TV Runback – New Girl

Soooo we have those days where we catch up on a show. We missed the buzz. We become busy and forget an episode. Some of us are just plain old lazy. Thanks to the wonders of DVD box sets, Netflix, and the internet, more people are watching television shows than ever. This is what I’ve been catching up on.


Roommate life can be boring, it can be obnoxious, it can be hectic, and it can be hilarious. New Girl may feature Zoey Dechannel in the spotlight, but the show takes a look at the lives of these roommates and how they live with each other. The opening episodes paint the picture three dysfunctional 30 year olds (Schmidt, Nick, and Winston) learning to live with the new, peppy Jessica Day. The goofiness unfolds relatively fast, as the quirky personalities drive the show faster than the standalone predicaments of the day to day fiascos. The best way to understand the show is to figure out what these weirdos are about.

Jessica “Jess” Day


Quirky, super cute, and full of heart, Jessica brightens up the loft with her energy, her desire to help others, and innate need for friendship from everyone in her life. She has a can-do attitude about everything, which works best against the roommates who are insanely set in their ways. She knits and bakes, she jumps onto impossible situations, her teaching jobs makes her compassionate with kids and everyone, and even though her phrasing is always old-school and random, Jess always means well and makes the best of every situation.anigif_enhanced-buzz-31190-1375451817-7
giphy (1)

Nick Miller


An old-man living in a young body, Nick is as stubborn as it gets. Nick can’t express his emotions or admit failure, his knack for home repair reaches dangerous levels, and he would rather tend bar than be the lawyer he trained to be. Longing for a simple life, the Chicago native wants the things in life that make him happy, like good company, less complications, and a lady to take home at his imagined happiness.


Lastly, he can’t dance to save his life and does a terrible moonwalk to escape awkward situations.


Winston “Winnie The Bish” Bishop


The most low key of all the roommates, Winston is an ex-pro Latvian basketball player who is simply trying to get by, find his way in life, and maybe get to know himself a little bit better. He is a maintainer of the status quo who keeps to himself until the chaos of the loft drifts into his part of the world. As the seasons go on, he becomes a bit more of a lovable oddball as he opens up, with his puzzles, his lack of prank skills, and his weird coolness are all a part of his charm, with a bizarre blend of awkwardness, swagger, and naiveté.




Easily one of the biggest show-stealers, Schmidt is the success story come true. Originally a nice, overweight kid in college, Schmidt gained confidence, lost weight, got a job in marketing, and the rest is history. Part playboy, part metrosexual, but most of all, incredibly goofy in everything he does.


Schmidt as the main money maker also has a large say on what goes on at the loft and is first to attack problems among the roommates. He is always the center of attention, whether he is hitting on women, making his own parties, reinventing himself at work, or just changing a new part of his pseudo-secure lifestyle. While his bravado pushes people away, he cares deeply for his friends who have stuck by his transformations.


Cecelia “Cece” Parekh


Jess’s best friend, Cece is more forward, confident, and pushy friend to Jess’s softer, more loving nature. Cece is self described as not nice and her brashness gets her forward, even if it pushes others away. Cece evolves by breaking her walls very slowly, as she learns to become friends the four guys who surround Jess that are attracted to her. Cece’s job as a model may pigeon hole her in the minds of her friends, but her personality and dedication to Jess shine through on countless occassions.

Nothing says friendship like a boob fight.

Ernie “Coach” Tagliaboo


The first and newest member of the loft, Coach left the crew after the first episode but then came back after a terrible breakup. He, like most of the loft, is looking to rebuild his life after a major disaster and his athletic tendencies lead him to be ultra competitive. Dating, watching sports, literally timing everything, Coach brings the boys closer to their college days, while slowly showing off his sensitivity to the ladies’ in the home.

The best moments really come down from the zany personalities and how this group meshes. New Girl is hardly stressful to watch, confronts a lot of problems twenty-somethings get into, work through as many goofy parties and life crises as possible. While this latest season is switching out main girl Jess with Megan Fox’s character, Raegan, we’ll see how swapping out the main girl for a short time will impact the other tone of the show. As long as the roommates continue to play off each other, the show will remain hilariously relevant and unapologetically goofy.635596335268587231814398259_tumblr_inline_nf7rlaP0kT1rrjq29 6355330130251051351347432919_giphy-4 05e3425f84c8c3f2314a066c9dfa40bb b06e5a20-1fb5-0132-4e38-0ebc4eccb42f

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Nerd Swole Roundtable: Valentines Day

Whether you celebrate Galentine’s, Singles Awareness, or Valentine’s day, February 14th is a time to display some kind of love, so we decided to talk about some things Nerd Swole appreciates about the day, love, and other nerdy things.

