Justice League: Gods and Monsters *SPOILER FREE REVIEW*

We’ve discussed a few things about San Diego Comic-Con, and while there were things I didn’t like and Alex did like, there is always one thing I look forward to at SDCC and that is the premiere of a DC animated movie. I’ve been looking forward to Justice League: Gods and Monsters for quite some time, and I will just say at the start that this movie is everything it promises to be. Whether or not you like this version of Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman it is a very, very different Justice League we’re meeting and that was exactly what most of the promos promised.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters is best defined as a mystery movie, obviously it has superheroes so there will be some cool action sequences and powers, but the plot and core of the film is a mystery movie as someone has framed the Justice League for multiple murders of some very famous doctors and scientists. The movie centers on a Superman that is the son of Zod and Lara, a Batman that is not Bruce Wayne but a scientist named Kirk that was doing experiments with bats trying to cure an illness, and Becca of the New Gods as Wonder Woman.

Superman is more of a ends justifies the means and a bit arrogant leader of the Justice League. His name is Herman Guerra and he was raised by a Mexican family, and while this is certainly different than the Kents in Smallville, there are certainly some relationships and themes that are shared by this Superman. He doesn’t seem to bother with the dual identity at all and is fine with being just Superman, but he also knows hard work and the difficulty of growing up with struggling parents. He makes for an interesting character because he is more willing to do things Clark Kent wouldn’t, but Herman is also a little bit scary in that sense because he doesn’t necessarily value freedom over safety.

Batman(Kirk Langstrom) is the techy quiet member of the team, which in a lot of ways is the same as what Bruce Wayne would offer, however more or less he just goes along with what Superman/Herman says and that is an interesting dynamic. Whereas usually it is often seen as Superman and Batman respecting each other but clashing and having differing opinions, they’re pretty much on the same page all the way through this movie. It’s interesting to see this Batman because he has superpowers but also because he is nearly emotionless throughout the movie. For all the jokes about Bruce Wayne not having emotions, it’s more or less jokes he just doesn’t smile, at the very least he gets very angry/sad/broody, but Kirk is just very balanced and calm throughout the movie, despite all of the twists and turns.

Superman being the son of Zod and Batman being vampire aren’t really crazy and outrageous remakes of these iconic characters, but for Wonder Woman to not have any of her amazon heritage and to be a New God instead is straight out of left field. She has a complicated backstory, she doesn’t trust in love, and is a warrior. I can’t say much else about here without spoiling pretty important details.

Moving onto the actual movie, you’ll see a lot of cool and interesting cameos and that is always fun, but the movie in my opinion almost requires multiple viewings as things as it takes a little bit to settle in with these characters. The movie follows suit with most of the recent DC animated movies and is very mature, there are very brutal and gory action sequences, and some mature language. I’d recommend this movie to anyone who has ever been a fan of DC animated movies or just Bruce Timm in general, the plot is fairly simple, but it splits out in interesting paths and these new versions of old favorites is just a lot of fun in general.

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If you’re a fan of anything in entertainment, you probably heard about Comic Con International, which took place in San Diego this past week. Comic Con is filled with great panels with the actors, exclusive screenings and previews, parties and cosplay. While it is a fantastic assembly of fans, companies, cultures, and geek merchandise, there are some awful things about Comic Con that took away the fun and joy this year. However, if you’re lucky enough to get in, here’s a few things to look forward to!


As fandoms grow, so do comic conventions and it seems that most major cities are beginning to have a con in some form or another. However, San Diego goes all out. Every area of the downtown area is either taken over by an entertainment company or franchise, or is featuring fictional heroes in every way possible. Heck, even the hotel keys are nerdy.

DC does it right.
Check into your room with style.


If you’re willing to endure the lines, the rewards can be great. There are tons of panels featuring both famous and unknown comic book creators, game designers, actors, artists, writers, and people in just about every medium. The infamous Hall H is host to the biggest stars, but there are also smaller panels that have successful creators helping the inexperienced break into their respective fields. We were fortunate to attend Chip Zdarsky’s hilarious panel and were surprised when Mark Waid crashed the panel to ask who Chip’s favorite Justice Society character is. The results were hilarious.



Nothing seems sacred when you’re exposed to so much news and previews on the internet. Fortunately, SDCC seems to be a place where you get to experience something before anyone else. Some shows premiere early, some pilots premiere for the fans to enjoy, and occasionally full movies screen with the cast. The long waits are usually worth it when you’re in company of famed directors and stars.


It’s hard not to be a fan of some sort of entertainment these days. In an age of unlimited access to information and a plethora of entertainment options, there’s a show, book, activity, genre for everyone. I’ve never seen so many StreetPasses for Nintendo 3DS, so many card gamers simply gaming while a con is going on, and so many people just talking with people at booths. Comic-Con can be a tradition where people go annually to meet up with people and have a great time. There’s gaming venues, anime and movie screenings, non-convention parties, outdoor activities, and plenty of new things to discover.


