raids/instances might sound a little crazy at first, but I don’t think it would be all that hard for players to grasp. Let’s say we implement new items, these new items are feathers corresponding to the legendary birds (Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres). We make these feathers fairly rare drops randomly in the game. The rustling grass that used to be in the game would be perfect places to look for feathers (this would make it more equal for rural and city players as opposed to putting them in stops, I think).

After you gather 25 of Zapdos’ feathers, what do you do now? You go to a gym of your team’s color! Players can then use your feathers, and BATTLE Zapdos for the right to capture him. You can also have members of the same team battle with you to help (we may have to inflate some CPs for the fight or something). This would increase the purpose of teams. It would also add reason to get to know others of your same team. While it’s different from the rest of the game, I think making legendaries a little bit harder to catch and more unique just adds to their prestige and rarity.

All credit to the artist here:
All credit to the artist here:

On top of this, you can easily make this a scaling system. 25 feathers will get you a level 1-10 Zapdos, 50 feathers will get you a level 11-20, 100 feathers will get you 21-30, etc. It could also be a necessity to make gyms correlate, so your gym would have to be at least level 3 to use 25 feathers, level 5 to use 50 feathers, and level 7 to use 100 feathers. This makes pumping up gyms more worth your time, as well as increases the competition for them.

This appeals to all players. If you’re simply looking to increase your Pokédex count, just go for a low level legendary, because who cares right? If you’re a player who wants the strongest Pokémon, then you grind a bit and save your feathers up to battle a high level legendary.

Final Thoughts

To be super clear about this, I’m not a developer, and I wouldn’t expect these things to happen overnight. I have very little idea about how hard these things would be to implement. These are simply some ideas I had and wanted to talk about it. I do enjoy playing PoGo, I just had some suggestions that I think could make an even better game, because I do think it is wasting some of it’s potential.

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Thoughts About Stuff: Ryan Coogler Directing Black Panther

One of my previous articles was that I didn’t think being black was a requirement for directing Black Panther. And while I still think that, I think Ryan Coogler is a creative and talented director and couldn’t be happier he will be at the helm of Black Panther.

Ryan Coogler
Ryan Coogler, director of Creed and Fruitvale Station

Despite this being just his third film, I think there is a lot to like about Coogler’s style and body of work. His previous two movies starred Michael B. Jordan, whom I think is a fantastic actor, but Jordan isn’t solely responsible for how powerful and impactful Fruitvale Station was, and he alone didn’t provide all the energy and resilience in Creed. After making those two movies, it was clear Coogler has a style, and makes very loveable characters, despite them also being very clearly flawed people.

Fruitvale Station
Michael B. Jordan and Melonie Diaz from Fruitvale Station

Which is exactly the type of character you need in superhero movies. As many of them will have stunning action sequences, incredible CGI, and just a lot of popcorn moments. Make no mistake though, the movies that are often more critically acclaimed are the deeper character pieces.

Guardians of the Galaxy was getting to know a bunch of crazy misfits that somehow fit together. Iron Man was a story of redemption after incredible amounts of hubris destroyed Tony Stark’s world. Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a Steve Rogers questioning his place in the world after having always believed in structure and order, and having that structure betray him. Ant-Man shows how far a father’s love really goes.

If you’ve seen Creed and Fruitvale Station, those two are plenty of reason enough to be excited about Ryan Coogler. However, consider the fact that the first time this was offered, Coogler turned it down. To me, this signifies that he probably wanted more creative control than Marvel was willing to give, and after having Creed be such a success, maybe Marvel was willing to give him a little more rope. I would hope this means we get to see a product that Coogler himself builds from the ground up and is proud of. So count me in as someone who is excited to see where Coogler goes with T’Challa.

You can check another writer’s thoughts/predictions on Black Panther here.

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Thoughts About Stuff: Things Doomsday Looks Like

I’m sure we’ve all seen the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer by now. Whether or not you like the trailer, you’ll have to have noticed when Doomsday appeared. If you haven’t here it is.

While I’m not worried about Doomsday, as I’m 85% sure that isn’t his final form, I couldn’t help but to think of the funny images he brought up in my head. I of course proceeded to read some YouTube comments, and then thought about it a bit myself, and the comparisons were pretty hilarious. So let’s talk about what Doomsday looks like.

Doomsday looks like a grey version of Michael Bay’s TMNT turtles.


Yup, if you just grey him up a bit and turn that smile upside down, you pretty much have Doomsday.

Doomsday looks like Abomination from The Incredible Hulk


I’m thinking this kind of speaks for itself.

Doomsday looks like a hardened Muk from Pokemon


On the one hand, it might be kind of a stretch, but on the other, can you really unsee it now?