Who is your favorite couple across games, movies, TV, anime?

JD and Elliot
I think I’d have to go with Elliot and JD from Scrubs. Something about the way they were written, how at some points I legitimately saw them not being together, and then I couldn’t imagine them not together. They went through so much as friends, colleagues, and lovers that it just felt right when everything finally fell in place for them.

Erin: So many to pick from, but I’m gonna go with Jim and Pam from The Office. The jokes and pranks in that show really enhance their relationship and make it so charming that you root for them the entire time.

Yeksson: I’m going with Bulma and Vegeta.  It’s just not your typical romance.  Out of nowhere, their future child arrives to tell Goku about incoming danger and the fact that his parents are Bulma and Vegeta.  Then there’s the point in the Majin Buu Saga where Vegeta blows himself up, but first admitting to the love he has for his family.

Alex: Tony Stark and Pepper Potts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From employee to boss and friend to friend to inappropriateness to being in love to being dysfunctional together. Perfectly rational relationship in a world with Norse gods, superheroes, alien invasions, and madness every summer.

iron man 2008 pepper and tony

What couple do you wish ended up together, but never did?

Brian: Mal and Inara from Firefly. This type of thing is to be expected from a show that was cancelled too soon. And while there were some exceptionally rude things said between them, they obviously cared very deeply for one another.

Erin: Barney and Nora from How I Met Your Mother. Finale aside, I loved Nora and I think there was so much potential for character growth in Barney while they were together. She really complemented his lifestyle and attitude, and she was a great addition to the overall dynamic of the crew.

Yeksson: Meryl and Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid.  You as a player have to mash a button to survive electrifying torture, twice, just to spare her life.  Sure, they snowmobile off into the sunset together.  However, in MGS4, she ends up marrying her follow comrade Johnny Sasaki.

Alex: James Bond and Vesper Lynd. Casino Royale revamped Bond for a newer generation, taking him to the beginning of earning the “00” license. His arrogance gets him into trouble and Vesper brings him back down to Earth, and Bond’s strength allows him to support Vesper as she comes into a world filled with darkness. Her death truly destroyed James and he became the cold Bond we all know.


What couple DID end up together that you didn’t want together?

Brian: I’m going to go ahead and pick the low hanging fruit here and say Ted and Robin from How I Met Your Mother. The finale doesn’t bother me as much as it used to, but I’ll just always dislike that ending, because it’s a twist that should be reserved for movies or shorter series, not 9 seasons of buildup.

Erin: I’m gonna take a turn here and go with Bruce Wayne/Batman and Talia al Ghul. Very disruptive relationship for obvious reasons, she stabbed him in the back, pretty much broke his heart, and gave birth to Damian, who is, in his best moments, slightly tolerable.

Yeksson: I’m not too caught up on Arrow but I’m going with Felicity and Oliver.  Mainly because I’ve been on Team Laurel since day one.

Alex: Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy in Amazing Spider-Man 2. It just felt like the actor’s had great chemistry and weren’t really playing Peter and Gwen. A rushed relationship that ultimately aimed to play fan service and shock value, instead of develop the characters naturally.

What’s a good movie or episode of TV to watch on Valentine’s day?

Brian: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is a movie I love very much, and in my opinion has very appropriate themes for the holiday whether you’re single, dating someone, or married.

Erin: Any episode of New Girl. The show is just ripe with comedic romantic situations and friendships, and makes it such a great watch for people our age. Great to watch with friends, “sig oths”, or even alone chillin. Specifically, “Valentine’s Day” – Season 1, “Thanksgiving IV” – Season 4, and “Cruise” – Season 3.

Yeksson: Friends, the One with the Prom Video.  Yes, it’s about Ross and Rachel and there is an intense feels moment.

Alex: All of the above are great choices, but for me, either Hitch or Crazy, Stupid Love are great romantic comedies that find both sexes at odds and take a lighthearted but honest jab at dating, recovering from heartbreak, and relationships.