This year was a let-down personally, as the lines and amount of people seemed to hamper enjoying Comic-Con as I have in years past. However, I did thoroughly enjoy the panels I attended, I was floored by JJ Abrams’ surprise Star Wars party, and seeing nerdswole come to life in every attendee is always a treat. Getting to know people in lines, meeting up with familiar faces was great, and just being in awe at the power of fandom, Comic Con is an unforgettable experience. If you’re on this site, you probably have an ounce of nerd in you and it should be a goal to at least visit nerd heaven once in your life. You won’t regret it.

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Comic Con International 2015 is well under way, with great panels such as FOX’s new show, Minority Report. The new show is debuting in the fall on FOX and will be taking place after Spielberg’s Film for which the movie is based off of. The show had a debut panel that screened the first twenty minutes and had a Q&A with the cast and writers.


The show takes place in 2065, a even more futuristic society that follows Dash (Stark Sands), one of the precognitive children who can see murders before they happen. As a young adult, he attempts to save more people by drawing his visions in attempts to save the people in danger. His failed missions intersects with Detective Lara Vega (Meagan Good), who is investigating the murder that Dash predicted.

The show features Wilmer Valderama, who is playing a serious detective who also has a romantic past with Vega. We’ll also see Laura Regan replacing Samantha Morton as Agatha Lively, Dash’s sister, a character who will guide Dash through his developing abilities. The show looks to play with a lot of the futuristic elements and puts the murder cases in front. Although it is difficult to tell from the first 20 minutes, the show will hinge on getting these characters to connect with the audience and to the fans of the original movie.


Minority Report premieres on FOX September 21, 2015.

5 Reasons Why San Diego Comic-Con Sucks.

What? The place with arguably the greatest gathering of nerds kinda sucks? The truth is, yes it does. I might sound a little bitter, and in a lot of ways I am, but there are things about San Diego Comic-Con that flat out suck. That’s not to say that there aren’t really cool things to do or see, but that’s not what this article is about. This article is about things that are just straight up terrible about attending SDCC.

5. The Lines



Really, most of the reasons that SDCC sucks is an extension of this in some form or another. This picture was taken in 2011, and while it has gotten more organized, there are more lines than ever. There is absolutely no shortage of “line-con” jokes if that’s the kind of thing you’re into though. Simply put, people have decided to camp earlier and earlier each year and the lines just continue to get more and more ridiculous.

4. Everything You Want Is Probably Sold Out


It isn’t like I’ve been going to SDCC since it’s inception. I’ve attended the last 3 years, and simply put if it’s a coveted exclusive, you’ve got about a 5% chance of getting it, unless you’re incredibly lucky, a really cute kid, or you’re willing to spend a crap ton of money. This year, I was in line for probably about 20 hours total trying to get Funko POP figures, and barely got in at the very end of the 4th opening of the booth, and by then most things were sold out.

Why is it so ridiculous? Well, there are a lot of exhibitors who attend the con and sell things for their own booth, but they also get regular badges, so they come in early to the con with their exhibitor badges and then switch when the con actually opens, get in line, buy as much as they can and take it back to their own booths. Then they triple and sometimes even quadruple the price, and while it’s smart business it’s simply a dick move.

3. The Sea of Humanity

It’s one thing for there to be lines everywhere. That sucks. However, as SDCC continues to grow it just becomes more and more of a sardine festival. Simply walking from one side of the exhibit hall floor to another side can be anywhere from a 10 minute endeavor to a 30+ minutes because of how many lines are coming out of booths and other people trying to get to the booth they’re looking for. So maybe you decide you just want to sit outside the exhibit hall floor for a bit somewhere on the side, except for the fact that there are still hundreds of people sitting on the wall charging their phones or just taking their own breaks. Simply put, if you enjoy having a personal bubble of space, it isn’t going to happen at SDCC.

2. Leakers/Lack of Security

If you attend a Hall H panel, you will likely see Eddie. I forget his last name, but he comes out before most panels and tell you that the footage you’re about to see is for people specifically in that room, and it shouldn’t make it out of the room, that way studios will feel comfortable bringing back more footage and what you waited so long to see will actually be special. So you camped 12+ hours and slept on the street/grass/whatever to see this trailer, and not even 10 minutes later it is on the internet. So because a leaked crappy cam version is out the studio feels like it might as well show it off in full HD glory. So had you slept 8 hours in your regular bed, been productive for a couple hours, played some video games, and ate some regular meals instead of trail mix and fruit snacks for 12 hours, you could watch and rewatch a goddamn trailer as many times as you want. The only trailer I can think of in the past 3 years that hasn’t been leaked was Marvel Studios’ panel last year, and credit to them for bringing extra security for their footage.

