Cool Stuff: Batmobile Phone Case

I’m sure everyone has wondered what it would be like to have a batmobile cell phone that has incredible features with LED lights and such. Oh, just me? Maybe you’ll change your mind after this video.

While I could do without all of the over-the-top dubstep, and while it is definitely a novelty and not practical at all, it is pretty dang cool. Phones are getting pretty big anyways, whats a little bit more lost pocket room?

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Blood Battle: Damian Wayne (Robin) vs Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond)

Back when Bruce Wayne was out of commission as a result of Final Crisis, there was a battle for the cowl. All of the Bat family for the title of Batman and eventually, Dick Grayson won out, as Damian became his Robin. However, there was no blood lost in that battle. Now, we pit the true sons of Batman against each other.

This week’s matchup: Terry McGinnis aka Batman Beyond VS Damian, the Son of Batman!

The Rules:

We’re putting both Terry and Damian at their best, even though they are not the same age. Both are relatively young in their superhero career and with separate backgrounds, both work with Bruce Wayne directly, and even though Damian becomes a future Batman in a more apocalyptic era, we’re gonna have him as Robin.

Sorry, Bloody Batman. You have to sit this fight out.
Sorry, Bloody Batman. You have to sit this fight out.

This is because there is no record of Terry working on his own as an older Batman, so their fight has to be comparable to the time under the guidance of Batman.

Damian Wayne

Talia Al Ghul and Bruce Wayne have spent plenty of time together, both as allies and enemies. However, when Bruce discovers he was drugged during one of their rendezvous, he comes face to face with something more frightening than some of the rogues he fights: Bruce discovers he has an illegitimate son with Talia. Only 10 years old and raised by the League of Assassins, Damian leads armies, uses swords, studies people and habits, and sadly, has killed.

The boy is ruthless.
The boy is ruthless.

Bruce both loves the boy and a darker reflection of himself and hates how he’s been raised. Taking him under his wing, Batman fights crime with his own Robin, going through the ups and downs of raising a child and trying to protect yet another Robin from the madness in Gotham. Although so young, Robin’s training both with the league and with Bruce Wayne has given him the ability to severely cripple thugs and the crime in Gotham.

Small, but not weak.
Small, but not weak.

Terry McGinnis

In the animated series universe, Batman has given up fighting crime at around late 40s to 50s. During one fight, Bruce’s body fails him, and to stop a murder, his only option is to reach for a gun. Frightened by his own desperation, he shuts down all Batman operations, to “never again” sink that low. Years pass, and a futuristic Gotham has corporate greed, more psychos, and a crime surge that the Gotham Police Department cannot keep up with. Enter Terry McGinnis, a sweet but roughly raised man in Gotham. He looses his father and look to Mr. Wayne for guidance. Instead, the work out a deal so that Terry can use the updated Batman suit and Bruce can guide him via comm links. What follows is the career of one of the most iconic Batmen. Terry’s suit is also equipped with cloaking, batarangs, a suit that can produce damaging shock waves, rocket boots, wings, and many more tools that have been created as a result of Bruce Wayne’s tenure as Batman. What makes Terry interesting is that he was adopted. Revealed in Justice League Unlimited’s “Epilogue” episode, Amanda Waller explains to Terry that he had been created using DNA from none other than Bruce Wayne.



Interesting enough, both boys were raised pretty rough. Damian’s training has given him a sense of royalty, but also has hardened him into not trusting anyone. Terry’s upbringing is in an even darker Gotham, where gangs of Jokers create chaos in the name of the prince of crime himself. In the odd scenario where we can put these two heroes head to head in a single timeline, Terry would fall prey to underestimating not only Robin, but to taking sympathy on a young boy. Most do this, and Damian takes advantage to surprise and subdue Terry. However, Damian can’t plan on the future, and Terry can usually outwit people using new gadgets. Size does matter, so physically, Terry can take and give out a bigger beating. Plus, Batman Beyond can use him environment better, both having fought people in the League of Assassins and with his creativeness in using the tools of the Bat. Damian’s abilities are never in question, but his rashness and stubbornness usually compromise him, leaving Terry to take this fight.


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GIVEAWAY: Superman: For Tomorrow

It’s the last month of the year, but thanks to the reception we’ve had for the last two giveaways, we’re having another giveaway. Each one will be a separate article so we can better track the contestants to put into our random hat to pull out a winner! To win, check out the terms below.

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In honor of the recently ended Superman: Unchained, I decided we all need a bit more Jim Lee and Superman in our lives. Today’s freebie is….