What’s the best pickup line?


Broken Pencil
You must execute exactly like this.



54580718dhhei_smMost, if not, all of Will Smith’s pick up lines really.



This is all I got.

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The Walking Dead series (both the comic and the TV show) show no signs of stopping, with issue #150 making waves and part 2 of season 6 expected to be returning in a month. While many characters are memorable, it’s hard to ignore how Rick Grimes has taken control of the group and the series. How has this cop with a good head on his shoulders turned into one of the most determined and intense heroes of our time? Let’s see his transformation (and obviously, truly, it could not be more clear…..


Rick: The Cop with a Family

The original artist, Tony Moore, took charge of the series for the first few issues.
Season 1 Rick Grimes, unknowingly about to get shot.

Rick: The Leader to Be

Farm Rick, who is smiling in one of the few instances in his life. Artist Charlie Adlard takes on illustration for the series after Tony Moore’s initial run.
Rick on the farm, after discovering the walkers in the barn. Note: the dynamic pose that Rick will use in the most epic situations.

Rick: The War-Torn Leader

From one of Rick’s most iconic speeches in Issue #24.
Leading the prison and balancing desires for a normal life in a zombie wasteland.

Rick: The Wanderer

Suffering deep loss of his wife, Rick rocks the hobo look for a long time, not too different from…
…Rick after the prison, who suffered delusions of his wife while rocking the leather jacket.

Rick: The Reluctant Savage

This is Rick nowadays. With a new hairstyle, prosthetic for his hand, and adapting to a new life after All-Out War.
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Season 5 Rick, who desperately needs a shave. Ho ho ho.
And last but not least, Shaven Rick, who really needs to calm down.

I’m incredibly excited, as 2016 promises to deliver some great moments in both versions of the Walking Dead.

For more Walking Dead…


5 Walking Dead Comic Facts That Fans of the Show Won’t Believe!!!

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TV Runback – Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Soooo we have those days where we catch up on a show. We missed the buzz. We become busy and forget an episode. Some of us are just plain old lazy. Thanks to the wonders of DVD box sets, Netflix, and the internet, more people are watching television shows than ever. This is what I’ve been catching up on.


Marvel’s Cinematic Universe shifted to television with the debut of Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter, but the Netflix line of shows have taken up the task at exploring the street level heroes. Starting off with Daredevil and following up with Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and the Defenders team-up down the line, Jessica Jones is the second show and continues to expand the universe in an entirely new way. First off, let’s explore…

Jessica Jones: Loner Extraordinaire

tumblr_nyrdxhAPH11tk73oyo1_1280 (1)

Jessica Jones is a recent invention, as famed writer Brian Michael Bendis created the creator alongside artist Michael Gaydos in 2001. Unlike Daredevil, Iron Man, Black Widow, and Spider-Man, she hasn’t had a history as extensive as her 50-year-old counterparts, but she does have plenty of character to drive her solo series. Being a woman with super strength and the ability to leap pretty far, Jessica (Krysten Ritter) has enough power to be a formidable opponent without being unbelievable. She bleeds, can get shot, cut up, and knocked out, suffering real injuries with a slightly increased healing capacity. Jessica attempted to be a superhero but things didn’t work out and she went into the private investigator business. Jessica is simply trying to take things day by day as her past has left her traumatized, jaded, and off-putting. She drinks heavily, does her best work in the dark, and simply wants to get paid and survive. Being a private investigator gives her insight into the city and how people work, but as talented as Jessica is, it still leaves her wary of people and stand-offish. Bearing stark differences from the Marvel heroes we all known and love, Jessica is just a person in the world who still wants to do good but hates the attention.

Jessica on the verge of letting her client being unjustly convicted and facing a life sentence.

There’s more to Marvel than Superheroes

What is intensely curious about the show is that while Jessica is our protagonist, she is surrounded by people with their own problems who come to Jessica for help or avoid her to the best of their ability. There’s the best friend, Trish Walker, who Jessica has been avoiding right up until we catch up with the two in the pilot. Growing up together, the two girls share a bond, which Jessica would hate to admit, based out of love for one another. For all of Jessica’s sass and opposition to people, Trish pulls her to be more compassionate while borrowing Jessica’s strength.


Trish is opposite Jessica, being a succesful actress, talk-show host, and a woman who is seeking out the best in others. She can also handle herself very well.


