From Smash to Street Fighter – The Fighting Game Shift Struggle

The release of Street Fighter V was hotly anticipated, as Street Fighter IV’s long road to reviving fighting games on console. Now, the actual release has been harped on, due to the severe lack of content found within the game, from character roster and extensive story modes, to different modes and character specific training. However, the gameplay does pick up a lot of this slack, but this is not a review. As a seasoned Super Smash Bros player, I have largely avoiding taking 2-D console fighters seriously like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and King of Fighters. With this iteration, I have decided to finally tackle this franchise that has defined fighting games since the dawn of video games.

Tech-Skill, where art tho?

Super Smash Bros is a game built upon a legacy of games, namely platformers. So when anytime picks up a control and takes hold of a character, say Mario, you move around like Mario.

Kirby flies like Kirby, Yoshi hovers like Yoshi, and Donkey Kong hits like Donkey Kong. While other characters are adjusted to the fighting formula, the core mechanics lie in controlling a platforming game with the characters you like with the goal of beating the crap out of your opponents. This is part of what makes the game so approachable; it gives an air of familiarity to anyone who has touched the games.

With Street Fighter, you have to learn what makes each character unique. Learning the basic inputs, their special abilities, their weight, movement, and overall flow of the gameplay is just an ounce of understanding the game. It doesn’t mean squat if you can execute a heavy hitting if you can’t find a way to break your opponents defenses.


It’s Just You and Your Opponent.

Another main factor that separates Super Smash Bros from Street Fighter is stage selection. In Super Smash Bros, some stages are considered neutral, such as Battlefield and Final Destination, which feature mainly flat surfaces, non-moving platforms, and no obstacles.


In Street Fighter, stage selection is aesthetic, so with that, the major focus is your opponent. Most of the mind games begin on this screen select.


Managing the tools comes next. With most Smash Bros characters, all of the abilities are accessible right when the match begins. In Street Fighter, as you battle and take and inflict damage, you increase your EX gauge that allows to perform stronger versions of your attacks and hard-hitting special arts. Strategy involves managing this meter, time, and focusing on positioning your fighter to overwhelm your opponent.


As a Smash player, most of my adjusting to Street Fighter is managing meter and executing. In my experience, Super Smash Bros conditions you to learn character match-ups, utilize the stage, choose effective moves, and understand every habit you have ever had. Street Fighter has many similarities in understanding the player and matchups, but there is a greater importance in carrying over momentum from round to round, as opposed to the stocks and lack of meter that give you a fresh start in each minute of Super Smash Bros. As I struggle in the online realm of Street Fighter V, I remain humble in the continuous learning curve that is brutal as it is rewarding.


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Explaining Epic Moments In Gaming To Non-Gamers 101: Fighting Game Perfects

Have you ever been watching a stream and a friend peeks over your shoulder when something really awesome happens and you get super hype and they just give you a crazy look because they say it’s just a video game? Or maybe someone is watching you play games and something incredible just happened and they think you’re just way too excited because of how happy you are. It’s probably because they don’t understand the epicness of what just happened, and I’m going to help you explain that. Here is how to explain epic moments in gaming to non-gamers.

Today, we’re talking about beating your opponent without taking a mark on your own life bar, in other words a………..


This is a compilation of perfects from Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Now that we know what a perfect is, let’s get to explaining it to non-gamers!

You just got a perfect on someone who isn’t very good. Level of satisfaction? Minimal.

You just got a perfect on someone who is at least on your level. Level of satisfaction? You dropped your phone but caught it before it hit the ground. Your phone has a good case so it wouldn’t have been a big deal, but you’re still impressed with yourself.

You just got a perfect on someone who isn’t very good, but they were talking smack because they thought they were good. Level of satisfaction? Throwing and hitting someone you dislike in the face with a Nokia brick phone.

You just got a perfect on someone who is at least on your level or better. Level of satisfaction? You dropped your phone and caught it an inch off the ground. You have a smart phone with no case and it definitely would have downloaded the spider-web app (a broken screen) the second it touched the ground.

You just got a perfect on someone who is at least on your level or better who has been talking trash the whole time. Level of satisfaction? Your crush drops his/her phone and you catch it before it hits the ground, and they compliment you about your ninja reflexes while giving you the physical embrace you’ve been daydreaming about. 