Doomsday looks like Putty from Power Rangers

Power Putty

Come on man! Looking like some punk ass footsoldiers?

As I’ve mentioned, I’m pretty certain this isn’t the final look of Doomsday, and there isn’t any glaring reason to think that this movie will be bad, but it’s good to have some fun with the first image of Doomsday we’ve seen.

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Thoughts About Stuff: The Avengers Game That Never Was

Normally something like this might fall under a “The Greatest Games Never Made” category, but it turns out this game was in fact being made… It just never finished. Many of us who are fans of superheroes and games have likely played Marvel: Ultimate Alliance which is a pretty fun game, but also pretty simple and a bit repetitive. So imagine a game that had less characters so the situations didn’t have to be as generic as they were in Ultimate Alliance.

In my opinion that was what held Ultimate Alliance back in a lot of ways, it was a game that was made to cater to a lot of characters fitting in the story. Ultimate Alliance did have some depth, gameplay wise (a lot of moves are simply recycled and re-skinned though), but the story could have directly affected your chosen characters more, and had more development that way. This Avengers game that never was apparently did have that. Anyway, let’s check out the Avengers game that was cancelled as told by DidYouKnowGaming.

Are you now just as sad as I am that this game never came to be? It seemed like this game was going to be everything that many considered the drawbacks of Ultimate Alliance. A more focused story centering around main characters. The gameplay also appeared to have a fair amount of depth with an experience system, team actions, and pros/cons of each character (Ultimate Alliance did have this though).

In a lot of ways this appeared it could have been what the Arkham games were for DC Comics and Batman. Anyone who knows the character Batman knows that he comes in many different iterations, the more grounded type you see in the Nolanverse, the intelligent detective of the DCAU, the bitter and unbreakable man in the The Dark Knight Returns books, so on and so forth. And with these different iterations they increase common knowledge and popularity of a character. The popularity of the Arkham games only allowed another avenue for Batman to increase his popularity, and while there isn’t a much hotter property than The Avengers right now, they are lacking a little bit in the game department.

They have super fun lego games, a PC game that has a decent fan base, plenty of mobile games, but this Avengers game that never was could have captured a strong console fan base that prefer their games a little bit more gritty and with a certain amount of finality in their stories. And that could have been this game.

It’s simply unfortunate that Marvel decided not to pay the money to finish this game when THQ flopped, but certainly understandable from a financial standpoint as it’s fairly difficult to bet on a superhero market in games when it has been very poor in the past. I guess we’ll just have to hope that Marvel starts printing enough money to be able to take a chance on a property like this again, or an incredible publisher/developer will take on a similar idea.

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Does Black Panther Need a Black Director?

Does Luke Cage need a black director or showrunner? Did Jessica Jones absolutely have to have a female showrunner? Does Wonder Woman need a female director? All fair questions, but with all due respect I agree with Anthony Mackie(The Falcon) in saying no. Could a black director come along and knock it out of the park? Absolutely, I have no problem with that at all. Diversity is great for appealing to broader audiences, cultural perspective, and understanding different nuances and themes that people of other races might not be as familiar with, but I don’t know that pegging it absolutely necessary to have a black director for an iconic black character is the right way to go.

For example, Cary Fukunaga, one of the driving forces behind the first season of True Detective and the writer/director of Beasts of no Nation did a fantastic job on both properties, and he’s the son of a third generation Japanese-American father. It’s hard for me to imagine that Fukunaga had a whole lot of firsthand experience in regards to war drama in Africa. He does however possess emotional IQ and the ability to tell a story in a compelling and engrossing fashion.

Cary Fukunaga

To add to that though, Fukunaga had a book, the author, and probably a number of other consultants to discuss what is necessary to properly convey the difficulties involved with being African and living in a war torn country. The point here is that while he isn’t African, he did a damn fine job of writing, directing, shooting, and producing an art piece that is about being an African. Directors deserve a lot of the credit when a film comes together, but quite often people forget how collaborative the effort on any given film is, and thus Cary was fully able to create a great film about a culture I’m fairly certain he has no personal experience with.

Beasts of No Nation has been critically acclaimed by many boasting a 90% on RottenTomatoes, and many positive reviews on other websites.

So why is it absolutely necessary to pigeonhole Black Panther into needing a black director? I simply don’t agree that it’s a necessity, a bonus sure, but not an absolute requirement in my opinion when there are fully capable consultants and producers. I do certainly think that being able to convey black cultural perspective is a talent though.