Then there’s Jeri Horgath, a professional lawyer who is in Jessica’s corner for business purposes. She gains traction as her success comes to a helm when her divorce and her affair ravage her world. Jeri’s desire for power and her ability to keep her composure come in handy when Jessica’s brashness gets the best of her.

Literally mixing business with pleasure.

Jessica lives in a dump of a building, and what building isn’t home without neighbors? Of all the crazies Jessica runs into, Malcolm is the one person who cares for Jessica. He’s not too well off on his own, but Malcolm’s perspective is optimistic and open-minded, as he and Jessica become invaluable to one another.


There’s also the big hulking elephant in the room. Marvel fans couldn’t be happier that the MCU finally has a Luke Cage, and Mike Colter definitely fits the bill.

tumblr_nyr0ylL1gA1u8pzw3o7_250He’s strong and silent, sticks up for him and his own, and is always willing to listen without being too vulnerable (that and having unbreakable skin). Anytime he gets to rough someone up, Luke gets to show off why they call him Power Man.


The World is 1% Good, 99% Evil

What is a superhero show with a villain? Dull, to say the least, but luckily, Jessica’s villain is the best since Loki. One of the biggest standouts from the show is David Tennant’s Kevin “Kilgrave” Thompson (comic fans will also know him as “The Purple Man”). A villain who has the power to mind control by simply telling someone what to do, Kilgrave lacks a conscious and plays with people because it is all he has known.

tumblr_nyqjarbTVw1sck5wdo1_500 The show opens up with Jessica suffering PTSD from being controlled by Kilgrave in the past and when Kilgrave reappears, we find victims of crimes performed against their will. Before, Jessica was controlled by Kilgrave in a kind fashion that was considered to be out of love and affection. The relationship grew sour as Jessica lost all control and became a slave to Kilgrave, doing his bidding no matter how much she protested internally. Eventually she broke free but always has her guard up. In modern day, Jessica discovers that Kilgrave is stalking Jessica, with their time together being the basis for a one-way obsession. Jessica’s knack for the P.I. business gets turned around and she discovers how disturbing it is to be hunted like a deer in the woods.


Without revealing too much, the show takes dramatic and dark to all new lows. The show explores the depths of people doing things against their will and immediately deals with the realities that people have to live with. This is not a show for the faint of heart, as many critics have widely spoken about how intimate and dark the narrative becomes, exploring very touchy topics such as rape, abortion, and PTSD. People are murdered, scarred, deal with addiction, betrayal, and violation in the darkest ways. Even Jessica is vulnerable to the lives being ruined around her and, as audiences, we resonate with the feeling of helplessness and facing cold realities.


Coming into the series, I had not read any of the Alias titles and only the first arc of the Pulse, but I had known of Jessica Jones for her appearances in Brian Michael Bendis’ run on New Avengers during the heroic age; seeing her jumping off point in this show and comparing it to what she becomes in the comics, it is incredibly engaging that this C-tier hero delivers one of the best crime dramas in a world of superheroes and in TV in general. There’s humor here and there, but the surprising darkness of the series really needs to be seen to be believed. While there’s only 13 episodes to this first season, I am happy she’ll be joining up with the rest of the Defenders down the line.

Me thinking about the future of the MCU.

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News Roundup: The Last Airbender, Daredevil, Ant-Man, Gotham, and More!

Sometimes there are just too many awesome and interesting things going on during the week, and we can’t comment on all of them. This is one of those times, and we have to hit you with a barrage of links to get ourselves and you all caught up.


CBR has a preview of the new Avatar: The Last Airbender Smoke and Shadow book coming.


Daredevil has a great little teaser for either Jessica Jones or Luke Cage’s appearance in Daredevil season 2. Apparently True Detective still has a shot at season 3, despite season 2 being so polarizing, and largely disliked.

The Ant-Man gag reel is mainly Paul Rudd dancing, but what’s wrong with that?

I wouldn’t recommend watching this if you’re a big fan of episodes I, II, and III or the special editions.

BD Wong does a little bit of Hugo Strange teasing.