You just got a perfect to win a tournament set. Level of satisfaction?


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SNES Capcom Classics: The Retrospective

This is an age of modern games where $5 is the most someone will spend on a mobile phone to play the best. However, classic franchises are still around. Ultra Street Fighter IV is set to release digitally this month. However, all I’m reminded of is what the original Street Fighter II and all the classic Capcom games brought to my childhood. I’m taking this opportunity to replay some Capcom classics that I grew up with and remind the people about what made them so great. I’ll also recommend some games in the same genre from that generation, along with modern titles that are comparable.




Side scrolling beat’em ups have evolved with the time, but back in the 90s, they were everywhere. Like fellow Capcom games such as King of Dragons, X-Men: Mutant ApocalypseCaptain Commando, Final Fight takes you across streets and industrial locales to take out thugs, mutants, and robots. You and a buddy can both fight together, pick up items and weapons to use, and fight mob bosses. However, in single player, the difficulty can be off-putting and fighting the same dumb A.I. with little variety can become repetitive. I recommend Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time, Battletoads & Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game for the best side scrolling you can find.

SGnG-logo super-ghouls-n-ghosts-03

Want to tear your hair out in frustration? This is the game for you. Not only is Arthur limited to ridiculous jumps, short ranged weapons, and facing dozens of foes with homemade armor, this game is made for the hardcore, the committed, and the incredibly patient. Not only do you have to face every demon and monster imaginable, you have to do it twice to save the princess. Eat that, Mario! It holds up well and tests gamers of all calibers. If you like challenges faced in games such as Dark Souls, God of War, or even Devil May Cry, take a romp through the middle ages with Arthur and his oversized spears.





Ah, Street Fighter. The game that taught kids to fight it out, but not with their first, but with digital fists, kicks, and fire balls. The less bloody of the 90s fighters (see Mortal Kombat, Primal Rage, and Killer Instinct), Street Fighter was a popular game that caught on, leading to many iterations and the rise of 2-D fighters. While the original Street Fighter II may not have many characters, moves, or challenges to keep people interested, but by the time Super Street Fighter II Turbo came out, Capcom had introduced plenty of new characters, a combo system, and super moves. While there is an HD version, the original version can be seen being played in professional tournaments and still holds up well with new fighters of today.


The mother of revolutionary revivals, Mega Man X aimed to show it wasn’t just another update to the long running Mega Man series for the NES (which, at the time, was at number 6 in the series). Mega Man X showed off the power of the system with vibrant graphics, new abilities and power ups, enemy variety, and a story with heart and growth made this an iconic intro an incredibly difficult series. The game may go by quickly, but which action platformers don’t these days? This is a definite must play, but if you’re looking for other games with action, guns and dynamic bosses, check out Gunstar Heroes, Strider, and Gradius III.

With school ending and summer here, take an afternoon to …

...and play some classic games.
…and play some classic games.

If you don’t have classic systems, many of these titles are available for download on Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, on computers, and are coming to next-gen systems such as Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Comment below on what Capcom games you’ve played and what makes them great, or if you disagree. As always, make sure to keep it locked on Nerdswole for more great articles, such as Brian’s Bruce Lee tribute.

Which Video Game Character Is The Best Tribute To Bruce Lee?

News was recently reported by Variety that there will be a Bruce Lee biopic directed by George Nolfi. Being the Bruce Lee fan that I am, I had to write an article about it somehow. Bruce Lee is the inspiration for a lot of characters, some thinly-veiled and some with a subtle nod. Also, instead of doing a top 5, I decided to just do a list and let you guys, the readers decide for themselves.

Liu Kang

Liu Kang is the closest thing that the Mortal Kombat series has to a protagonist. I say close, because he was the main protagonist early on, but with the addition of so many sequels the stories have shifted and changed a lot. Either way, Liu Kang’s appearance in the first game is pretty obviously a nod to Way of The Dragon, this coupled with the fact that he accompanies his moves with screams. Especially his most famous move the bicycle kick with a “Wululululu!” it’s hard to not see the resemblance. mkkang1 large_way_of_the_dragon_blu-ray_04

Marshall and Forest Law

Coming from the Tekken series these two are father and son, Marshall being the father and Forest being the son. Marshall is a known practitioner of Jeet Kune Do(even though it is just listed as “martial arts”), the martial arts that Bruce Lee himself developed. Both Laws do all of Bruce Lee’s most iconic moves, his flip kick, the one inch punch, and all of the Law’s moves are all wildly quick. Take a look at Forest Law’s available outfits for Tekken 3. LawTekken3Outfit Look familiar? They should. From right to left they are references to Enter the Dragon, Way of The Dragon, and Game of Death. And gifs are always cool.