And thus if a black director is able to do that based on the fact that they can draw from their own experiences, more power to them. But it should be understood as a skill that they have, not the entire reason to get the job. Conveying culture from experience is a skill (and a very important one), and should be treated as such, but not as a qualifier to be a candidate for the job. The qualifier for being a director should be storytelling ability. For example, Aquaman has been handed over to James Wan, and I somehow doubt Wan has any insight about what it might be to be an Atlantean. However, Wan does have talent, and has made some pretty enjoyable films and proved he has the skills to make an action film and could possibly take on a superhero property.

At the end of the day, it should be about talent and skill for the director chosen. Should they happen to be Black, that’s fantastic, but if they end up Hispanic, Asian, a Woman, Gay, Trans, or Alien, they need to have gotten the job based on the fact that Marvel believes that this director has the talent to pull off a very important movie. Provided the director has great consultants to give the cultural perspective necessary, there is no reason to believe that someone who isn’t Black couldn’t pull off a fantastic Black Panther movie. And it should always be about putting out a fantastic movie.

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Why Blizzard’s Overwatch Entering Closed Beta is so Important.

Blizzard has made some of the most iconic games in PC gaming over the years. The original Starcraft is considered by many the greatest PC game of all time, World of Warcraft continues to be the juggernaut of MMORPGs, and they even have a movie coming out based on their original property of Warcraft. They’ve made a leap into the MOBA genre now with Heroes of the Storm, even though it’s key to remember that the original DotA used the Warcraft III engine and was actually a custom map. So why is Blizzard’s Overwatch so important? It’s an FPS game by Blizzard.

For anyone who dislikes how Blizzard updates/balances/reworks their games, you’re simply taking for granted the fact that they actually receive updates. For example, right now I would make the argument that CS:GO is the biggest FPS game in the world. And yet it continues to have bugs, complaints, and a comparatively small prize pool. Blizzard develops their games from the ground up and at least attempts to listen to the population and pros of the game of how to keep things in check and continue to help the game grow. So that in turn gives a better chance of this game being competitively viable should that be what the community wants from Blizzard.

Valve on the other hand, only cares about DotA 2. Recently CS:GO may have gotten some much needed updates like hitbox fixes, peeking, and other great things, but it simply should not have taken this long for such a popular game, but what’s the alternative for a high level competitive first person shooter? Yes, there are the Call of Duty games, but if you’re strictly a PC FPS player like myself, those games seem to be more for consoles and aren’t as appealing. There really isn’t a wide variety. So Valve doesn’t feel the need to update a game that clearly has some issues with netcode and things of that nature, because there is no competition to push them to do so.

So that brings us back to Overwatch. If Overwatch totally fails, it won’t force any of the other games/developers to up or improve their game, they’ll simply be satisfied with what’s going on, because they won’t find anyone leaving for the competition. Competition from other games forces developers and publishers to be on the top of their game and really actually try to improve their product, and that is something that has been lacking in terms of PC FPS games.

Aside from the fact that Overwatch could potentially create competition for other games, let’s just talk about how this game is a little different. The main thing most people are talking about is the special skill sets each character gets, something most people consider the little bit of MOBA stirred into the Overwatch cocktail.

The abilities of the hero, Widowmaker.
The abilities of the hero, Widowmaker.

Many will be reminded of Team Fortress 2 and with good reason, the similarities are pretty obvious if you’ve played TF2. And yes, Overwatch is a different game from CS:GO just simply by the sci-fi nature of the game versus CS:GO’s more grounded arena, but it is still an FPS, and in a lot of ways instead of grenades you simply have different skills. The core of an FPS is aim, positioning, and picking smart fights, and I’m certain that core is in tact in Overwatch.

At the end of the day, whether or not I enjoy Blizzard’s Overwatch, I want it to succeed, because I want it to push other games to be even better and you should too.

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Thoughts About Stuff: The Jessica Jones Trailer

Jessica Jones has released a series of teasers that have been very subtle but very cool. They’ve showed feats of strength as well as how broken down the area around our heroine is, but this full on trailer gives us a better idea of what we’re getting into, and it seems pretty damn awesome. Let’s check out the Jessica Jones trailer.

I don’t know if Jessica is going to have a lot of nightmare sequences or if those are things that are going to happen, probably a mix of both, but there are some very dark happenings, there were just a lot of scenes of people trying to kill themselves or others. Killgrave (played by David Tenant) seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time, and obviously either has a horribly diabolical plan or just really enjoys messing around with Jessica Jones. Just from the trailer you can tell he’s going to be a very creepy and cerebral villain, which is a bit different from Wilson Fisk, who had a plan and such, but did a lot of brute forcing and fear instilling on his own.