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Thoughts About Stuff: Iron Fist Rumors

Peel The Orange has a story about how Netflix is having second thoughts about making an Iron Fist miniseries, and would instead like to make it a feature film and replace Danny Rand’s miniseries with a Punisher miniseries and add the Punisher to the Defenders. Peel The Orange thinks this might be good for Iron Fist and Punisher, but actually I think this is a terrible idea on multiple fronts, and let me tell you why you should hope for these Iron Fist rumors to be false too.

Iron Fist Has Fantastic Stories with Luke Cage.

Luke Cage Iron Fist

Quite some time ago, I discussed the best marvel bromances and if you go back and read, you’ll know that robbing us of 13 episodes of Luke Cage and Danny Rand building/playing off that banter would be a travesty. Sure, Luke Cage could show up in this movie that they might make, but apparently if Iron Fist is in this movie he won’t appear in The Defenders and that would be a terrible choice, because this relationship is a fun, deep, and one of the more interesting ones in the Marvel Universe.

Punisher Has Already Had 3 Movies.

punisher-movies-comics a go go

I’m not trying to completely discredit the idea of live-action Punisher solo adventures. However, what I do want to point out it might be a possibility that Frank Castle works better as a character that appears in other’s stories. Similar to the way the Hulk currently works in the MCU. If  it comes to the point the fans really want more, Netflix and Marvel totally have the resources to move forward on another series and movie, there isn’t a reason to rush this now and deviate from the plan they already had. On top of this, it doesn’t really fit the Punisher’s style to just join The Defenders, so it would make more sense for Punisher to develop a bit in other character’s series first if Marvel and Netflix really wanted Punisher to join a team.

Iron Fist Is The Best Link To Mystical Stuff.


Marvel Television and Marvel Studios might have problems, but by and large Marvel Television goes along with what ever the overarching event going on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So when Doctor Strange becomes a bigger player, I imagine this will have an effect on the smaller heroes in the Marvel world. No one else on The Defenders would be more readily equipped to deal with/explain/move the plot when it comes to mystical things than Iron Fist.

Danny Rand Doesn’t Brood As Much

Obviously, without having seen this Punisher, it’s hard to guess exactly what he’ll be like, but I don’t think he’ll provide the diverse personality that Danny Rand will on the defenders. An any-means-necessary brooder is probably duty best split between Daredevil and Jessica Jones for now. Danny Rand will round them out with a character who should be fairly laid back and relaxed, but serious when push comes to shove, and that type of character will likely provide some of the lighter moments that are necessary to prevent these heroes from drowning in darkness and grit that Hell’s Kitchen seems to be full of.

Clearly, it’s hard to say exactly what will be what, and this is all in address to a rumor, so who knows? I just thought it might be worth discussing why Iron Fist deserves his place on The Defenders.

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Halloween Roundtable 2015

Halloween is a fantastic time for horror, monsters, scary stories, good eats, and all sorts of late night shenanigans. In the spirit of togethers and perspective, we’re going to go through some of our favorite things about Halloween!

What is one of the things about Halloween that creeps you out?

Yeksson: Google image search Halloween from back in the day.  Those kids in costume look creepy.


Brian: I don’t like clowns.

Shayna: Nothing. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. Each year I try to scope out the best local haunts and find something scarier, but it seems to get more difficult as I get older. 

If I had to pick though, something for this year in particular that terrified me was a ride called the “giant swing” at a local haunted trail. Basically, it was a tall, skinny wooden pole with metal pegs in it that you had to climb up. You’re attached to a bungee cord. At the top there’s a creepy guy waiting. You sit on a small wooden slab, he counts to 5, and the wooden slab drops. I was the first of the night to ride it so I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I plummeted to the bottom then it fell into a swinging motion. It was pitch black outside and at the top all I saw was people waiting for me to drop to my death (ha).

Erin: I am quite frightened of anything in the dark, so haunted houses and tours and stuff scare the shit out of me.

Alex: Getting food and candy from random places. I was a young eyed innocent who enjoyed trick or treating until one fateful Halloween when I was told to check the candy to make sure it’s new. Knowing that people giving you free food one a special holiday can lead to serious harm ruined the event for me.

Do you believe in the supernatural and do you have any favorite ghost stories?

Yeksson: Yes, and I thoroughly enjoy reading supernatural stories. La Siguanaba is a classic ghost story in Central American folklore.  She appears to weary male travelers at night as an attractive woman.  Then, she lures the traveler into danger by revealing herself to be a skull or a horse head.  Either death or insanity are certain.