Fei Long

Fei Long joined the Street Fighter series in Street Fighter II and he of course screams “wooo” and “waaahhhtaahh” when he fights, it’s basically a prerequisite to be on this list. However, Fei Long’s origin story also includes being a movie star who also practices real martial arts. Plus, he does all of the super iconic moves, and all of Fei Long’s outfits and DLC are Bruce Lee outfits from somewhere. Even not the super iconic ones, such as this suit: BruceLee-FeiLong2   Let’s look at some of those iconic moves in gif form too while we’re at it.

The famous kick that is ironically from Fists of Fury

Honorable Mentions: Hitmonlee (Pokemon), Jann Lee(Dead or Alive), Jacky Bryant(Virtua Fighter), Maxi(Soul Calibur), Iron Fist (Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom), Rock Lee(Naruto, I also consider him an anime character before video game character), and Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star, also more of an anime character).

So which one do you think is the best tribute or adaptation of Bruce Lee? Maybe you think I’m an idiot that didn’t list your favorite.

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6 Awesomely Nerdy Songs.

The NerdSwole guys, if I’m being completely honest, are pretty much the definition of hopeless romantics. Except for me, obviously because homie don’t play that son. I kid. I was listening to one of the songs on this list while I was considering what to write about for this week. And then it hit me. So i looked through my playlist to find the songs, and we’re about to just jump into some really nerdy songs. We’ve got a bit of everything. A love ballad, a geek anthem, some rap, and some stuff in between. There really isn’t a criteria to get on this list nor do the numbers really mean anything other than the one I like the most. Without further ado:


6. Screen Team – Who We Want To Be


To me, this song is more about the video. The video has a lot of awesome nerdy and geeky references and the Screen Team essentially going HAM in public. And yes, the woman half of screen team is very attractive, but try and watch the video for what it is. A pretty dope celebration for being a nerdy person.

This is essentially all of what Screen Team does, they do this for video games, movies, comic books, and things of that nature. The songs are OK, but I really appreciate how much thought and effort is put in by them in their videos.


5. Strawburry17 – Nerdy Love Song


This song is actually not the song I was listening to that inspired me to write this article. That doesn’t make it any less mushy and full of feels.

I appreciate that it’s just a smorgasbord of different awesome things. Mario, Zelda, Hunger Games, Tangled, Adventure Time, and stuff I’m sure I missed.


4. aBreact Music(Gamer tag: NEO) – Metaknight Da Bess You Ever Had


This song is dope for a number of reasons. First of all, the quality of the song is pretty good, it actually sounds like it may have been recorded in a studio. Also, I definitely have a bias because I met and smashed a couple of times with NEO. I also appreciate the fact that this song has more to do with the competitive community of Smash Bros. Brawl, and not the casual fan base. So I understand if there are a few things that people don’t understand about the song, but don’t tell me you don’t appreciate the hilarity of “then hit the b button like I don’t give a fuck”.

Plus, it’s a parody of a Drake song.


3. EmpyreanAria – Good Morning, Mr. Masters


Awww yeah, more rap. I mean yes it applies to the competitive community of Street Fighter 4. However, you could easily see how it would also applies to casuals. What with it’s high spammability or high priority. SHORYUKEN. It’s the type of move you see online noobies rage about because they don’t know what to do, myself included. With the updates 2012, AE, Ultra, and I’m sure there will be super mega turbo eventually, I have no idea if SHORYUKEN is still worth any salt, but the song is still pretty great and was certainly applicable at the time.

It’s just so damn catchy. If you’re not humming this song all day, you’re a better man than me.

Also, Daigo and Justin Wong drawings.