The book is not wrapped in plastic but this trade paperback is in great shape, no problem

Here’s the official description:
“The complete 12-part saga from SUPERMAN #204-215 written by Brian Azzarello with sensational art by Jim Lee!
A cataclysmic event has struck the Earth. Millions of people have vanished without a trace. No one is left unaffected; not even Superman! But after a year, Superman is left with many questions. For a hero who tries to have all the answers, it’s torture. And, just as the action heats up and the stakes are raised, one huge question emerges: Just how far is Superman willing to go ‘For Tomorrow?'”


In Case You Missed It: JL8

Across the interwebs, you find some incredible things. Our feature on Questionable Content was one of those incredible webcomics and today, we’re showing off another great webcomic that wins the hearts of comic and non-comic fans alike.

This is JL8.

JL8 is a fan made comic about the young version of the Justice League. Writer and illustrator Yale Stewart puts out new issues on a weekly basis and works to make each comic snappy and enjoyable for all ages. Yale pulls great aspects from the characters rich histories and throws our tikes into odds situations that are easy to understand and a joy to see pan out. Whether you’re a die-hard comic fan, an avid viewer of the cartoons, a superhero movie buff, or even know of the character’s existence, there’s a lot to enjoy in these digestible comics.

The first issue introduced us to Bruce and Alfred, along with the type of humor we’re getting and the lighthearted world of DC.

The comics started out by casually introducing the kids and revealing them as heroes who are just youngsters with powers and daily struggles. The comic doesn’t take itself too seriously, but also maintains the integrity and history of the characters in play.


Later comics venture into arcs, such as recess, birthday parties, camping trips, and more. Along the way, there are nods everywhere to the DC history, which come in both subtle and obvious ways.


The serious moments are truly heartfelt and the comical moments knock you on the floor laughing. The comic always has a way with using the super moments to reveal how truly human these kids are. Batman is Bruce, Superman is Clark, Flash is Barry, and Wonder Woman is Diana. The costume becomes a melding of the real face and mask and Yale gives us a new look at some of our favorite characters.



To catch up with the series, you can check out and follow the official JL8 blog for the latest comics, or check out the archive for high quality images for every comic (great for new readers to catch up on).

And in case you aren’t a DC fan (which I wouldn’t believe after you’ve been through this article and seen JL8), Yale’s art has showcased Marvel characters, along with other commissions and projects he’s worked on. Here’s a sample.

Gambit & Rogue
Gambit & Rogue
Batman and Daredevil
Batman and Daredevil

Thanks for checking out this post and make sure to keep up with Nerdswole for new articles every week!

Batman’s New Look and What It Means for Man of Steel 2

Probably the biggest news this week (other than Jay-Z and Solange in the elevator) is the official reveal of Ben Affleck as Batman, alongside his Batmobile.

Yes, it's happening people.
Yes, it’s happening people.

So before I criticize or praise what I’ve seen, I just have one thing to say: Man, this guy is huge. Christian Bale was a muscular man but I wouldn’t describe him as large, especially compared to Tom Hardy’s Bane.


mtDcR - Imgur
Here’s the comparison of our modern Batmen.





Say what you will, but Affleck is looking closer to Batman’s physique in his own series, versus Bale looking closer to his Justice League appearances.

Here’s Batman in his own comics, clearly not skipping leg day.
Justice League (New 52) – We can see Batman is as slim as Green Lantern, Superman, and even Flash.

Why does the physique matter? Well, it tells the tale of different Batmen. Some fans (like myself) who see the Ben Affleck outfit see the small bat ears, a new Bat symbol in the middle, and biceps the size of melons. Bat fans know that the inspiration comes from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.

1at-2 But as we know, the movie isn’t simply about the costume. We’ve known since International Comic-Con 2013 that the movie was to take inspiration from the alternate reality in which (SPOILER) Batman gave up the caped crusader life, only to return to save his city in his old age. The climatic finish is the duel between an elderly Superman and the jaded Batman. (END SPOILER) While this is the route the film could take, we have to remember that the anticipation is also coming from the myriad of characters Zack Snyder is placing into the hotly anticipated sequel. While Henry Cavill will return as the Man of Steel, he will be joined by Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, and Ray Fischer as Victor Stone aka Cyborg. It’s a big movie that is both hoping to stand alone as an epic Batman/Superman film while also acting to set up an even larger film, Justice League. So with that in mind, here’s a few duels between the World’s Finest and what could be used as inspiration for the upcoming DC blockbuster.