Luke Cage (played by Mike Colter) if I had to guess at one time tried the hero thing, but got some people he cared for hurt by doing so. I’m guessing his own powers will be a pretty huge revelation later down the line. Or maybe he simply doesn’t have them yet, but I doubt that.

Just by watching the trailer and teasers, I feel like she’ll be a complex and interesting hero to cheer on during her journey, where ever it leads her. I don’t know enough about Jessica Jones as a character to comment whether or not this is what I imagined her to be, but I like Krysten Ritter as an actress and these trailers have me thinking that November 20th can’t come soon enough.

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So… What’s Hulk Doing In Thor: Ragnarok?

I’m sure by now everyone has heard the talk about Mark Ruffalo signing on to appear in Thor: Ragnarok. So it’s worth wondering, what exactly is he doing in this movie? First let’s talk about how this is a pretty smart move by Marvel, considering how much of a fan favorite The Hulk has become. Bruce Banner has been used sparingly after The Avengers only appearing again in a cameo and in Avengers: Age of Ultron with a pretty interesting story with Black Widow. So now, Hulk is a bit of spectacle because he doesn’t have solo movies, and his fans will go watch whatever he’s in for sure. Thor movies in general have been less central to the MCU plot, so it’s worth wondering if the Hulk can help make it the fulcrum of phase 3.

I’ve thought for a little while now it was kind of Thor’s turn to be the defining solo movie of the phase (Iron Man in phase 1, Winter Soldier in phase 2). Keep in mind, that both of these Avengers will also be absent from Captain America: Civil War and it’s just as likely that Civil War is the most important movie, but in regards to endgame of Phase 3 (Infinity Wars), I really do think Thor: Ragnarok will play a bigger role. So while we wonder what’s Hulk doing in Thor: Ragnarok, we have to talk about where we last saw him.

Last we saw Hulk, he was on a ship to nowhere (not Knowhere, not that we know at least), and could end up anywhere on Earth. As far as we know, he won’t be in any of the other films before Thor: Ragnarok, and while we don’t know exactly what the Quinjet is capable of, we don’t think it’s capable of going to Asgard.

Maybe The Hulk is in the movie, but never goes to Asgard.

I have no idea how likely this could be, but let’s say Ragnarok occurs and it opens some kind of rift to Earth (this happens in different comics stories, especially ones regarding Asgard). Or the villain (whom I’d assume to be Loki in some capacity) makes Thor have to choose between Earth and the chaos going on in Asgard, Thor chooses Asgard. So who is there to defend Earth? We don’t know exactly the status of the Avengers after Civil War, so maybe it’s just happens to be this rift opens up near an old village that may or may not have one Doctor Bruce Banner in it’s residence. Hulk defends Earth from this portal, and Thor battles the stuff in Asgard. Hulk and Thor don’t interact, but would be in the movie together.


However, that could just as easily lead to Hulk smashing his  way through this portal and end up in time for the last showdown between Thor and X (X being representative of the big bad, Loki, Serpent, or whoever).

Maybe The Hulk gets his mind messed with again.

Hulk Red Eyes

The Valkyrior are said to be central to the story, and the most important member, and there are rumors of Valkyrie (Brunnhilde, the hero) in the movie as well. This is important because her arch nemesis is the Enchantress, someone Loki has a long history with in the comics. The Enchantress also happens to be a character capable of mind control. So maybe Loki, having learned his lesson from The Avengers, that he does need The Hulk to cause damage, but maybe in a more controlled manner this time. Plus, we know this is possible after Avengers: Age of Ultron. So in this case Thor would likely square off against The Hulk until Thor knocks Hulk on the noggin, and gets Banner back on the right side.

Maybe The Hulk is tired of this shit, but Thor says I need backup.

Hulk Thor

Sure, any of the Avengers could help, but who knows what the landscape will look like after Civil War. Maybe Iron Man will be retired, maybe it’ll be a new Captain America that Thor doesn’t trust, who knows? So Thor (or Heimdall?) will likely locate the one Avenger that wasn’t involved and has the most raw brute strength to help battle through whatever is going on in Asgard. Very simple, but also could help have more time dedicated to what exactly is happening with Ragnarok.

Maybe it’s The Hulk, and he does whatever he wants and somehow ends up in Asgard.

Not much to say here about this one. Thor came down to Earth with dark matter in The Avengers with little explanation, and maybe Bruce Banner just decides he wants to go up to Asgard for whatever reason. Who knows? The Hulk is a fun wildcard in the MCU, and it’ll be interesting to see what his next adventure is. Hopefully we get a fun little moment like this one from Avengers Assemble.