2. Wekejay – Suits That Fly AND Batman Maybe


OK, so I cheated in the title when I said 6. But it’s fine, you’ll totally forgive me when you listen to both of them, and they’re from the same youtube channel/artist, so that has to count for something doesn’t it?! These videos and songs are awesome. They’re parodies of a song and a movie. They’re super well done, both video and song.

A song about Iron Man blowing stuff up. Need I say more?

The catchy nature of Call Me Maybe combined with Batman? Done.

You’re welcome.


1. Sam Hart – Mario Kart Love Song


The feels. This is the song I was listening to, and decided to write this list of awesomely nerdy songs.


I’m sure I don’t know a lot of nerdy songs. I’d love to hear from you guys though, so let me know in comments, or use one of the contact avenues I post to let me know about them.

As always, feel free to disagree with me on here, facebook, twitter, or any other platform. Also, share this or any of my other articles, and I will sing you one of these songs.
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Thoughts About Stuff: The Geek Community

WARNING: WALLS OF TEXT INCOMING, NO PICTURES. I would still highly suggest reading it if you are the following though: a gamer, a hardcore fan of anything geeky, a casual fan of anything, a girl, a guy, or a martian.

In the past articles I’ve written, there was a lot of cursing, filled with gifs and plenty of attempts at humor, but in this particular article I wanted to address something a bit more serious. Funny enough, we’ll be talking the opposite of serious, and talking about casual fans. Something I’ve never understood is why people turn their backs on others that are truly trying to learn a new hobby or enter a new fandom. For example, when someone says they are huge Marvel fans, that can mean so many different things. You have huge long boxes of classic Marvel comics? Awesome, more power to you, I’d love to hang out and read them. Oh, I’m not cool enough because I just started collecting floppy issues after the reboot? Fuck you too bro. And yet, somehow it gets worse, because these people who only just started collecting feel the need for that validation and turn others who only watch the Marvel movies away.

There are people who are Marvel fans that only watch the movies that come out in theaters, and they get excluded and considered casual fans. But what is wrong with being a casual fan? Why can’t they also be considered Marvel fans? Are they on your level of knowledge of the Marvel 616(The main marvel timeline)? Probably not, but why do these hardcore fans feel the need to shun and turn away these casual fans? Why is it necessary to create this hierarchy? It isn’t. I hang out with a bunch of people who don’t read comic books, but they love to ask me questions when we go watch the movies. How close to the book is it? What’s going to happen in the sequel? What does the infinity gauntlet do? What’s your beef with Iron Man 3? Who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman? And I love answering  them, and they see how excited I get by explaining a badass story, and sometimes it inspires them to read about it.

Listen. I’m not saying it’s absolutely necessary for you to become friends with everyone and teach them from square one, but why would you discourage them from learning more? This applies to many subjects, but I want to specifically address nerdy and geeky things. As a community, I honestly feel that far too often we are pots calling kettles black. My first experience with this particular issue was back when I was attempting to be come a pro Super Smash Bros. Brawl player. I studied that game daily, analyzing frame data, reading forums constantly, and attending tournaments to hone my craft. Brawl players were frequently looked down upon and constantly made fun of in the forums for playing a game that was “too simple” and just a poorly designed game. Do you want to know by who though? Super Smash Bros. Melee players. Seriously. The Smash community is about as grass roots as it comes when it comes to competitive gaming, 98% of the tournaments thrown are thrown by members of the community, and yet somehow they decide that they are prideful and arrogant enough to turn away the support of the younger sibling game. That’s not to say Brawl players are excused, they were just as bad, calling the predecessor an ancient game that was dying. Remember, this is a game that has struggled to stay sponsored by any competitive gaming circuit, such as MLG, eSports, etc. I won’t say I haven’t gotten into these flame wars on forums and arguments in person over things of this nature, I have, but I’ve come to realize how ridiculous it is. What’s even funnier about this, is that Smash as a game has consistently been made fun of by the FGC(Fighting Game Community) for being a game for kids and not a true fighting game like Street Fighter, Tekken, or Mortal Kombat etc.

So after having known what it’s like to be made fun of for playing Smash Bros, they divide themselves further by creating these walls determined by generations (64/Melee/Brawl) instead of supporting each other. It truly is trivial in the grand scheme of things. When they could just as easily unite under what brought them to the scene, their love for Smash games. This is ridiculous. This is why I’m writing this, as a community, the geek/nerd population needs to be more supportive and nurturing.