Brian: I do believe in the supernatural, as I think there are some things that simply cannot be explained otherwise, but no I don’t have any favorite ghost stories.

Shayna: I go back and forth on it. The only time I’ve really gotten close to believing in the supernatural was when my dog, Coco, was alive. Every now and then, maybe once a month, he’d bark and growl at the corner of a room or at “something” on the stairs. It creeped me out a bit.

Erin: I honestly do believe in supernatural/spiritual phenomenon. There are lots of crazy and interesting ghost stories about Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and those will keep you up at night.

Alex: While I’ve never been witness to any event, occurrence, or evidence, I think the supernatural exists in ways we cannot understand. There’s plenty of good stories in a book series called Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, so do yourself a favor and check it out; the art has haunted me forever.


What is your go-to Halloween tradition?

Yeksson: Lately, it’s been haunted houses/trails.  I also enjoy a good costume party.

Brian: Dress up in a badass costume.

Shayna: I wish I kept a yearly tradition, but my Halloween festivities change every year. I seriously envy the people who live in neighborhoods/cul-de-sacs. I’d be one of those neighbors who would decorate my whole lawn and house and compete with other people in the neighborhood for the best Halloween display. When I own a house, that will be my tradition.

Erin: Take lots of pictures of people in their costumes.

Alex: Trick or treating has been a fun tradition and while I enjoyed it as a kid, I love giving back. Setting up the yard and giving out candy is a lot fun and scaring kids out of a creepy looking house is well worth the effort.

Let’s say the world has as we know it as gone and some type of monsters have taken over. Picking the lesser of all evils, what world would you want to be in (living in a zombie apocalypse, trapped in the land of the dead, stuck in Transylvania, working with a dial-up modem, etc)?

Yeksson: I’m going to go on a limb here and say I fear a world run by idiots (The Kardashians).  However, a lesser evil would be living in the world set in the Last of Us video game.  You’re basically confronted by a whack job government or evil, decaying monsters.

Brian: Hmmmm, the dial-up modem sounds pretty rough, but depending on what kinds of zombies roam the planet, I might go with that. If we’re talking World War Z zombies, that’d be pretty damn scary considering how fast they were running and swarming, but The Walking Dead zombies are slow but kill/turn you in such gruesome and horrible ways. Meh, maybe I should just pick something like being a werewolf.

Shayna: My attempt to be original here: All of the sea turtles in the ocean rise up to seek revenge on humanity. They become land-walking, extremely fast mutants, triple in size, are covered in green ocean-gook, and ferociously scour the earth for every last being, ripping them apart with their razor teeth. As the turtles’ lifelong friend, I would be in a turtle-shaped tank and fight for their honor.

But the real, honest answer: Zombie Apocalypse, obviously.

Erin: I think I’d be down for those weird, zany aliens from Mars Attacks! to come here and take over government and stuff. It would be pretty hilarious seemingly easy to get rid of them so would be pretty calm in terms of all “world take overs”.

Alex: If I could be thrown into the world of Castlevania where I get awesome powers for defeating the creatures of the night, I’d sign up immediately. Sure, everything is grim and my bloodline would be doomed to hunt Dracula ad infinitum, but it would be worth it to do cool stuff like….


In your opinion, whether it be in a movie, a game, a show, or a book, what is the scariest scene of all time?

Yeksson: There is a scene in Season 5 of The Walking Dead where a character named Bob is captured by a group of cannibals.  See for yourself.


Brian: Off the top of my head, I’d probably have to go with the Killer Croc sequence in Arkham Asylum, the amount of butt clenching that happened when I was playing that part could have produced diamonds.

Shayna: The first thing that comes to mind is that scene in The Ring where Samara actually comes out of the TV (if you haven’t seen The Ring, you must watch it this year for Halloween!).

Erin: The first ones that come to mind are scenes from Bioshock or Silent Hill and honestly like the entire The Shining movie.

Alex: I don’t think I’ve ever been more terrified in a single moment than when I was playing the first Resident Evil. Early in the game, you are exploring a mansion on a stormy knight. As you walk one of the hallways, you see lightning and a zombie infected dog bursts through the window. I immediately dropped the controller and witnessed my character mauled to death. Even hearing the chainsaws in the recent iterations is frightening, but nothing is like the shock and terror of the dog in comparison to the slow zombies that perpetuate the games.