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Thoughts About Stuff – Wanting to Do Everything

Ever felt like you’ve fallen behind on all the TV shows, video games and/or comics?   In my case, I’ve been rewatching the Dragon Ball Z series on blu-ray.  At the same time, I bought Metal Gear Solid V because I had to play it.  Before that I bought Arkham Knight and still haven’t finished it.  To add to the list, there are several shows on Netflix and Amazon that I’ve wanted to watch.

DBZ or MGS V today?
DBZ or MGS V today?

Sometimes. we just get caught up in trying to do a lot and not having enough time to do so.  There’s finding time for a social life alongside working to pay bills.  In my view, it’s rather difficult to binge hours on end while sacrificing sleep. That’s the part about growing up that you’re not taught in school.


Of course, not everyone is the same and I’m sure many of our readers don’t have an issue with falling behind.  For the rest of us. I think it’s very hard to stop ourselves from adding to our “To Do” list.  My advice is to stop while you’re ahead.  The next season of DBZ can wait.  Sure that Steam sale looks enticing but take a second look at what’s waiting to be played.  Why not take a break and tackle that video game for the next few days?  Or if your days are pretty booked up, just pick a day to stay in and catch up on your list.


Sometimes it may feel like a never ending battle to check off items on your list because of all the new content being released out there.  In my opinion, take the time to enjoy the content you already have because there’s a reason you added it to your list.

Any thoughts on how to effectively go through a “To Do” list?

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Thoughts About Stuff: Arrow Season 4 Trailer

If you happened to miss the release over the weekend, you missed a pretty interesting Arrow Season 4 trailer. Let’s watch it and talk a bit about what’s going on.

A lot, I know. First, we have to talk about that first scene with Oliver running in the most stereotypical fairy tale typical neighborhood I’ve seen in quite some time. Some questions like how he affords that come to mind, but I guess there is the potential that Felicity is the sugar mama. She was near the top at Palmer tech, and could potentially have another job. I’m really hoping we see Oliver doing some kind of funny job, because he can’t spend all of his spare time working out, well I suppose he could, but it’s not as cool when you’re not a superhero.

We’ve now got Star City, and a city that thinks Ray Palmer is dead. We of course know the contrary that he probably shrank and avoided the explosion somehow, unless Legends of Tomorrow is doing such a crazy timeline jumble that he is actually dead, but they’re using a different era version of Ray (doubt it).

We then see our non Green Arrow heroes in action, Laurel seems to have a better grip on it, Diggle is rocking his new Magneto helmet, and Thea is new to the whole thing and treating it like a bunch of fun.

Apparently a big plotline at least for some of the season will be Oliver and Diggle repairing their rift, which should be a good story if executed properly, because the Oliver and Diggle bromance was one of the first relationships we cared about in the show. It’s not that I don’t like the new characters and more heroes, but I do think season 3 lacked episodes centering around the original team of Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity.

Whether or not you’re a fan of Olicity, you can’t dislike a girl that has that badass a suit for Oliver’s return as the Green Arrow.

As has been reported in most places, we will see Matt Ryan return as Constantine, which is a very cool way for the character to survive his cancellation. Who knows, he may find his way on to Legends of Tomorrow if it’s all well received.

Obviously Nyssa and Merlyn had to clash this season, which will be interesting to see how the writers handle which side they want the audience to take. Both have helped Team Arrow, but both have also done terrible things. All that aside, it was Nyssa who seemed to be in a better light toward the end of season 3.

Speaking of big bads, we have this season’s big bad, Damien Darhk played by Neal McDonough, who I thinks is a fantastic actor. He’s played roles in a bunch of different movies and shows, and always plays an excellent, devious, and complex villain. Usually because he is so put together and proper in an arrogant way, but can also be incredibly sinister and ruthless. They’ve also added JR Bourne as another villain.

It’s a little interesting to see Echo Kellum and Arrow’s take on Mr. Terrific, but to be honest I didn’t have much of an opinion on Mr. Terrific previously so I’m okay with this version so far. I don’t know how big a role he will play exactly, but he seems to be a fun character, so that’s fairly exciting.

Finally, the Lance family will have quite a bit going on. I’m sure Laurel and Captain Lance will clash quite a bit, Sara will be making her return, and in general it looks like Captain Lance will have a bunch more to do this season. Last season he did a lot of thumb twiddling until the end where he turned his back on the Arrow because he felt betrayed. This season it appears he’ll be back to hating Oliver and company, and blaming them for the fall from grace of Star City.

All in all, after the letdown of season 3, the Arrow Season 4 trailer is a welcome sight. The show seems to have a lot of plotlines and stories ready, I just hope they can stay focused and tell an interesting and strong story. Arrow returns on October 7th.

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