You've been warned.
You’ve been warned.

Kingdom Come

This was the first story I though of after The Dark Knight Returns. Beautifully painted by the great Alex Ross and written by Mark Waid (along with Ross), Kingdom Come is another Elseworlds tale that takes place in the future. Superman and Batman are older, on opposing sides facing a doomed world and a conspiracy helmed by Luthor among other dastardly villains.

The four covers of Kingdom Come, showing the factions in the doomed world.
The four covers of Kingdom Come, showing the factions in the doomed world.

While Superman’s more titanic fight happens later with Captain Marvel, Clark and Bruce’s interactions can certainly influence the Affleck/Cavill dynamic. Their relationship will set the tone for the film, as they can team up or fight. tumblr_mnsld9QCuk1s62094o1_1280

Batman/Superman Movie

This is one of the few inspirations that are from TV, but it’s a plausible route for the 2016 movie. This animated movie is a combination of episodes from the Superman animated series, which pairs him with Batman from The New Batman Adventures. Their initial encounter is a sight to see and the movie follows both heroes fighting their arc villains, Joker and Lex Luthor, together.

Batman: Hush

Batman has been bogged down in his city, and only when Superman stops by does he look up from his troubled city to get some perspective. However, in Batman: Hush, Batman is dealing with a new serial killer and finds his sanity escapes him. Superman, becomes susceptible to Poison Ivy’s mind control and the two face off in a duel unlike any other. While this is a Batman story, you can get a sense of the brutality Bruce is dealing out and how it may tie into the darker Man of Steel series.


I’m more excited than the Ben Affleck haters and am just looking forward to how they will reincarnate Batman when we’ve had a great Batman in Christian Bale so recently.

What do you think of the new suit? Any thought of the duel of the World’s Finest? Leave them below in the comments and make sure to keep it locked on Nerdswole for all the latest in comics, movies, tv, and more!

Thoughts About Stuff: Jesse Eisenberg As Lex Luthor

If you haven’t heard, Batman-Superman got moved back to 2016. The other big news was just announced today with Jesse Eisenberg set to play Lex Luthor in the film and Jeremy Irons as Alfred. Various sources if you google it or if you see it currently blowing up twitter. However, I personally learned the news from VarietyYou’re probably asking why I’m only planning on talking about Jesse Eisenberg’s casting and not Jeremy Iron’s? Well because Jeremy Irons is a BAMF and I’m 99% certain he’s going to do Alfred Pennyworth justice. THE MAN WAS THE VOICE OF SCAR. It’s completely unrelated, but it’s still pretty awesome. Just look at his IMDB picture and tell me he already doesn’t look like Alfred.

Another night of brooding Mastahh Wayne?

Jesse Eisenberg’s casting, however, does concern me a little bit. It’s not that he’s not a capable actor. I enjoyed his work in The Social Network and certainly in Zombieland. The issues I’m having here are that it seems odd that they picked such a young looking actor to play Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor in most incarnations that I’m familiar with outside of Smallville have been a smart, sophisticated, villainous and older nemesis to Superman. I’m not particularly convinced at anytime without heavy makeup/CGI that I’ll think Jesse Eisenberg isn’t younger than Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent/Superman. And that bothers me a little because Lex will probably just seem a little whiny and immature.

Zack Snyder is doing that whole changing the mythos thing again and it concerns me, because there are great stories to pull from but the dynamic between Lex and Clark will feel completely different in my opinion if they are roughly the same age or Lex is younger. And sure you could use Smallville against my argument, but you’re talking about a lot of changes that were made for Smallville to be on TV.

Like I previously stated, I respect Eisenberg’s acting range from the films that I’ve watched of his. He has displayed smarts, as well as awkward, among other things. I’m not convinced I’ve ever seen anything of his that would hint that he could be menacing and villainous, all while being super charismatic. I’ve also never felt like he had a character that has that kind of gravitas that Lex has. However, obviously he was cast for a reason, Zack Snyder saw something in him that made him say, “that’s my guy, that’s Lex Luthor.” And while I’m back and forth on the whole movie(mainly back), I want to see this movie purely out of curiosity of where he is going with all of these characters and interesting casting choices.

It’s completely possible he sets a new direction and creates a new era for DC and their cinematic world. Or he screws the pooch and sends them back to the stone age. Which one will it be?

Me, either Jesse.

So while I’m not really sold on Jesse Eisenberg, my reaction is probably the mildest of mild salsas in comparison to the internet’s reaction.