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Thoughts About Stuff: The Jessica Jones Trailer

Jessica Jones has released a series of teasers that have been very subtle but very cool. They’ve showed feats of strength as well as how broken down the area around our heroine is, but this full on trailer gives us a better idea of what we’re getting into, and it seems pretty damn awesome. Let’s check out the Jessica Jones trailer.

I don’t know if Jessica is going to have a lot of nightmare sequences or if those are things that are going to happen, probably a mix of both, but there are some very dark happenings, there were just a lot of scenes of people trying to kill themselves or others. Killgrave (played by David Tenant) seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time, and obviously either has a horribly diabolical plan or just really enjoys messing around with Jessica Jones. Just from the trailer you can tell he’s going to be a very creepy and cerebral villain, which is a bit different from Wilson Fisk, who had a plan and such, but did a lot of brute forcing and fear instilling on his own.

Luke Cage (played by Mike Colter) if I had to guess at one time tried the hero thing, but got some people he cared for hurt by doing so. I’m guessing his own powers will be a pretty huge revelation later down the line. Or maybe he simply doesn’t have them yet, but I doubt that.

Just by watching the trailer and teasers, I feel like she’ll be a complex and interesting hero to cheer on during her journey, where ever it leads her. I don’t know enough about Jessica Jones as a character to comment whether or not this is what I imagined her to be, but I like Krysten Ritter as an actress and these trailers have me thinking that November 20th can’t come soon enough.

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People are buying Nerdy Christmas Sweaters….why now?

While Halloween is fast approaching, it’s hard to ignore how each year the holiday madness begins earlier. Recently, there’s been a revival of Ugly Christmas Sweaters and the parties they invite. While many people go thrifting to find older sweaters that have been abandoned or donated, others use the power of the internet to find their dream sweater and boy are there tons.

Legend of Christmas
Legend of Christmas
Symphony of the Christmas Night
Symphony of the Christmas Night
Hoth: A Winter Wonderland
Hoth: A Winter Wonderland
Hooked on a Christmas Feeling
Hooked on a Christmas Feeling
Even the heckling dog can't ruin Christmas.
Even the heckling dog can’t ruin Christmas.
Transform and Rock Christmas
Transform and Rock Christmas
Dr. Who travels to December 25th
Dr. Who travels to December 25th
Nananana Christmas!
Nananana Christmas!
Christmas in the 80s
Christmas in the 80s
Chrono Christmas
Chrono Christmas
Super Smash Christmas
Super Smash Christmas

This is a miniature sampling compared to the vast variety of movie, video games, tv, and pop culture designs out there. However, it seems that retro video games and sprite-work are favored, looking natural in the medium. To bring this article full circle, I have purchased one of my own, and by all means, it is glorious, comfy, and not too heavy.

A tribute to Final Fantasy IX.
A tribute to Final Fantasy IX.

I couldn’t ignore a black mage on a shirt and with such a unique take on one of my favorite RPGs, it was hard to pass up.

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ICYMI – Hydra Has An Image Problem

While I Imagine some people are still divided on Agents of SHIELD, most would argue that the show ramped up significantly in the latter half of season 1, and season 2 by all accounts was an extremely enjoyable and fun (with many somber moments) ride. So if you’re not watching Agents of SHIELD, you should be. However, you don’t need to watch the show to know that Hydra became somewhat of a larger issue during Captain America: Civil War, and apparently Hydra has an image problem. Anyways, the following clip is significantly funnier if you watch Agents of SHIELD, but probably still worth a good laugh or two if you don’t, and just watch the movies. WARNING: HUGE SPOILERS FOR THE SHOW AGENTS OF SHIELD

What if instead of two eye patches Coulson, we went with floating head May, or axe for a hand Mack? Kidding, obviously the people at Marvel had some fun with this video, but it was still pretty entertaining nonetheless. This video simply adds to the shame that Ward had to turn out to be such a bastard with an incredibly traumatizing past, because Brett Dalton seems like a pretty fun guy and you’d like to cheer for him (and plenty of people do hail Hydra because of him), but Ward has done some really messed up stuff. He’s definitely one of the reasons the show has become such compelling television.

I’m also pleasantly surprised that Joe Quesada had good enough acting ability to not make this whole video very awkward. Kudos to him.

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