It may sound like I’m being greedy, but at least let the SDCC attendees feel special for like a couple of days, but many of the “exclusive” trailers that were shown at Hall H this year were leaked within the day. Honestly, just ask yourself how you would feel if you spent a night sleeping on the street not eating regular meals, and spent a whole day watching these incredible trailers, only to find out that you could have just stayed in the comfort of your home/hotel/whatever and watched them on your computer. I know many people will argue it’s about the excitement and hype that happens in Hall H, and that is great, but some thing is certainly lost when you realize what you saw isn’t anything special because everyone has seen it, and you worked 20x harder than someone who just happened to wake up and see it in their facebook feed.

1. More Often Than Not You Put In More Than You Get Out

This is pretty much of the epitome of bitter regarding SDCC, but simply put in recent years the work to get into SDCC is probably more than you’re going to get out of it. And honestly it is a bit of a culmination of the previous 4 reasons. Whether it’s waiting in line for that exclusive you wanted or you wanted to try your hand at getting into the grand Hall H, you’re going to be putting in a lot of man hours, for many less of entertainment in return.

It doesn’t even start at SDCC though, it starts when you’re just attempting to get a badge, the lottery system to get into SDCC is a pain in the ass and based on luck and maybe a little bit on your internet connection. On top of that, it’s not even guaranteed you’ll get in if you attended the con previously it’ll just give you a bit of a better chance. Even after all of that happens you enter their hotel lottery hoping for a your best choice or any choice of hotel at all, because it’s completely possible you don’t even get a hotel room from the hotel lottery.

Oh, and you’re probably going to get sick too. Con flu is a very, very real thing.

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Pre San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Roundtable

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Brian: Honestly, I really want to see Justice League Gods and Monsters. I know it’s not a Hall H or even Ballroom 20 panel, but the DC animated movie panels are always one of my favorite things to go to at SDCC. Plus, I’ve been pretty hype for awhile. 

Alex: DC’s tease of Batman v Superman last year was a shock, so I’ve been anticipating the full show, a greeting for the cast, and further reveals of the cinematic universe DC is planning. However, I’m always ready for surprises, cosplay, and enjoying the city in full nerd mode.

Erin: STAR FUCKING WARS! The hype has been real since the first trailer dropped, and now that Lucasfilm has a dedicated Hall H panel Friday night, there is even more energy surrounding Star Wars this year. We are still 5 months away from The Force Awakens, but this year’s panel will hopefully keep the momentum going. Director J. J. Abrams will be the main attraction at the panel, and I just can’t wait to hear what he has to say and what his vision is.

How do you feel about Marvel Studios’ absence this year?

Brian: A little disappointed, but at the same time it makes a lot of sense considering how their movie schedule came out.

Alex: Marvel’s full showing of both Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron, featuring new footage and full cast appearances, was one of the biggest highlights from last year. However, with Agents of Shield and Agent Carter still holding down the fort, Marvel still has a presence. And there’s always surprises so who knows.

Erin: Definitely tones down the excitement a little bit, but at the same time there is a lot that balances it out. Ant-Man is releasing in a week, Star Wars is here, and we’re all still digesting Age of Ultron, so Marvel’s panel is not as necessary as it always has been. Plus, that hopefully means the line will be shorter.

Which celebrity would you most like to run into on the floor?

Brian: It’d probably be pretty cool to run into Stephen Amell considering his track record with fan interaction.

Alex: Even though Marvel won’t be showing up, seeing any cast member from the MCU would be great. It would also be great to see Conan O’Brien, who is taping shows this week for SDCC.

Erin: Forever and always will be Stan Lee.

Who do you think will “win” the con this year?

Brian: Just by the nature of Marvel’s absence, essentially DC just has to just not lay a goose egg and they’ll win the con this year. Unless Star Wars: The Force Awakens absolutely hits it out of the park.

Alex: Ultimately, there seems to be more excitement for the upcoming television shows, both new programs and ongoing shows.

Erin: I think Lucasfilm and all things Lucas will kill it this year. Even besides the panel for The Force Awakens, I think the energy around all the Star Wars merchandise, books, comics, etc. will be really high this year and even if you’re not here at Comic Con for Star Wars, you will feel it.

Which exclusives are you most excited about?

Brian: I’ll be trying my hardest to get the Funko POP! exclusives. Obviously there are really great ones that I want for myself, but there is a pretty good chance they might leak into giveaways/contests wink wink.


Alex: There’s some throwback figures from the Loyal Subject line that features the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Transformers, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Erin: Hasbro for sure. I think this year Hasbro has really got their stuff together, and they have a wide slew of toys this year that cover everything from Magic The Gathering to Barbie. The creativity seems really high this year too, with a tiny Ant-Man figure and a collection of Doctor Strange figures that comes in a box that is just like the Book of Vishanti.



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