I fully expect everyone to be smoking when they read this news.

Death in… Comics (Part 1)

You've been warned.
You’ve been warned.

Nothing makes a nerd community more outraged/ emotional than the death of a character or a group of characters. So many games are defined the loss of a single character that reach celebrity-level mourning status. Sometimes these characters are pivotal to the story and their death causes the whole dynamic of a story to change. Other times, these are side characters who are lost to motivate other characters, both good and bad. Here are of some incredibly touching deaths that are the results of different things and changed dynamics not only in the single title, but in the industry as a whole.

The death of Superman at the hands of Doomsday.
The death of Superman at the hands of Doomsday.
The infamous death of Uncle Ben, leading Peter Parker to use his Spider-Man identity and powers responsibly, not just for fame and selfish reasons.
The infamous death of Uncle Ben, leading Peter Parker to use his Spider-Man identity and powers responsibly, not just for fame and selfish reasons.
The death of Alexandra Dewitt, then-girlfriend of Green Lantern Kyle Rayner.
The death of Alexandra Dewitt, then-girlfriend of Green Lantern Kyle Rayner.
The death of Jason Todd, the second Robin.
The death of Jason Todd, the second Robin.
Jean sacrificing herself to destroy Dark Phoenix.
Jean sacrificing herself to destroy Dark Phoenix.

That’s a lot of death, and most of them stayed that way.

I’m going to talk about a few of these, but not all, for some of them express a similar point.

A lot of controversy about death in comic books come from the shock value and lasting effects of these deaths.

Take Superman. Seemingly unstoppable. After countless close calls in his own adventures, missions with the Justice League, and even some supposed fictional deaths (Whatever happened to the Man of Tomorrow), Superman was still in a league of his own. So when Doomsday touched down in Metropolis, nobody ever thought of when Superman would die, only if. The battle raged on, but Doomsday only adapted, as his survival instinct allowed his to adapt. Superman was left with no choice but to sacrifice himself for the good of humanity. His death symbolized a huge shift in the DC universe. It sparked the Reign of the Supermen! arc, with several characters being introduced to fill the void. The Iron-Man modeled Steel was one of the favorites, unlike the Cyborg Superman, who walked a darker path in his quest for peace and justice. What really upset the comic book community was the return of Superman. A planned event, Superman lived once again after being explained by being rejuvenated at the Fortress of Solitude. Plausible for comics, but it begged the question: Can Superman be stopped? If not, what’s the risk in his comics? If there’s nothing that can stop him, there are harder stories to create. There have been great stories with Superman (Superman: Brainiac, Red Son, Kingdom Come, For the Man who has Everything and others), but there is always something lacking in a story when from a man who can’t be destroyed physically. The boy scout who came back to life with Jesus like powers and hair says it all.

I didn't make this up.
I didn’t make this up.

For other comics, you lose a character that defines another.

For Kyle Rayner, it was a simple impetus for him to be the best Lantern he could and the loss of one of his loves. For the community, it was a commentary. Dubbed “women in refrigerators” critics complained that side characters, especially females, become the subject of torture and death to simply develop a male character. Kyle Rayner has developed into his own lantern since, but the trend continues in other comics and remains a point of controversy.

Character defining death is a textbook way to help motivate a main protagonist. This used to mean Uncle Ben, Bucky Barnes, and Jason Todd, but the resurrection of the latter two in 2005 leaves only the man who taught Peter Parker that “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Uncle Ben’s death has been retold for other stories, from the timeless “The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man” to the mid 2000s J. Michael Straczynski run on Amazing Spider-Man, the Uncle Ben tale and Spider-Man origin from Amazing Fantasy #15 go hand in hand. Uncle Ben has stayed dead and that single point has made Spider-Man a more relatable hero than the rest of the glorious Marvel ensemble. Spider-Man was one of the first heroes who dealt with school, work, family, and a social life while keeping that up with a superhero persona and maintaining his secret identity. On top of all that, he seeks to stop what happened once before, and he carries that guilt in everything he does. Hiding his secret from loved ones, saving people randomly as other heroes take on giant alien armies, even going extra lengths to keep his mask on. It all derives from the vow he made his uncle to protect his loved ones above himself at all times. Readers can identify with having this type of guilt and changing their lives to keep a promise and make amends, making the death a lasting impact.

Spider-Man, With great power panel-8x6

Make sure to check in next week as I chronicle death in Videogames, here at NerdSwole!