During EVOLUTION 2013, which is the largest fighting game tournament in the world, Melee peaked and had the highest views on a live stream ever for a fighting game at 120,000 views, what did the melee fans in the stream do? They decided to make fun of the FGC and talk about how superior their fanbase was. This is laughable. Why? I’m as big a Smash fan as their is, but if anyone truly believes that all 120,000 of those viewers were solely there for Melee, you are highly mistaken. The event just before Melee, King of Fighters, already had roughly 100,000 viewers, and when the event ended many left, but it was still left with about 90,000 or so viewers waiting through the game transition. Maybe, had Melee been proud of their views, but thanked the FGC and EVO for boosting them back into mainstream relevance, they’d actually have added more fans to the community. There were plenty of FGC players/important members who were vocal about their support for Melee and I salute them. People like Michael ‘IFC Yipes’ Mendoza, James Chen, and Justin Wong were all clear, they were excited to see some Melee. However, many Melee stream monsters decided to take this chance and do the opposite. Again spurning any support that came from others that already weren’t a part of the Melee community.

What am I asking for? I’m asking that you don’t condemn new fans, that you encourage them. That feeling of belonging to that fandom/group/forum/crew/community/whatever you’re in, it feels good doesn’t it? Why won’t you allow someone else to share in that? I promise you, they won’t take your shine from you, and you might in fact make a new fan and a person to geek with. That feeling you get when you meet someone who shares your fandom? Multiply it by 5, that’s the feeling when you create a new geek. For people who have been made fun of all our lives growing up, why are we so quick to do the same to others at our first chance. Why can’t we see that we can prevent what happened to us, by allowing more inclusion?

I want to tell you a story about a friend of mine, she helps run the comic book store I pick up my books from, The Laughing Ogre. I haven’t asked her if I it were ok to write about her, so I’ll use a fake name, DD(She absolutely loves Daredevil). I have the absolute utmost respect for DD, because I can’t imagine what it’s like being a girl who is into comic books. She’s told me a number of stories, and it’s either guys are drooling all over her for being a geek girl and not getting to know her as a person, or calling her a fake geek who just sells comic books as a job and doesn’t really read them. Let me tell you something, her pull list(the number of comics you get per week) would put all three of the guys at Nerd Swole to shame. Combined. She doesn’t read comic books to prove anyone wrong, she doesn’t do it for anyone else, she does it because she enjoys comic books.

I remember when DD first asked me and the NerdSwole guys to hang out with her and her friends outside of the comic book store, and why it took so long. Its because we were going through a bit of a screening. She explained to us that it’s difficult to find friends that just treat her like a person, and not like a fake fan or just were absolutely enamored with the fact that she read comic books. I honestly can’t imagine what that is like, constantly feeling like people are making you prove yourself. After placing decently at a couple of tournaments I was recognized as a player, and didn’t really have to prove that I loved the game. DD, still gets her fair share of jerks though, and despite all of that mistreatment, she still made me feel super welcome when I first started reading comic books. I honestly admire her composure and strength to not just lump all geek guys together with the jerks who called her fake. And as a side note, for a community that is largely male and wants more female attention, we sure aren’t doing our best to even the ratio.

So listen, I know I talked mainly about video games and comic books, but those are the communities I’m familiar with, and I know this is something that is prevalent in all communities because others have talked to me about it. This is why I’m making a call to the geek community, if we truly want to grow as a community, a geek, and really as a person, we should be accepting of all levels of geekiness. There is no reason to question whether or not someone is geeky enough, if they truly aren’t passionate about the subject they’ll find themselves uninterested soon enough when you begin to argue how about who would win in a fight between Green Arrow and Ron Weasely. I truly believe that if we’re more inclusive and welcoming as a whole it will be better overall. People who use geekdom as a mask to attract others or just want to fit in but don’t really care about the fandom will eventually just weed themselves out from just not caring about the subject. With a strong community, amazing things are possible, look at the near cancellation of the show Community and how it is constantly brought back from the dead by it’s endearing fans, they even got a guy who was fired back on the show. Seriously, think about that. So encourage, don’t shun. Create communities not hierarchies. Raise geeks not walls.

Ok, one picture. And I don’t give sandwiches to just anyone.


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